Meet Clutch

Your data-driven field guide to business buying decisions. We interview real clients, collect data, and compare competitors to help you find a firm for your next big project.

We Saw a Challenge
Market insight to guide business buying decisions is limited and often unorganized.

Advertorials, paid endorsements, and sponsored posts make finding credible and accessible market research difficult.

Data, case studies, and client testimonials guide you through the process of choosing a business service or solution. But where can you find these resources, all in one place?

We Built a Solution
A platform of in-depth client reviews, data-driven content, and vetted market leaders.

We cut through disorganized market research by collecting client feedback and analyzing industry data, arming businesses with the insights and analysis they need to connect and tackle challenges with confidence.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Today, Clutch Lists over
  • 150,000
  • 36,000
    Client Reviews
  • 100
    Survey Reports
Who We Are
Meet the Team


Eleonora Israele

Senior Growth Operations Manager

Eleonora leads Clutch's web design and website builder research categories. She also manages recruitment for Clutch and is always on the lookout for our next new team member.

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Clayton Kenerson

Senior Revenue Operations Manager

Clayton is responsible for Clutch’s Enterprise research. He also leads efforts around App Development, Cloud Software, and business development.

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Ricardo Real Preciado

Sales Development Manager

Ricardo is responsible for Clutch’s Latin America and Spain research and marketing. He also focuses on emerging technologies segments, such as Blockchain and AR/VR.

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Kimmie Champlin

Senior Business Development & Growth Operations Manager

Kimmie leads Clutch’s Advertising, Video Production, and Media Buying research.

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DJ Fajana

Sales Development Manager

DJ focuses on the Web Design and Web Builder Software research. He assists Clutch's business development efforts and looks to forge partnerships with new firms.

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Katie Chambers

Customer Operations Manager

Katie leads Clutch's project matchmaking program and helps grow various Clutch research segments.

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Aaron Morales

Customer Success Manager

Aaron leads our sponsorship program and works directly with vendors to ensure they are finding value with their sponsorship.

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Jeremy Fishman

Sales Development Manager

Jeremy leads the customer experience team and helps out with our account management team. He also directly helps vendors on Clutch benefit from the profile they create.

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Carter Meetze

Sales Development Manager

Carter is an analyst that focuses on Event Marketing and Media Buying research.

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Miller Douglas

Senior Sales Development Representative

Miller focuses his efforts on expanding research across industries and assisting new companies on Clutch.

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Radha Ray

Account Executive

Radha works across industries, supporting and advising companies that join the platform.

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Ethan Lutz

Senior Account Executive

Ethan focuses his efforts on expanding research across industries and assisting new companies on Clutch.

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J.D. Killough

Sales Development Representative

J.D. works across industries to assist companies looking to join and gain visibility on Clutch.

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Marcos Soto

Account Executive

Marcos focuses his efforts on expanding research segments across multiple industries and assisting companies utilizing Clutch.

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Michael Trim

Sales Development Representative

Michael helps companies across the platform get the most out of their inclusion on Clutch.

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Carolyn Rider

Customer Operations Representative

Carolyn works across various industries and focuses her efforts on supporting and advising new companies on how to best optimize their profile and how to gain more visibility on Clutch.

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Nicole Schlabach

Sales Development Representative

Nicole is responsible for finding new ways to strengthen Clutch's CRM strategy and improve the business's review collection process.

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Danny Ehrlich

Sales Development Representative

Danny focuses his efforts on expanding research across industries and ensuring new companies have a smooth, productive Clutch experience.

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David Goosenberg

Sales Development Representative

David focuses on Clutch's business and financial service segments. He assists Clutch's business development efforts and looks to forge partnerships with new firms.

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Nate Weavill

Sales Development Representative

Nate works to support vendors across the platform to promote continued success with Clutch.

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Austin Ellis

Customer Operations Representative

Austin focuses his efforts on customer service & company reengagement through conducting review calls, fielding vendor concerns, and being a liaison for all things profile optimization.

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Jeff Dixon

Account Executive

Jeff supports and advises vendors on profile curation strategies to attract potential buyers, and collects thorough, transparent reviews across different industries by engaging and interviewing vendors’ clients.

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Elaine Oves

Senior Sales Development Representative

Elaine contributes to Clutch's development efforts. She oversees a number of business accounts and helps to grow service segments.

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Trey Parker

Sales Development Representative

Trey works on assisting new companies with collecting reviews, curating their profiles, and optimizing their experience on Clutch.

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Sarah Anyan

Senior Marketing Manager

Sarah leads Clutch's marketing team. She also manages content strategy and branding.

Emily Clark

Senior Product Marketer

Emily researches and writes about app development trends. She also supports social media efforts.

