Meet Clutch

Your data-driven field guide to business buying decisions. We interview real clients, collect data, and compare competitors to help you find a firm for your next big project.

We Saw a Challenge
Market insight to guide business buying decisions is limited and often unorganized.

Advertorials, paid endorsements, and sponsored posts make finding credible and accessible market research difficult.

Data, case studies, and client testimonials guide you through the process of choosing a business service or solution. But where can you find these resources, all in one place?

We Built a Solution
A platform of in-depth client reviews, data-driven content, and vetted market leaders.

We cut through disorganized market research by collecting client feedback and analyzing industry data, arming businesses with the insights and analysis they need to connect and tackle challenges with confidence.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Today, Clutch Lists over
  • 150,000
  • 36,000
    Client Reviews
  • 100
    Survey Reports
Who We Are
Meet the Team

Customer Operations

Eleonora Israele

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Eleonora leads Clutch's strategic partnerships initiative and supports Clutch’s awards efforts.

Clayton Kenerson

Director of Revenue

Clayton leads the Revenue & Sales team's efforts for Clutch's various premium products & offerings.

Ricardo Real Preciado

Business Development & Partnerships Manager

Ricardo is responsible for Clutch’s Latin America business development and marketing. He also focuses on partnerships and Clutch's certification program.

Kimmie Champlin

Director of Operations

Kimmie leads Clutch's CRM and Marketing Automation efforts. She also supports Clutch's entry into new service verticals.

DJ Fajana

SEO Manager

DJ leads Clutch's certification program. He also helps companies onboard to Clutch via a referral program.


Aaron Morales

Customer Success Manager

Aaron leads Clutch's sponsorship program and works directly with vendors to ensure they are finding value with their sponsorship.

Jeremy Fishman

Customer Experience Manager

Jeremy leads the customer experience team to make sure Clutch users are getting the information and service they need to be successful. He works with our global workforce so we can provide fast, effective, round-the-clock customer service.

Radha Ray

Senior Account Executive

Radha works with a variety sponsors to maximize their benefits from Clutch's paid offerings.

Ethan Lutz

Senior Account Executive

Ethan works with vendors to help them maximize their success with Clutch's paid offerings and increase their visibility with sponsorship.


Nate Weavill

Senior Customer Experience Representative

Nate advises vendors across the platform on profile optimization and review collection. He also supports Clutch's customer service and response teams.

Elaine Oves

Senior Customer Operations Representative

Elaine contributes to Clutch's development efforts. She oversees a number of business accounts and helps to grow service segments.


Keith Blocker

Senior Sales Development Representative

Keith works across various industries to help new companies best optimize their profile and gain more visibility on Clutch.

Jake Cox

Account Executive

Jake consults vendors and current sponsors on how to increase visibility and get more leads Clutch with sponsorship.


Jamie Kenny

Growth Operations Specialist

Jamie provides CRM support, including marketing automation, to Clutch's revenue and profile processing teams.


Laith Masri

Sales Development Representative

Laith works with new companies and their clients to help build their presence on Clutch. He specializes in customer service and conveying value of Clutch to our vendors.


Gilbert A. Saldana

Sales Development Representative

Gilbert delivers quality support to new vendors by optimizing their profiles to meet their unique goals. He also conducts client reference outreach and reviews to increase their ranking across directories.

Dayasia Mason

Senior Account Executive

Dayasia develops strong and long-term client relationships by supporting and advising vendors on profile curation strategies to attract potential buyers on the Clutch platform.


Fizza Mudaser

Account Executive

Fizza consults vendors and current sponsors on how to increase visibility and get more leads on Clutch with sponsorship.

Tim Wells

Sales Development Manager

Tim works with Business Development associates helping them engage with vendors and buyers while driving quality review content.


Nicolas Bran Melendez

Customer Experience Representative

Nicolas works as an associate on the Customer Experience team, supporting and advising companies that join the Clutch platform.


Taylor Morgan

Customer Success Manager

Taylor works with the Clutch sponsorship team to help vendors find value on Clutch.


Andre Beache

Sales Development Manager

Andre is a Sales Development Manager responsible for managing and conducting onboarding calls with vendors to help them maximize their visibility on Clutch.


Andrea Nickel

Customer Success Manager

Andrea works directly with vendors on Clutch to ensure they are finding value with their sponsorship.


Jacqueline Ezeani

Customer Experience Representative

Jackie supports Clutch service providers on improving their profiles and collecting new reviews. She takes an active role in coaching vendors on how to make the most out of their profiles.


Badr Bouhamdan

Senior Customer Experience Manager

Badr supporting Clutch's customer experience team with an emphasis on driving stellar customer service interactions.

David Pulaski

Senior Sales Development Representative

David works to support companies relying on the Clutch platform to maximize value and find continued utility.


Lashley Waldron

Customer Experience Associate

Lashley focuses on delivering quality customer service to business owners by reviewing their experience with the firms we've connected them to.

Chase Sexton

Customer Experience Associate

Chase focuses on collecting high quality verified reviews for our client companies, assists buyers and companies through our support form, and assists our sponsorship clients with one-on-one tailored service.


Tess Stryk

Growth Operations Manager

Tess leads cross-functional automated processes and scales Clutch’s operations to improve communications, boost sales, and raise satisfaction scores.


