How to create multiple content assets from one source

Six steps to guide you through the process of transforming one piece of content into multiple resources that fill up an editorial calendar.

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Why Starbucks' App Caused Long Lines

Why Starbucks' Pre-Order App Caused Long Lines

After analyzing the challenges Starbucks experienced when rolling out its mobile order and payment app, Science Soft, an international IT services and software development company, offers tips for planning a mobile pre-ordering solution for cafes and restaurants.

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9 Steps to Rank for Google "Near Me" Searches

9 Steps to Rank for Google "Near Me" Searches

Optimizing your site for local search is important in order to be found online by a local audience. Ranking for "near me" searches will become more attainable after following the nine steps explained below.

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How to Use Facebook Lead Ads

How to Use Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads are a powerful tool for acquiring customers at the bottom of the sales funnel. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use Lead Ads for your business.

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iCloud Security Survey 2017: Is It Safe?

Clutch surveyed over 1,000 iPhone users across America in an effort to answers questions and address speculations regarding iCloud security.

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Small Business Websites in 2017: Survey

For small businesses looking to create a website, the amount of resources available can seem overwhelming. According to Clutch’s third annual Small Business Survey, small businesses continuously struggle to create and maintain a web presence.

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3 Reasons Why Accelerated Mobile Pages Are Critical for Business

3 reasons why accelerated mobile pages are critical for business

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) are critical for businesses, especially in the e-commerce industry. Learn more about AMPs and follow our step-by-step guidance for implementing them on WordPress.

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Why Marketing Agencies Should Offer App Development Services

why marketing agencies should offer app dev servicesHaving an app is a crucial part of marketing, but budget is a restricting factor for small businesses. Marketing agencies should offer lower cost app development services, like app builders, to help small businesses do business better.

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Social Media for Small Business: 2017 Survey

Clutch is here with data-driven findings and expert analysis, offering tips to help small businesses increase their social media prowess.

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Using Visuals to Engage New Audiences: Case Studies

Using Visuals to Engage New Audiences: Case StudiesThe value of using visual content in your marketing is more apparent than ever before. But how do you use visuals effectively?

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Small Business Mobile Apps: 2017 Survey

Small Business Mobile App Survey Feature ImageDespite the ubiquity of mobile apps in today's world, not even half of small businesses have built them. This begs the question: What is holding SMBs back? Our newest research explores the attitudes of SMBs toward using apps as business tools and how they plan on embracing them in the future. 

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Recent Interviews

Interview with Brent Feldman from Matchbox Design Group

matchbox design groupClutch spoke with Brent Feldman, owner of Matchbox Design Group, to gather his insights into PEOs and payroll software.

Interview with Dave Todaro from Ascendle

ascendleClutch spoke with Dave Todaro, founder and president of Ascendle, about the software development process and keys to success in the market.

Interview with SurveyGizmo's CEO and Co-Founder Christian Vanek

Clutch spoke with Christian Vanek, CEO and Co-Founder of SurveyGizmo, about employee feedback and job fulfillment.

Interview with Matt Bowman of Thrive Internet Marketing

Thrive Internet Marketing Logo

Clutch spoke with Matt Bowman, President of Thrive Internet Marketing, about SEO priorities and strategy.

Interview with Eric Hernandez from PrimePay

primepayClutch spoke with Eric Hernandez, VP of Client Success at PrimePay, about the features and customer support of payroll solutions.

Interview with Shrad Rao from Wagepoint

wagepointClutch spoke with Shrad Rao, CEO of Wagepoint, about the features and customer support of payroll solutions.

Interview with Alice Azzaro from MAP Solutions

map solutionsClutch spoke with Alice Azzaro, owner of Management Accounting and Payroll (MAP) Solutions, about the features and customer support of payroll solutions.

Interview with the App Developers Alliance's President: Jake Ward


Clearbridge Mobile Logotype

Clutch spoke with Jake Ward, the President and CEO of the app developers alliance, a trade group that represents developers as a profession.

Interview with Corey Northcutt of Northcutt

Clutch spoke with Corey Northcutt, CEO of online marketing agency Northcutt, about the results of our Enterprise Marketing Survey 2016.

Interview with Dalton Finney from BFO

Clutch spoke with Dalton Finney, SEO Analyst and website transition expert from BFO, about recent website transition trends and best practices for launching a new website.