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Top App Developers in India - 2020 Reviews

Last updated Sep 21, 2020

Top App Development Companies in India 2019 Searching for the best Indian app development company? We compiled a list of the leading app developers throughout India including, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Jaipur. To help with your research, we interviewed past clients, conducted in-depth industry research, and ranked each company using the Clutch methodology. Compare the companies below to find the right Indian app developer for your mobile app project.

List of the Top India Mobile App Development Companies

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Hiring an Indian App Development Company

Indian app development companies offer affordable pricing for many businesses seeking to build a mobile app with a professional team. If you're exploring hiring an Indian app developer to help you develop a mobile app, you may be wondering, "What's it like to work with a team in India? How much will it cost?"

We surveyed 102 app development companies from around the world to determine the cost of developing a mobile app. Of those 102 companies, 27 are based in India. Drawing insights from our in-depth guide on app development cost, we examine the cost of app development in India and best practices for working with an Indian app development team.


Indian App Development Cost

Indian app development companies offer lower rates compared to app developers in the United States and other areas of the world. The lower cost of Indian mobile app developers means they are a good fit for budget-conscious businesses seeking to build a mobile app.

  • The largest percentage of India app development companies (40%) reported their minimum project size as $5,001 - $10,000
  • Nearly 80% of the India mobile app developers reported that the project cost between $0 - $50,000
  • Only 44% of the 102 app development companies overall reported a final project cost of $0 - $50,000

App development costs vary considerably based on many factors. Expect an accurate price estimate for a project only after you’ve thoroughly discussed your project with an app development company.


Tips for Working With a Mobile App Developer in India

The low cost of Indian app development companies may tempt a business to hire an Indian app developer. But, it's important to understand that working with an offshore mobile app developer presents unique challenges. You can overcome these challenges by discussing communication strategies and setting clear expectations with your Indian app development company.

1. Set Up Clear Communication Strategies

If your business is based in the United States, the reality of working with an Indian app development company is that you’re primarily working with a team stationed thousands of miles away from your office. Indian Standard Time is about 9.5 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, and 12.5 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time (varying with daylight savings).

In the age of the Internet, though, the geographical and time zone difference shouldn’t be a deal breaker. To minimize issues, both your business and the Indian app development company should know how, when, and what they will communicate to keep the relationship engaged and efficient.

When shopping around, your business should ask Indian app development companies questions like:

  • How often will we communicate?
  • How do office hours between the app development company and your business overlap?
  • What software and other tools will we use to communicate and share work?

Some Indian app development companies help streamline the communication process by offering a United States-based strategy and design team that will communicate with the developers in India for you. This option is more expensive than an exclusively India-based team but may offer peace of mind if you are worried about communicating effectively with an Indian app development company.

2. Set Expectations Early

Set clear expectations that both your business and your Indian app developers understand.

Make sure your Indian app development team knows your:

  • Goals for the app
  • Flexibility with app features

Set these expectations before the partnership begins in the pre-research or “discovery” stage, which occurs before an app development company writes any code.

The discovery stage includes:

  • Prototyping
  • Market research
  • Goal-setting
  • Scheduling

By the end of the discovery stage, both your Indian app development company and you should understand what work needs to be done, at what time, and for what budget.

Nearly one-third (30%) of Indian app development companies surveyed always require a discovery stage, while 52% require one depending on the client.


Indian Mobile App Developers are Cost-Effective App Development Option

Sometimes, hiring a local app development company may be necessary if your project is complex or if you desire extensive face-to-face interaction to discuss and develop your app. However, Indian app development companies are well-suited for many businesses’ projects. They offer app development expertise at competitive prices.

Use Clutch’s rankings and verified reviews to choose an Indian mobile app development company.