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GrowthHit is your external growth team that that scales Fortune 500 brands & VC-backed startups through growth marketing and CRO.

We’ve worked with or taught over 125 companies. We have helped Techstars startups raise over $40M in funding and helped companies generate over $247M in revenue from tracked experiments.


GrowthHit works with e-commerce, lead generation, beauty, financial services, fashion, fitness, real estate, health care, SaaS, and education clients.

Our skills include:

  • Senior Level Growth Team: We're made up of Former CMOs, SEOs and Heads of Growth. Our team is made up of authors and keynote speakers. 
  • In-House Developers & Designers: We're full-stack growth team that's comprised of web developers, designers, data nerds, & technical marketers
  • Proven Growth Framework: After working with 100+ companies, we've developed an ROI-focused framework that optimizes for research-driven tests and rapid testing velocity.

GrowthHit is comprised of a new bread of technical marketers that specialize in building and executing full funnel growth plans with an emphasis on conversion optimization and rapid experimentation.

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Key clients: 
Techstars, Sharply, Visual Composer, Sephora, Universal Standard, Zillow, WeWork Labs, CircleUp, Tampax, Foster Farms, Uber Eats, Survey Monkey,
How We Turned $20k into 4M Netflix Fans Image

How We Turned $20k into 4M Netflix Fans


Happy Face by Ryan Hamilton is a comedy special on Netflix. His goal was to (1) get his special in front of as many relevant Netflix fans as possible and (2) build a list of email followers that he could retarget by geography with his tour dates

Our Strategy

After creating custom and lookalike audiences on Facebook and Instagram, we launched a series of creative

experiments to determine the top performing campaign for engagement.

Second, we funneled people to a video-rich page on his site with the goal of email activation

"GrowthHit has been my go-to, rock-solid dependable source for timely, extremely well-targeted ad placement that’s made a huge difference in my audience attendance. They have also blown me away with their ability to consistently build my e-mail list with new loyal fans, overtime we have quadrupled the estimates I had for my list."

Ryan Hamilton, Star of Happy Face

How We Doubled the Purchase Rate for Sharply Image

How We Doubled the Purchase Rate for Sharply

Sharply is a men’s lifestyle brand that wanted to grow their online presence by turning their existing website traffic into online customers

Our Strategy

After examining the Sharply conversion funnel, we developed a two phrase approach.

In phase 1, we started at the bottom of the funnel and optimized checkout (on mobile and desktop) to have trust signals, technical improvements and

simple pagination for a clean checkout.

In phase 2, we laid out a three tiered funnel that would remove any point of friction a potential customer would have because of the premium price point.

"Growthhit is relentless about increasing conversion. They doubled our purchase rate by optimizing a million little things"

Joe Blattner, Founder of Sharply

Product Launch Series with  a 12% Conversion Rate Image

Product Launch Series with a 12% Conversion Rate

Glass is a distillery that makes vodka from wine grapes. Ian MacNeil, Glass Vodka Founder, was looking to build brand awareness while performing local activations based on where consumers can purchase his product.

Our Strategy

After performing extensive competitive analysis, we built a product launch strategy based on the brands unique value proposition and ideal user personas.


built a three tiered digital strategy that consisted of geo-fencing key regions with social ads, amplifying our “founder-focused" awareness campaigns and retargeting with hyper-targeted offline event promotion

"The name implies it all – Growthhit! They helped us define our goals, optimize our search traffic and target the right audience resulting in an exponentially increased level of brand interaction month over month!"

Ian MacNeil, CEO of Glass Distillery