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Quickly and easily develop native and hybrid (iOs and Android) mobile apps with Verivo's AppStudio. Update, add or change content at-will, without having to re-compile or re-deploy code. Your changes will render across all devices in real time.

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A code-free, drag-and-drop IDE. Integrate data from unlimited systems, and incorporate HTML5 content and JavaScript to create customized mobile apps with unprecedented flexibility and speed.

App Management

Once you build fully customized apps in AppStudio, you can deploy mobile apps simultaneously to multiple devices — quickly and securely. Changes and updates can be implemented from a central framework then deployed instantly, allowing your business to be more responsive, flexible and efficient. 



You'll have real-time app editing capabilities at your fingertips, the ability to run presentation-grade reports, set up alerts and more. Plus your data will be protected with unmatched, enterprise-grade security at the app, device, transfer and server levels.


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Free trial
$30 - $135/month
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Client Interview
Mar 30 2015

Application Development, Financial Services Firm


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the reviewer
$1,001 - $10,000/yr. spend
Financial Services
10,001 + Employees
Senior Developer, Allianz Group
Satish Kalantre
The Review

The client is Allianz Group a large German-based financial services company. This client was in need of a tool that would easily facilitate the creation and management of apps that would support the business actions of a large sales team. This client also needed a solution that would meet the security requirements in their company's protocols. This client is very satisfied with their experience with Verivo's AppStudio.


Can you please provide a brief description of your company and the role that you play there?

My company provides asset management services. I am a senior developer and my team works to support the distribution and retail sales department.

How does your company utilize Verivo’s AppStudio?

We use AppStudio to create apps for all of our users who are in the field, mainly the sales team. The sales teams are able to capture customer data using the apps my team develops while they are in the field. AppStudio has provided us with a lot of great features that were easy to implement. The sales team can track their sales for year to date all from their mobile device. A lot of their commissions are based on those activities they record using the app. It’s very useful for the sales team.

Please describe your role in the initial app development process and your current engagement with app development or content updates?

As a developer, it’s been a very great tool, a good tool where I am able to do many things very easily. There are some development things that take me more time to plan properly to implement.


What was the business challenge your company was facing that incited the need for a mobile application, and what was the business goal that you were hoping to accomplish?

At Allianz, we have various platforms. One of our major platforms is a CRM [customer relationship management] platform, but it’s a standard Web application where users have to access it on a laptop or desktop. For the employees in the field, the Web application isn’t really a good option, so that’s where Verivo’s AppStudio comes into the picture.

The application we developed helps our sales team plan their day on the go. They can access all of the customer information they need from their mobile. This ensures they are well informed before they go into any client meeting. Once the meeting is over, they can record those activities so that they are centralized. If another sales member tries to visit that same potential client, they can access notes on the previous meetings and discussions.


The next series of questions is a chance to speak to specific feature areas of the software. Can you speak to the available development tools, such as templates or drag and drop? Were they intuitive and easy to use?

As an out of the box software, AppStudio offers some great tools. Their reporting structures and dashboard structures fit our purposes nicely. With some data manipulation, we are able to show exactly what we want.

Does your app utilize any of the location-based services? Are you satisfied with their functionality?

One of the features that we utilize a lot is the mapping and GPS functionality. When the sales team sets a meeting with a potential client but that potential client isn’t available, the sales team can utilize the map function to see if there is another potential client available in the area.

Have you found it necessary to consult any of the company’s available support resources? Was the support useful and accessible?

Yes. Sometimes, I do use Verivo’s support resources. Their product support has been very good about any questions I have.


Were there any software features or tools that you were really impressed by, of which potential buyers should be aware?

There’s a lot of reporting we do through AppStudio. The reporting structure is the feature that sticks out the most. Our sales team can see the top clients in their area based on the amount of investment into our company. This allows them to give special attention to specific clients. The reports are manipulated easily and help the sales team decide how to go about their day or week. We had a mobile application prior to Verivo’s AppStudio, but the one we have developed through this platform is 90 percent better.

Are there any feature areas you believe Verivo can improve upon for AppStudio?

The mapping feature has a little more room for improvement. We are really looking forward to getting that in a better place.


We have a few quick questions and, for each question, we ask you to rate the software on a scale of one to five, with five being the best. What you give the software for ease of use in the development process?


What would you give the software for quality of features available?

Three and a half.

For support, as in responsiveness, communication, and resources available?

Four and a half.

For overall usability and satisfaction with the software?

Four and a half.

How likely are you to recommend the software to a colleague?


Overall Score
  • 3.5 Features
  • 4.5 Ease of Use
  • 4.5 Support
  • 5.0 Willing to Refer