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City Bundles

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City Bundles currently available in select regions only*

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Amplify your company’s visibility with listings on every page related to your area of expertise, across the entire Clutch platform

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“Joining Clutch is a no-brainer. It's another tool in your toolbelt to showcase your work, your happy clients, and offer prospects a data-driven third-party approach to learning about your firm.”

Chris Stasiuk

Executive Creative Director, Signature Video Group

"Great platform that actually brings in results. They've clearly built a strong channel for users to find great companies to work with, and we're satisfied with the vendor dashboard and tools available to us."

Dan Raiani

Marketing Manager, GLIDE

“Many of our clients have found us through Clutch and have been thrilled with the long, detailed reviews. It is one of the most respected marketing ranking and reviewing platforms on the web.”

Margaret Wolfson

Founder, Creative Director, River + Wolf

“Clutch provides us with a platform to easily collect feedback about our completed projects. Clutch plays a significant role in our marketing efforts.”

Jamie Davidson

Founder, Dazze Studio

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Clutch’s in-depth and verified reviews offer comprehensive details about each project, covering the journey from start to finish. With information on pricing, timespan, industry expertise, and project outcome, Clutch enables buyers to make informed hiring decisions.

Clutch employs a robust verification process to ensure the authenticity and reliability of reviews. This process helps maintain the integrity of reviews on the platform, providing buyers with trustworthy insights when evaluating service providers. Verification goes beyond the reviewer’s identity, confirming the connection between the reviewer, their company, and the service provided. This extra layer ensures no conflict of interest. Buyers can identify these verified reviews by the check mark in the bottom-right corner of the review card.

Clutch offers online and phone interviews for sponsoring service providers. Phone interviews allow clients to share project details verbally with a member of the Clutch operations team. By offering both options, Clutch makes it convenient for your clients to leave you a verified review.

With access to up-to-date information such as how much a service provider charges for their services, rate of delivery, industry expertise and the results of the project, buyers can feel confident that they’ve found the right partner for their project on Clutch.

Clutch uses a proprietary ranking algorithm to compare providers in specific industries, focus areas, and locations. Your company’s rank relies heavily on your Ability to Deliver score, which is a numeric assessment of client reviews, industry experience, and market presence.

Your Ability to Deliver score is calculated out of 40 points, divided into three parts:

  1. Reviews score (20 points): Evaluates your reviews based on their rating, recency, and project size. This score has the most impact on your company’s ranking.
  2. Market Presence score (10 points): Considers your web presence, domain authority, industry recognitions, and thought leadership.
  3. Clients and Experience score (10 points): Assesses your experience based on clients and projects reported. This score also relies on your portfolio section, where you can upload case studies to demonstrate your past work.

Your Ability to Deliver score updates automatically based on your profile’s recent content. As your profile evolves, so does your score and ranking.

Clutch reviews significantly influence buyers' decisions by providing objective insight into your business expertise, reliability, and pricing. Regularly collecting reviews is important for the following reasons:

  • Recent reviews demonstrate your active presence in the market, instilling trust in buyers who are likely to choose providers with fresh feedback. According to our research, 94% of buyers use an online review to help make a B2B purchasing decision
  • Reviews contribute to your company’s SEO by appearing on search engine results pages (SERPs), especially in local results. Collecting and responding to reviews allows business leaders to find information about your company in more places.
  • Reviews account for half of the points used to calculate your Ability to Deliver score, which measures your company’s quality and reputation on Clutch directories. This score evaluates three criteria: client reviews, past work experience, and brand presence in the target market. The higher the score, the better your company ranks on Clutch.
  • Recent reviews showcase your latest projects, technologies, and skills. They reflect your adaptability to market and client expectations, giving buyers confidence in your work.

Adding reviews to your Clutch profile is easy! Clients complete an online form or for sponsors, the additional option to have a phone interview conducted by a Clutch representative. Fresh reviews reinforce your reputation and ranking, and ultimately help you grow your business.

Clutch offers various advertising packages, such as Clutch+, Sponsorship, City Bundles and Featured Listings, allowing companies to reach their growth goals on Clutch.

All advertising services require an initial 12-month commitment from contract start date. Clutch+ is billed annually, while Sponsorship is billed monthly. To select the best product for your business needs, schedule a call with one of our representatives who can help you understand the benefits of your options.

Clutch requires an initial 12-month commitment when purchasing any advertising package, including Clutch+, Sponsorship, City Bundles or Featured Listings. The agreement lasts for the full term stated in the order information. During the initial 12-month period, you may only increase or re-allocate your agreed-upon investment. Downgrade or cancel requests take effect at the end of your commitment term. Clutch charges subscription fees monthly or annually to your provided payment method.

After the initial 12-month term, Clutch may increase rates with notice for any renewals. You can cancel after 12 months by emailing sponsorship@clutch.co five days before billing date, otherwise the subscription renews monthly.

The initial purchase commits you to 12 full months of your subscription. For more information please visit our Terms of Purchase.

The initial purchase requires a 12-month commitment. However, after completing the first year, there is no required annual renewal. Your subscription will continue at the existing billing cadence with no minimum term. You can downgrade or cancel by emailing sponsorship@clutch.co five days before the next billing date, otherwise it renews monthly.

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