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Coherent Solutions is a software product development and consulting company that solves customer business problems by bringing together global expertise, innovation, and creativity to produce world-class technology solutions.

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  • 900+ employees
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  • 10% staff turnover
  • 90% repeat clients
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  • The Software 500 by Software Magazine
  • Inc 5000 ranking
  • Fast 50 by Minneapolis /St. Paul Business Journal 
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  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Amazon Web Services Partner
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  • Custom Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
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  • Midmarket ($10M - $1B)
  • Enterprise (>$1B)
  • Small business (<$10M)
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  • Information technology
  • Health Care & Medical
  • Other industries
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Key clients: 

Videology, LifeTime Fitness, Daikin, WEX Health, MTS Systems, LiquidSpace, Wildflower Health, Cargill, Starkey, Anytime Fitness.

Blockchain Development for RealBlocks

When Matt Grierson and Perrin Quarshie, RealBlocks founders, were searching for a team in 2017, they only had a few prototypes, a back-end solution and an ambitious idea in their hands. They envisioned becoming a finance company that would provide an Ethereum blockchain solution and bring foreign investors to real estate market in the U.S.  It was a vulnerable stage that required a strong technical team - one that

understood the challenges of a start-up and would guide in the unknown areas of programming and blockchain. Their vision was materialized when they found Coherent Solutions. The team started off with just one PHP/React.JS engineer, yet he was enough for them to trust Coherent’s expertise. “I’ve worked with 400 engineers in my past and experienced a full range of technical ability, from terrible to talented, - says Matt. – Dmitry comes deep into the talented side, even gifted one, managing to provide high quality code with incredible speed.” Eventually the team has grown to include DevOps to fully create the infrastructure, as well as UI/UX and QA resources. They need to tackle such complex nuances of the project as working with services for validating customers, smart contracts, legal aspects of blockchain and real estate. “Coherent not only allows us to use the latest technologies, such as Etherium and Solidity, - says Matt. – They also give us good recommendations based on experience and challenge our suggestions.” Their trust payed off - in early January 2019 RealBlocks raised crucial $3 mln of investments.

Mobile App for Wildflower Health

Pregnancy is a very vulnerable time both for women and fetuses. Wildflower Health was founded to create a mobile app that would help pregnant women monitor their health, track milestones and get necessary advice without delays. To truly be effective, a pregnant woman needs to be connected to her health care partners - health care plan, employer, and local doctors and hospital.  So to solve the challenges, Wildflower needed

to prove its credibility at the enterprise level.

This is when Coherent Solutions stepped in, providing a strong technical team, which understood the demands of a start-up, such as small budget and strict deadlines, as well as the complexity of the software that connects to large institutions.  Since that beginning, Wildflower Health has grown rapidly.  It is now an innovative leader, recognized by Fast Company’s Top 10 Innovations, having such customers as health plans and Medicaid (U.S. government health insurance for poor people). 

SaaS Portal for Daikin Applied

Daikin Applied is the largest manufacturer of commercial HVAC equipment in the world. Founded in 1924, Daikin rooftop units proved their effectiveness on the market. Yet to address the demands of a dynamic technology world, Daikin needed to enter the Internet of Things business. Such tech giants as Intel, Wind River and McAfee were asked to team up, but how was Coherent Solutions, a medium-sized IT company, able to join


As senior VP Paul Rauker explained, Coherent convinced Daikin they had the knowledge and capacity to produce a top-tier interface on time and on budget. And they did. In five months Coherent delivered a Customer Portal for Daikin’s Intelligent Equipment Line. It optimizes rooftop unit performance, maximizes cost-efficiency and allows customers to access their system anywhere 24/7. Followed by a successful beta-testing in 2015, Intelligent Equipment platform was launched at AHR Expo in Orlando, Fl, and made Daikin as the #1 HVAC manufacturer world-wide.

RCDMS System for ServeMinnesota

AmeriCorps is a network of national service programs. Its programs are aimed at solving a variety of community problems, with a history of addressing one million requests. Minnesota Reading Corps is one of its programs administered by ServeMinnesota. It helps children prepare for Kindergarten and excel at reading by the 3rd grade. Since its launch in 2003 it has helped more than 30,000 children in Minnesota and,

therefore, contributed to closing the achievement gap.

