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Let's face it, digital marketing is here to stay! As one of the powerhouse industries today, digital marketing agencies have been pivotal in building some of the best businesses and brands online. Their knowledge of the latest services, solutions, and tech continues to be one of the biggest reasons why you should be partnering with a digital marketing agency today! Get to know more about the top digital marketing agencies in the world by dropping by at Clutch. Their website is a great platform to learn more about the B2B industry and some of the biggest service providers in the market today. Or view other popular related digital marketing services: SEO, social media marketing or PPC services. Be sure to also search for digital marketing agencies in locations near you, such as our top U.S. digital marketing agencies page.

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    We Scale Brands.® - Top 1% Digital Agency

    $100 - $149 / hr
    50 - 249
    Denver, CO
    Service Focus

    "We wouldn't have this new work were it not for NEWMEDIA's design skills."

    • Communications Manager, Martin/Martin, Inc.
  • ESA Digital Ltd.

    ESA Digital Ltd.

    "The Forge of Famous Brands" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ BBC Dragons Den

    $50 - $99 / hr
    10 - 49
    London, United Kingdom
    Service Focus

    "They encourage me to see what they’re working on, and they ensure that we keep things pushing forward."

    • CEO, Hanna Sillitoe

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Digital Marketing Agency FAQs

If you're in the market for a digital marketing agency you know that the process isn't always easy. Below we've compiled a list of common questions to aid you in your search for the best digital marketing company.

A digital marketing agency goes far beyond traditional marketing. More often than not, digital marketing agencies will offer many digital services such as social media marketing, paid or PPC marketing, email marketing, and SEO. A full-service digital marketing agency may even offer logo design and web design services as well.

Usually, digital marketing agencies charge between $100 and $300 per hour for their services, but this depends on the scope and complexity of the project. Companies can sometimes reach a cheaper fee by entering a monthly agreement or an even longer contract period. Always ask if there is a 30-day out or if longer notice is required to terminate services.

It is typical for a small business to spend approximately $800 per month and larger brands to spend up to $50,000+ per month for digital marketing services. A smaller business would likely receive one or two segments not the entire suite of services available.

When looking to hire a digital marketing company there are several things to evaluate. Look for an agency with experience in your industry, ask for examples of past work, what tools they use to track success, how often they can meet with you, the size of the agency, if they offer a 30-day out, among other items.

The best digital marketing agency possesses these qualities:

Ability to understand and authentically articulate your brand Strong and regular communication Access to top tools and resources Experience in your industry and solving similar business growth problems Expertise in the online marketing areas you’re looking to implement A partner who is genuinely invested in your sucess The ability to create a clear strategic roadmap and execute on time Proven history of successful marketing campaigns, strategies and initiatives

Who would be working on the account? How many years of experience in the industry do you have? How do you measure success? How often would we meet to review progress and results? What tools, programs or resources do you use? What experience do you have solving business growth or marketing problems that are similar to ours? What digital marketing services are included in your fee? Are there any services, programs, etc. that may cost extra? Do you have a 30-day out or what is the minimum contract duration?

It can take months to see the fruit of your digital marketing efforts. Before seeing significant returns, you must commit to a digital marketing strategy for four to twelve months.

Clutch’s in-depth and verified client reviews detail each project from start to finish, helping buyers narrow down their list of potential business partners.

With access to information such as how much a service provider charges for their services, how they communicate, and the results of the project, buyers can feel confident that they’ve found the right partner for their project.

Clutch’s verification process seeks to establish proof of connection between the reviewer and their own organization, as well as the collaboration they’re reviewing. By verifying the identity of the reviewer and confirming their connection to the project, Clutch is able to confirm that there is no conflict of interest and that the project took place. Buyers can easily identify verified reviews by the checkmark in the bottom right corner of the review card.

As an additional service, Clutch also offers phone reviews to Sponsoring service providers. When leaving a phone review, clients will either speak with a member of the Clutch operations team or with a trained auxiliary team member. By offering more options for clients, companies can make it easier and more convenient for clients to leave a detailed review of the project.

If you have a business or company and are serious about expanding online, partnering with digital marketing is a must. Their expertise is crucial in creating bespoke solutions and strategies for you.

Start by identifying your business needs and defining the scope of your projects. Next, assess possible agencies. Make sure that they have the skills and processes to meet your needs. Then, evaluate their portfolio and testimonials. Finally, reach out to potential firms to determine the best fit for your company. Ask about their fees and make sure they align with your budget.

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