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$15 - $2000/month
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  • Lite: $200/mo
  • Basic: $500/mo, free mobile apps 
  • Pro: $1000/mo, free mobile apps & dedicated server
  • Business: $2000/mo, free mobile apps & dedicated server

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Features is an evolving commerce platform which allows users to build online stores, group buying and daily deal websites.

Websites on Getsocio are highly customizable. You may run your site under your own domain name, upload your logo, change your site look, edit page texts, add new pages and translate the site into another language. There are many useful features: integrated social media widgets, mailer to send newsletters, adjustable referral fee, deal duration and tipping point. Getsocio allows to accept payments via PayPal, and other payment gateways.

As Getsocio is a self-hosted script, you don't have to worry about getting your web server, configuring it and keeping it secure. Instead you may focus on the core business challenges - getting good deals from local merchants and publishing them on your site.

The main benefits of websites on Getsocio platform: social sharing features, content delivery network integration, rich customization options, advance merchant and admin functionality, affiliate and referral programs, variety of payment methods (PayPal, Authorise and many more), mobile applications, no setup fee and 14 days free trial.

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Online Promotions e-Commerce Website

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About the Customer
Owner, Promotions Website
$0 - $50/mo. spend

"Without this platform, we wouldn’t have a business."


A daily deals website uses GetSocio as their online store. They like the flexibility of the tool, as well as the responsive support and development team it offers. However, as a deals website, they'd like their users to have the ability to get scannable vouchers on the platform, instead of having to print them. 


Can you provide a brief description of your company and the role that you play there?

The company is a daily deal website similar to Groupon. We launched the first daily deal website in Qatar. I’m the owner. 


What was the business challenge your company was facing that initiated the need for this platform?

We don’t have in-house developers, so we like that GetSocio had a ready-made platform. We didn’t have to hire any developers, and it was on a profit-share basis. That helped us launch our business without having to invest in the initial phases of our launch. As we started getting more clients, we started hiring GetSocio developers to do some custom work on our site. 

Was your company considering other platforms? Why this platform?

When we were looking for the right platform, we were looking for people that responded quickly. GetSocio’s sales team was efficient, and we felt that they would be there when we needed them. Their pricing structure was also competitive. We were worried about working with other platforms where the time difference was greater, so it made sense to work with GetSocio.

How does your company implement this platform or software?

The platform is really straightforward. Everything on our site, we input ourselves. GetSocio provides the means to input data so we can log in and put in information, upload photos, etc. Once we save it and schedule it to launch, everything is automated through their platform. We upload the user information. Users can subscribe themselves to our site, or we can add them. GetSocio provided the support to link the payment gateway and to make our site secure with Norton. We have different themes we use throughout the year for the design. We create what we want and send that to GetSocio, and their developers upload that online. The site features an application for us to make a newsletter. We track and trace all of our transactions, which are all stored on the backend.

On an annual or monthly basis, how much does your company spend to utilize the platform?

In the beginning, we were paying $15 per month, plus they were taking 5% per sale on our site. They no longer charge us a percentage per transaction. We are on the diamond plan which is custom made for us because of our long-term partnership. Now, we pay $2,000 a month. 


Can you share any success, metrics, or overall results of your implementation of this platform?

Without this platform, we wouldn’t have a business. As long as they keep upgrading their platform, our sales will continue to increase. They’ve made a lot of upgrades since we started using their platform, and that really helped us increase sales and become more efficient. 


How flexible is the interface?

It’s very flexible. We have full access to all information on the site. When it comes to domain name information and payment gateway, our team is not too familiar with the mechanics of those. I rely on GetSocio to handle these matters if we have any issues.

Were there any software features that you were really impressed by?

The layout is extremely user-friendly. We’ve seen platforms that can do much more but to actually understand the platform is much more difficult than working with GetSocio. GetSocio’s developers put themselves in the place of the end user to make it as easy as possible for people who lack the experience to do what they want to do. When we first started working with GetSocio, if we wanted to upload something, we had to learn HTML, which was difficult for us as non-technical people. They heard our frustration and updated their platform so that now it’s more like using a Word document.

Are there any areas of the software that could be added or improved upon?

It would be nice if they had a feature where our users wouldn’t have to print vouchers. 

1-10 Employees


I would dock them for not being able to scan vouchers. Their competition that has similar pricing and ease of use also doesn’t have that feature. The suppliers that have that feature would require thousands of dollars in setup fees.
It’s really easy. If it wasn’t easy, we wouldn’t have continued working with them.
We had some bumpy rides with them. In the early stages, they had some instability with their staffing. For the past two years, the support has been great. They’re there whenever we need them.
We like customers to think we’re the developers, so it’s highly unlikely that we’d share that we use GetSocio. But, if we ever have to or we have someone that needs help, we’re happy to recommend them. It’s a great platform to start with.
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