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Looking for a top web developer? Websites play an integral role in sales and marketing. A bespoke website can elevate your online presence, helping establish your brand’s credibility and increase business opportunities. Reach more people with a sophisticated website and work with a reliable web development partner. Find the leading web developers, but also check out the best PHP developers, Next.js companies, or JavaScript companies.

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Web Developer FAQs

The best web developers out there may not be the right match for your company's needs. Here are some FAQs to get you thinking about your business needs, which will help you find the right match.

A web developer can be freelance or work as a part of a web development firm. Their job is to create fully functional websites. While their primary role is to ensure the website is visually appealing and easy to navigate, many web developers also ensure website performance and capacity are up to snuff.

Responsibilities of a web developer depend on the type of developer and the employment structure; freelance or development firm. Day-to-day responsibilities typically include; designing user interfaces and navigation menus, writing and reviewing code for sites (HTML, XML, or JavaScript), testing, troubleshooting performance, and collaborating with designers.

From front-end development to full-stack web development, find your next developer on Clutch. We make it easy to find top developers, engineers, programmers, coders, architects, and consultants quickly. You can filter your search by price, team size, reviews, industry expertise and more. Or leave all the work to us and utilize our concierge service—it's free and you'll get a custom list of award-winning developers in days not weeks.

Front-end web developer or front-end engineer, back-end web developer, full-stack web developer. Some web developers also work as webmasters, which is more specific to ongoing website maintenance and upkeep.

Web development companies can provide services including web design, web programming, web optimization, web hosting, support and maintenance, testing, and QA.

There are many factors that come into play when considering a service provider. Read through our guide “When to Hire a Freelance Web Developer vs. Agency” to learn more.

Clutch’s in-depth and verified client reviews detail each project from start to finish, helping buyers narrow down their list of potential business partners.

With access to information such as how much a service provider charges for their services, how they communicate, and the results of the project, buyers can feel confident that they’ve found the right partner for their project.

Clutch’s verification process seeks to establish proof of connection between the reviewer and their own organization, as well as the collaboration they’re reviewing. By verifying the identity of the reviewer and confirming their connection to the project, Clutch is able to confirm that there is no conflict of interest and that the project took place. Buyers can easily identify verified reviews by the checkmark in the bottom right corner of the review card.

As an additional service, Clutch also offers phone reviews to Sponsoring service providers. When leaving a phone review, clients will either speak with a member of the Clutch operations team or with a trained auxiliary team member. By offering more options for clients, companies can make it easier and more convenient for clients to leave a detailed review of the project.

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