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Content creation

  • Email and mobile-optimized templates

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  • Email marketing
  • Mobile SMS and MobilePush


  • Content management and workflows
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  • Triggered emails based on customer actions

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  • Subscriber profiles
  • Drag-and-drop segmentation
  • A/B testing
  • Personalization tools
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Web and mobile analytics


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Client Interview
Jul 27 2016

Email Campaign Ultilization for Content Marketing Agency


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the reviewer
Marketing and Advertising
11-50 employees
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Content Marketing Account Manager at Content Marketing Agency
The Review

A content marketing company uses ExactTarget to manage their client's email campaigns. They like the reporting ExacTarget provides but would have liked to have known how expansive their "send all" function was when sending out a mass email. They recommend going through the training before using the product.


Introduce your business and what you do there.

We are a content marketing managed services firm. We take our clients’ strategies and tactically execute them for them on a day-to-day basis so they don’t need to do it.

I am an account manager and also the Marketing Lead.

What was the business challenge your clients were facing that initiated the need for this platform?

We started using ExactTarget because one of our clients had used in the past, so that was the platform that they wanted to use to send out their email blasts. They’re a very big client, so we decided it would be best to work with them on that platform.


How does your company implement this platform or software?

We set up queries to pull the different subscribers into the segments that we need to send to. We create the emails for them. They’re very graphic-heavy, so our designer puts them into the platform, and we send them all out and track all of the reports. We create our own templates.

On an annual or monthly basis, how much does your company spend to utilize the platform?

I have no idea. They own a master account, so it’s a huge account, and then it’s segmented into all the different brands that Kraft Heinz owns. We’re just running two of the brands from Kraft Heinz.


Were there any software features or tools that really impressed you?

I like their reporting. It is very easy to understand, and very specific. I think a lot of email things are missing some of the specifics that we’ve looked for, and they have that in ExactTarget.

Right now we’re running an A/B test, which has been really great and really easy to look at and understand. It’s a subject line A/B test. It’s been really easy to understand what subject lines are performing well. We also really like the ability to see the link clicks and where people fall off when they’re scrolling through an email. That’s been really helpful in figuring out where we should place things and what kind of copy there should be.

The ease of A/B testing has been really useful in figuring out the kind of content that these people respond to. We’ve also been able to cut down their lists by a huge amount, which sounds negative, to begin with. However, we were sending emails to 600,000 people and almost 500,000 of those people had never opened an email. They were paying to send a lot more emails than necessary. That’s been really helpful, and the Heinz team has definitely appreciated us digging into that. Ultimately, they want to have a quality subscriber list as opposed to a quantity subscriber list.

Looking back, are there any areas of the software upon which you feel could be added or improved?

We had a lot of issues with early sends, and I don’t know if that’s really ExactTarget’s fault or the fact that the account that we’re using is owned by a massive agency. We had access to Heinz’s 30 million subscribers and didn’t know that we had access to that because it wasn’t clear to us that we did. The first emails that we sent went to 30 million people on accident. It wasn’t clear why that happened. We had no idea because you go into individual accounts, and it seemed as though the “all subscribers” list would only go to that individual account. It’s not clear that all subscribers meant all subscribers of the master account.

Have you had to interact with the platform's support team or reference their support resources?

Once we got the appropriate clearances, their support team is amazing. We have been able to explain what’s going on, and they’ve been able to explain it back to us in very layman’s terms so we can translate for our client because the team that we’re working with at Heinz knows they use ExactTarget but have never logged into ExactTarget. They have no idea what’s going on inside their email send system. It’s been really great that they’ve been able to translate it for us so we can explain it to our client effectively. We are able to get help with everything. We had no idea how they had been segmenting things, and they were able to walk us through a much easier way to do that. Once we were able to get support, I can’t speak highly enough of how great they are.

My recommendation for people that are considering using this would be to go through the training. If there’s training, go through the training, especially if you’re not an expert in email sending and you’re not completely familiar with all the terms that may be used, such as pulling queries, data extensions, and suppression list. If you’re not sure of all the terms, definitely go through the training.

Overall Score
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Survey Response
Mar 28 2016

Dependable and Easy to Set Up Email Marketing


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the reviewer
5001+ employees
Minneapolis, MN
Manager, Marketing
The Review


The software was selected to be used enterprise-wide. We needed a solution that allowed for automation, in addition to mass email campaigns to large quantities of customers. We used templates, list import, API integration, batch sends, and scheduling. It has performed pretty well. For the most part, it was solid with uptime and dependability. We had a nice cost-per-impression for sends.


It is easy to use.


All the advanced features require an additional cost. I wish the basic plan were more inclusive.