However, the system used for recording that data eventually became outdated. Its users (educational staff and schools) founded it more frustrating rather than helpful. That’s when Coherent Solutions stepped in. In just a year it created a new RCDMS system that fulfilled client’s demands of scalability and flexibility, using AngularJS, MySQL and Amazon cloud as its main tools. Thanks to the upgrade, you won’t be able to find traces of frustration in the users’ reviews anymore.

Mobile App for Life Time Fitness

Before teaming up with Coherent Solutions, Life Time Fitness already had a long story of success: 113 fitness centers in 24 states and Canada, a selection of health and wellness services, products and events, 30 000+ team members. It wasn’t a beginner in finding competent development partners for its products either – its Vendor Contract Manager Sandy Garzon has seen more than enough of proposals in her 10+ years of working in

LT. That’s why, when Life Time team initiated an RFP for their new mobile app in March 2014, they had a sharp eye for the prospective mobile app developers. Coherent Solutions’ proposal won. By the words of Sandy Garzon, it “…went above and beyond”.

The app that Coherent Solutions had to develop was complex and with very tight deadlines. Bahram Akradi, LT Founder and CEO, wanted to create the company’s first mobile app that would connect to members’ heartrate. This would help provide them with highly personalized workout plans and, as a result, maximize their efficiency.

The goal was for the app to be released during summer when many started exercising outside. In June 2014, after only three months since kicking-off, Coherent Solutions released the first version of the app – LT Connect Mobile. Eric LeVin, Senior Director of Technology at LT, says that it was “one of the strongest externally developed apps we’ve ever done.”

28,000 of downloads by the end of 2014 was a win both for Life Time Fitness and Coherent Solutions. Coherent’s developers proved themselves, and over time the project expanded into 10+ teams.

TestSuite Solution for MTS Systems

It’s a common myth that to practice agile approach to software development team members need to be, if not in the same office, then at least in the same time zone. One of the core principles of Agile is flexibility, which can be achieved by daily stand-ups and other communication tools. Intuitively you would think that an overseas outsourcing company might not be the best choice when you need an Agile project. MTS Software

Development Manager Scott Fawcett can give a testimonial to prove otherwise. MTS Systems is a leading provider of a variety of systems and materials testing services. It started collaborating with Coherent back in 2007 on a pilot project, which was used more conventional approaches. That’s why when Fawcett needed to form a team for TestSuite, a project that required Agile processes, he wasn’t confident, whether Coherent would tackle it. However, he decided to give it a try. Nowadays TestSuite is one of many other Coherent projects, that prove how beautifully Agile and “outsourcing” can sound together. Even though much of the credit goes to MTS’ expertise, Fawcett says that “we couldn’t have done it without Coherent’s team. There were also some other factors at play, such as a wise decision to invite Minsk team to train on-site and bond with American colleagues. To sum Coherent Solutions and MTS 10+ years relationship Fawcett says: “Coherent consultants are being treated today as if they are MTS developers. They are factored into our scheduled releases going forward. They’ve got the flexible resources we need to succeed in an agile environment.”

Healthcare Software Development for Starkey

Starkey is a manufacturer of hearing aids services and instruments. Having provided over a million healthcare services throughout its 50-year history, it has left a deep footprint in the field of improving people’s lives.

When Starkey needed additional software development resources, its Vice President of Software Engineering, Rob Duchscher, hesitated, where would it be better to search them for: in Belarus or India?

To make this difficult choice more tangible, he decided to arrange a tender for Coherent Solutions and an Indian firm. The Indian firm had a task to deliver a language translation tool – and the results did not live up to Duchscher’s expectations. Coherent Solutions, on the contrary, was much more successful in tackling its task. It managed to complete a .NET database conversion, Prohear.NET testing and delivered complex reports at a given time.

The team was hired as a result, what eventually has led to a long-term Starkey and Coherent Solutions partnership. Yet Coherent’s team competence and experience were not the only factors behind that success story. Strong delivery management system, great communication and English language skills, proactive approach to work and simply smaller time range and distance to the overseas office – these are just a few of the other factors that Duchscher names. “Coherent definitely exceeded our expectations,” says Duchscher. “Over time we started trusting them more, retaining more of their resources, leveraging them for QA work and engaging them in more strategic, mainstream projects.”