Kelsey McKeon

Senior Content Writer

Kelsey reports on web design and user experience, and assists in distributing Clutch's weekly newsletter.

Seamus Roddy

Content Developer & Marketer

Seamus researches and writes about human resources. He also assists with social media and edits contributed content.


Grayson Kemper

Content & Editorial Manager

Grayson manages a team of Editorial Associates and Content Editors and owns the company's article marketing process.

Michael Le

Senior Content Editor

Michael co-manages editorial QA and is responsible for publishing reviews. Additionally, he leads in-house skills development workshops.

Matt Leistra

Editorial Associate

Matt handles the online review pipeline, developing workflow improvements and overseeing verification processes.

Shelby Jordan

Editorial Manager

Shelby is part of Clutch’s editorial team, helping create and edit high-quality content for the platform.

Ashling O'Connell

Content Editor

Ashling is responsible for editing and formatting reviews for Clutch's site.

Anna Peck

Content Editor

Anna is responsible for editing and formatting Clutch's reviews, along with supporting contributed content and other marketing efforts. She is also part of the awards team.

Madden Gracey

Content Editor

Madden works on editing and formatting Clutch reviews.

Keenan Garry

Editorial Associate

Keenan is part of Clutch's editorial team. He helps create and edit high quality content for the platform.

Kate Russell

Editorial Associate

Kate is responsible for editing and formatting reviews for Clutch's site.

Sydney Wess

Content Editor

Sydney is responsible for editing and processing reviews for the platform. She also supports Clutch’s article marketing efforts.

Abby Saldana

Content Editor

Abby is responsible for editing, processing, and publishing reviews while crafting a variety of blog content.

Hannah Hicklen

Content Writer and Editor

Hannah contributes to Clutch’s catalog of high-quality reviews by editing and formatting content. She is also responsible for writing company blogs.

Cameron Graham

Editorial Associate

Cameron edits and publishes high-quality content for Clutch's site. She also writes a variety of blog content.

Matt Miller

Editorial Associate

Matt is responsible for editing, processing, and publishing reviews while crafting an array of blog content. He also assists with promotion and outreach.

Leslie Owusu

Editorial Associate

Leslie is responsible for editing, processing, and publishing reviews as well as supporting blogs and contributed content.

Chelsea Panin

Editorial Associate

Chelsea focuses primarily on the online review pipeline, and is responsible for editing, processing, and publishing those reviews, while crafting blog content.

Jessica Reed

Editorial Associate

Jessica contributes to Clutch’s catalog of reviews by editing and publishing content. She is also responsible for writing company blogs.

Mandile Mpofu

Editorial Associate

Mandile edits reviews and writes blogs for Clutch. She also supports the platform's journalist outreach and promotion efforts.


Amanda Baum

Head of Product

Amanda is always looking for ways to improve the UX of Clutch's website. She works on product strategy, designs new features, and manages projects with the development team.

Haley Sheehan

Visual Designer

Haley is responsible for the visual design of products and features in addition to the creative direction for branded content.

Stan Misiurev

Head of Technology

Stan is a technology lead at Clutch and works on backend development.

Maxim Kurapatkin

Senior Web Developer

Maxim primarily focuses on the development of Clutch’s backend services and uses modern technologies like Python, Django, postgresSQL and many others to achieve these efforts.

Vladimir Lashko

Senior Web Developer

Vladimir works on Clutch's backend and web development.

Tim Kachko

Senior UX Designer

Tim's work is about making people's interactions with Clutch products helpful, effective, intuitive and a bit delightful.

Alaina Stevenson

Product Manager

Alaina helps manage, improve, and scale Clutch's internal tools.


Mike Beares

Founder & CEO

Mike is the Founder of Clutch. Prior to Clutch, Mike led a team of solution managers in the consulting and systems integration unit of Unisys Corporation. Earlier in his career, he worked in management consulting advising Fortune 500 companies and smaller startups

Ryan Stevens

Head of Operations

Ryan is a Business Manager at Clutch. He leads strategy and operations for all IT and marketing research segments.

Chris David


Chris serves as an advisor to Clutch. He is a marketing and management consultant, as well as a serial entrepreneur. He specializes in internet marketing and online lead generation.

Sam Munasinghe


Sam provides support to the Clutch team; assisting them with their Sponsors, Billing Questions, Payroll, and Finance.

Lindsy Noble

Director of People

Lindsy is a senior HR leader dedicated to supporting teams as they grow and shape their culture. She specializes in organizational structuring, leadership development, coaching, compensation design, and executive search. Prior to Clutch, she led numerous large-scale HR and recruiting projects for Fortune 500 to start-up companies. In her spare time, Lindsy enjoys teaching yoga and spending time with her family.

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