Leaders Matrix Methodology

Identifying service providers that meet your business and procurement objects can be a challenging task. With the Leaders Matrix, we simplify that activity.

The Leaders Matrix is a 2x2 matrix where service providers are mapped based on their areas of focus and their proven ability to deliver. Leaders Matrices are developed for key service markets where unique skills are required. 

Ability to Deliver

The "Ability to Deliver" dimension is composed of three evaluation criteria, each with several underlying metrics. Each provider is scored from 1 to 10 on each metric with the values rolled-up to the three evaluation criteria then an overall score for Ability to Deliver. 

1. References and reviews - The most highly weighted component is feedback from clients. We contact current and former clients and get their input on a range of qualitative and quantitative topics. Client feedback is weighted by project size and complexity. Quantitative scoring includes the following elements:

  • Quality - Quality of services and deliverables
  • Cost - Overall value and conformance to cost estimates
  • Schedule - Ability to meet deadlines and meet agreed project schedules
  • Willingness to refer - Willingness to refer a colleague to the company

2. Clients and experience - The second criteria evaluates the client portfolio and types of projects completed for those clients. Key questions include the following:

  • Clients - What are the characteristics of the company's clients? Has the firm delivered to discerning global brands or a less sophisticated client set?
  • Experience - How deep is the company's experience as communicated through case studies? Do the case studies illustrate an ability to deliver complex projects and create value?
  • Proof points of focus - How well does the firm's experience align with their stated services strategy and areas of focus?

3. Market Presence - We consider the following questions in developing the market presence score:

  • Marketing presence - Is the company information presented in a clear and professional manner that inspires confidence? Does their corporate website also provide consistent, high quality information with clear examples of past work?
  • Reputation - Has the firm developed a strong reputation and authority in their chosen sector? Is this reputation reflected in third party media sources?
  • Accolades - Has the firm won industry recognition or awards?
  • Social media - Does the company have a social media presence that reinforces their brand position and domain authority?


Each Leaders Matrix integrates one to three areas of focus, depending on the characteristics of the market being evaluated. For example, in the area of Mobile Application Development, the Leader's matrix has two focus areas. Both User Interface (UI) design and the technical aspects of Mobile Application Development are important for complex app projects. In the case of iPad app development, an additional dimension is included to account for the focus on iOS and the form factor of a tablet computer.

Providers submit quantitative data on their areas of focus and the data is reviewed and curated by a Clutch analyst.