Kaitlyn Mesic

Senior Account Executive

Kaitlyn works with a variety of vendors to establish strong client relationships to ensure they are receiving the greatest possible benefit from Clutch's paid offerings.

Alex Kemly

Customer Success Manager

Alex works with clients to ensure they are fully leveraging the power of Clutch.

Brandon Gargan

Director of Business Development

Brandon has many years of experience in business development, sales leadership and revenue operations. His focus is to build, scale and support various Revenue teams at Clutch.

Content Strategy & Review Operations


Shelby Jordan

Review Operations Manager

Shelby is part of Clutch’s editorial team, helping create and edit high-quality content for the platform.

Ashling O'Connell

Review Process Manager

Ashling co-leads review QA efforts and oversees Client Interview processing. She also supports our transcription team, as well as review onboarding and coaching needs.

Anna Peck

Senior SEO Specialist

Anna manages Clutch's blog efforts and is responsible for overseeing the entire blog processing and QA processes. She also supports our broader content writing efforts and the Awards team.

Sydney Wess

Senior SEO Specialist

Sydney contributes to content marketing and development efforts.

Hannah Hicklen

SEO Specialist

Hannah is responsible for writing original content on Clutch and Clutch’s sister sites. She also contributes to Clutch’s catalog of high-quality reviews by editing and formatting content.

Liam Adkison

Senior Content Editor

Liam processes, edits, and publishes high-quality reviews for Clutch’s site, in addition to developing workflow improvements.


Hannah Hampton

Editorial Associate

Hannah is responsible for editing, processing, and publishing reviews for the Clutch website.



Morgan Flores

Senior Manager of Content Strategy & SEO

Morgan is responsible for leading content strategy and SEO efforts for Clutch's global website portfolio.

Product & Development

Amanda Baum

Head of Product

Amanda is always looking for ways to improve the UX of Clutch's website. She works on product strategy, designs new features, and manages projects with the development team.

Stan Misiurev

Head of Technology

Stan oversees all technology operations and directs development of software solutions to meet Clutch's needs.

Sarah Anyan

Senior Product Manager

Sarah is a senior product manager responsible for Clutch's sister website portfolio, viral marketing products, and SEO. She's always excited to learn about buyer pain points and identify features that make finding and hiring a company easier.


Alaina Stevenson

Product Manager

Alaina is responsible for the products and features focused on Clutch's Sponsorship program. She also helps manage, improve, and scale Clutch's internal tools.

Haley Sheehan

Senior Visual Designer

Haley is responsible for the visual design of products and features and leads the creative direction of Clutch’s brand and content. She is passionate about the power of design in accomplishing business objectives.

Maxim Kurapatkin

Senior Web Developer

Maxim primarily focuses on the development of Clutch’s backend services and uses modern technologies like Python, Django, postgresSQL and many others to achieve these efforts.

Vladimir Lashko

Senior Web Developer

Vladimir works on Clutch's backends to constantly improve their efficiency and speed.


Leah Bongiovanni

Senior Product Manager

Leah creates new user experiences and optimizes processes and content by working with vendors, buyers, and other stakeholders.


Igor Sobolev

Technical Lead

Igor drives and oversees the development of Clutch product backend services.

Julia Van Leeuwen

UX Designer

Julia strives to promote Human Centered Design thinking across all stages of design. She has a passion for designing exceptional user experiences utilizing quantitative and qualitative research to find real problems and improve usability at Clutch.

Molly Stine

Product Manager

Molly is responsible for optimizing the buyer search journey. She provides features that assist buyers in finding the right provider for their needs.


Artem Lashko

Data Analyst

Artem is a Data Analyst and supports software development initiatives.



Lindsy Noble

Director of People

Lindsy is a senior HR leader dedicated to supporting teams as they grow and shape their culture. She specializes in organizational structuring, leadership development, coaching, compensation design, and executive search. Prior to Clutch, she led numerous large-scale HR and recruiting projects for Fortune 500 to start-up companies. In her spare time, Lindsy enjoys teaching yoga and spending time with her family.

Hema Patel

Senior Recruiter

Hema supports Clutch by identifying, acquiring and maintaining top talent. She works to ensure positive candidate experiences, increase employer branding, create strategic hiring plans, and champion DE&I initiatives.



Sonny Ganguly


Sonny focuses on delivering the long term vision for Clutch, building an amazing culture and developing a world class team. He's a big fan of online marketplaces.


Mike Beares

Founder & Chairman 

Mike is the Founder and Chairman of Clutch. His focus is on helping set the company strategy and supporting the team in execution.

Ryan Stevens

Head of Operations

Ryan is a the Head of Operations. Their focus is on building a scalable team that layers exceptional customer satisfaction on top of an amazing product.

Chris David


Chris serves as an advisor to Clutch. He is a marketing and management consultant, as well as a serial entrepreneur. He specializes in internet marketing and online lead generation.

Sam Munasinghe

Head of Accounting

Sam provides support to the Clutch team; assisting them with their Sponsors, Billing Questions, Payroll, and Finance.


Faraz Hamedani

Head of Strategic Finance

Faraz helps lead planning, analytics, and process operationalization of Clutch’s financial and strategic initiatives.

Gabriela Elias-Chang

Office Operations Coordinator

Gaby works front of house, supporting staff members and making sure the office is operational.

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