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Netpeak is one of biggest internet marketing agencies in Eastern Europe. We handle website promotion, online advertising, web analytics, usability and consulting, brand image promotion and more. For more details, visit our Services page.

Our clients are businesses specializing in various industries, including SaaS, online stores, and marketplace websites.

We are an agency that efficiently divides the work between our staff, so we can provide you with a team that has a small number of clients at a time

We don’t only promote websites for our clients, we promote the entire business. Mere traffic generation is not enough: our goal is bringing you, clients. The business-oriented attitude is what makes us stand out of the crowd.

Our people are our most precious asset. We’re a team of bright creatives and top-notch pros turning Netpeak into something more than just an agency – a lifestyle.

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Key clients: 

OLX, TripAdvisor, Depositphotos, Yves Rocher, LG, BulgariaSKI, StarWind Software, Kärcher, , D’ori, Cupli, Eurocar, Allbiz, AbisSoft, Euromangan AD, Skoda Auto.

Selling apartments: how to set up advertising efficiently? Image

Selling apartments: how to set up advertising efficiently?

“Atlant” building company resorted to Netpeak to launch an advertising campaign.

 We quickly launched an advertising campaign and quickly drove traffic.

But what’s next? “Atlant” set a goal to increase the number of leads. There were a lot of ways to contact the real estate developer via the site — but all of them ended up communicating with the manager.

Having analyzed the site and its usability, we

made a sketch of the customer journey map.

So, we developed a residential compound promotion strategy based on the several types of campaigns with different goals:

1. Search advertising — to show an offer to the potential customers right when they’re googling something like “apartments in Kiev from a developer”.

2. Display advertising — to acquaint a potential customer with a brand and to vividly show the peculiarities of a definite residential compound.

3. Remarketing — properly set remarketing helps these advertising campaigns achieve a meaningful complex effect.   

Results of the dynamic remarketing for apartment planning in 3D format:

Having analyzed the results of the previous advertising campaigns, we asked a client to replace 2D images in the feed with the 3D ones.

We realized that showing pics of the residential compound and black-and-white sketches didn’t work well. 
The conversion rate of the remarketing campaigns increased by 5.4 times.
The conversion rate of search campaigns was 2.58%.

Brand Traffic increase by 268% in two years Image

Brand Traffic increase by 268% in two years is a popular Bulgarian website for car sales. 

To increase its traffic we launched a long-term branding campaign, where we aimed not only at "easy" active customers that make 15% of the market but also at the rest of the audience.

A perfect tool for working with passive clients is GDN. This is the tool we paid attention to when we needed to expand advertising. Although initially display campaigns had

to drive conversions to a site, we also kept in mind that GDN would allow us to affect the wider audience and to convert it in clients later. 
Then we created a brand search campaign to protect brand traffic, tracking brand queries and so on... 

In two years, from July 2016- June 2018 the company's traffic has increased by 268%

You can check the full case via this link:

Stimulating marketing demand for Steko's services Image

Stimulating marketing demand for Steko's services

Steko is a large Ukrainian plant specializing in the production of metalloplastic windows, doors, aluminum constructions.

 To engage the audience to a brand in a competitive sphere we used video advertising. Flexible targeting and high level of users’ involvement gives enormous potential for drawing attention to a brand.

Competitor analysis showed that at the start of our campaign, only large brands were using

Internet-based video advertising. The closest online store competitors preferred promotion in search and by means of banners. 

Our aim was to: 
1) increase brand awareness;
2) to grow traffic to the site.

Among billions of YouTube users, we aimed advertising to prepossess brand target customers or address repeatedly those, who had already interacted with company's website. Geotargeting was set for cities which have the company’s representative body or business unit only.

After 2 months of the running campaign : 

1.  Online store managed to stand out for the competitors

2. From the first days of video advertising implementation, the website traffic considerably increased and interaction cost was lower than the one for banners.

3. Combination of a regular advertising campaign and remarketing gave chance to considerably increase a scope of new users and remind about the store those clients, who had already been familiar with it. cuts CPA by 48% Image cuts CPA by 48% is one of the top online retailers of gadgets and accessories in Ukraine, with categories ranging from electronics to sporting equipment.

Together with their digital marketing agency Netpeak, set out to decrease the cost of conversion by optimizing search campaigns while getting more transactions on their website without increasing budgets.

Rundown Goals:
- Reduce cost per

- Maintain conversion levels.

Rundown Approach:
- Adopted data-driven attribution in AdWords
- Implemented Smart Bidding;
- Used AdWords Drafts and Experiments to conduct testing.

Rundown Results:
- For test campaigns, overall cost decreased by 45%;
- Cost per click decreased by 23%;
- Conversion volume grew by 5%;
- Conversion cost decreased by 48%;
- Conversion rate increased by 32%.

To take their efforts further however, and Netpeak opted to experiment with automatic bidding strategies based on the new attribution model. To achieve cost per acquisition goals, they chose to trial the Smart Bidding strategy Target CPA (tCPA). Using Drafts and Experiments functionality in Google AdWords allowed them to test the statistical significance of the impact.

Contextual advertising for Victoria's Secret  Image

Contextual advertising for Victoria's Secret

Our client wanted to keep the existing number of transactions, reducing the advertising budget by 30%.

We properly configured the tracking of the channels which drive traffic to the site. 

We worked on optimization of semantics’ selection, negative keywords, account and ad structure optimization, and examined the optimal placement strategies. 

We launched a GDN campaign for young women interested in

recreation, beauty and fashion and for wealthy men interested in gifts for women.

When we have achieved good results using Google AdWords, we applied our existing experience in Google AdWords for Yandex Direct campaigns, which eventually helped obtain great results.

After the first month of the campaign’s duration, AdWords spending decreased by 13.5% (from $2,448.5 to $2,117.5), and the website revenue soared 57.5% (from $21,495.87 to $35,510.75).

PPC campaign for e-commerce  Image

PPC campaign for e-commerce

LeBoutique functions are based on the fashion-sale model, when
fashionable brand clothing sales with big discounts. Taking into
account the specification of this business segment, we made up the
action program with clear targets:

To optimize the ongoing advertising activities:

1.To increase the amount of active Android app users.
2.To sustain cost per install (CPI) at 3.the level

under $0,52.

What results have been gained:
1. Analyzed market and ongoing ad campaigns.
2. Developed and agreed upon the promotion strategy to
clearly define the specifications of the project, its targets
and goals.
3. Thoroughly prepared the launch of ad campaigns:
- Set up and launched ad campaigns.
Systematically analyzed received results and optimized.
- Received access to all required ad accounts;
- Set up tracking ad effectiveness including setting up the AppsFlyer analytics system through which we
tracked inside app actions and income from the completed orders;

During the promotion period, the total check per one user attracted
through Facebook and Instagram has increased for 23,36%.
Comparing different ad sources, 69,4% app users came from
AdWords. 30,6% installs were given by Facebook and Instagram.
As a result, AdWords gave 60,6% income, while social media gave