what callers want from answering services: 2017 survey

When customers call a business, they want to speak to someone who is authentic, empathetic, and knowledgeable, says a new survey.

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How to Choose an App Development Firm

Featured Image: How to Choose an App Development Partner

Choosing an app development partner is a crucial step to launching a successful mobile app. Consider a firm's past projects, preferred work style, and commitment to long-term partnership to find a firm that's compatible with your goals.

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What UX and Marketing Can Learn from Each Other

What UX and Marketing Can Learn From Each Other

UX designers and marketers both strive to connect with people, and can use a shared skill set to learn from each other.

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8 Tips to Boost Engagement on Social Media

8 Tips to Boost Engagement on Social Media

Learn eight key strategies to boost your social media engagement rates.

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How to Make an App: From Brainstorm to Launch

Featured Image: How to Make an AppClutch's comprehensive guide walks businesses through the app development process, from strategic planning to choosing a monetization strategy, development partner, and marketing plan.

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5 Web Design Practices to Enhance Your Website's Security

Web Design Tips to Boost Conversions Featured Image

Web design settings impact your website's security. Use these design practices to defend, rather than expose, your website from security threats.

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15 App Metrics More Important Than Number of Downloads

featured image for article "15 app metrics more important than number of downloads"

To determine whether your app is successful, track more than the number of downloads from the app store: performance, usage, engagement, and acquisition.

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How to Engage Online Shoppers: 2017 Survey

Featured Image: How to Engage Online ShoppersClutch's survey of 1,000 online shoppers revealed that small businesses can benefit from selling products through online marketplaces in addition to their own websites. 

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Inside the App Discovery Stage: 3 Case Studies

Inside the App Discovery Stage: Case Studies of 3 App Development FirmsClutch presents three examples of the app development pre-research or "discovery" stage, to help illuminate this multi-faceted step.

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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App: 2017 Survey

How Much Does it Cost to Develop An App?

Clutch surveyed 102 app development companies to determine the cost to develop an app. Through the data and expert interviews, we help illuminate this confusing and multi-faceted process.

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Optimize Your Business for Local Search

How to Optimize Your Business for Local SearchLearn how your business can dominate local search and influence customers who are ready to buy.

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Recent Interviews

Interview with 1SEO

1SEO logo

Clutch spoke with Lance Bachmann, President of 1SEO, about current trends in SEO and how it will continue to evolve.

Interview with Brent Feldman from Matchbox Design Group

matchbox design groupClutch spoke with Brent Feldman, owner of Matchbox Design Group, to gather his insights into PEOs and payroll software.

Interview with Dave Todaro from Ascendle

ascendleClutch spoke with Dave Todaro, founder and president of Ascendle, about the software development process and keys to success in the market.

Interview with SurveyGizmo's CEO and Co-Founder Christian Vanek

Clutch spoke with Christian Vanek, CEO and Co-Founder of SurveyGizmo, about employee feedback and job fulfillment.

Interview with Matt Bowman of Thrive Internet Marketing

Thrive Internet Marketing Logo

Clutch spoke with Matt Bowman, President of Thrive Internet Marketing, about SEO priorities and strategy.

Interview with Eric Hernandez from PrimePay

primepayClutch spoke with Eric Hernandez, VP of Client Success at PrimePay, about the features and customer support of payroll solutions.

Interview with Shrad Rao from Wagepoint

wagepointClutch spoke with Shrad Rao, CEO of Wagepoint, about the features and customer support of payroll solutions.

Interview with Alice Azzaro from MAP Solutions

map solutionsClutch spoke with Alice Azzaro, owner of Management Accounting and Payroll (MAP) Solutions, about the features and customer support of payroll solutions.

Interview with the App Developers Alliance's President: Jake Ward


Clearbridge Mobile Logotype

Clutch spoke with Jake Ward, the President and CEO of the app developers alliance, a trade group that represents developers as a profession.

Interview with Corey Northcutt of Northcutt

Clutch spoke with Corey Northcutt, CEO of online marketing agency Northcutt, about the results of our Enterprise Marketing Survey 2016.