App and Platform Design and Development Services

Kingsmen partners with visionary leaders and teams. We’ve helped envision, design, engineer and operate software platforms for worldwide trusted brands in some of the most complex and highly regulated environments. With a staff of entirely on-shore resources in our Irvine, CA HQ, we provide a tailored, and boutique experience that mimics having your own in-house team of product managers, designers and engineers.

We build and operate everything from mobile applications, web applications, embedded software, IoT software and entire platform services with companies like Microsoft, Quiksilver, Evolus, and PTC. Our proven success in disrupting entire industries by empowering traditional businesses with new technology and metric driven strategies is driven by our emphasis on partnership mentalities and complete immersion in our client's business.

$200 - $300 / hr
10 - 49
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Irvine, CA
  • 300 Spectrum Center Drive, Ste 950
    Irvine, CA 92618
    United States


Key clients: 

Evolus Inc, Stark Fitness, Kareo, Microsoft, PTC, Meggitt, ADOT (Arizona Dept of Transportation), Casamigos Tequila, Coyote Logistics, Oakley Inc

Evolus - Performance Beauty Image

Evolus - Performance Beauty



Evolus is a breakthrough player in the medical aesthetics industry with their revolutionary neurotoxin product Jeuveau. With an eye toward the future, and the desire to disrupt the industry, we partnered with Evolus to build their entire digital platform that enables effortless scale. We worked together with Evolus to commercialize Jeuveau in a record amount of time with

incredible scale nationwide sporting a tech-company attitude.
VantagePoint Compliance Image

VantagePoint Compliance


Federally funded government contracts require their managing agencies to subcontract work to those companies that are disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs). These DBE's are minority or women owned businesses that are part of an initiative to help these companies succeed with government sponsored work. VantagePoint is a payment tracking, visibility, and compliance system purpose

built with a focus on consumerized user experiences to help this complicated process seem easy.
Kareo - Patient Intake Image

Kareo - Patient Intake

Kareo’s online Patient Intake solution provides a simple and intuitive experience for entering demographics, basic insurance information, emergency contact(s), payment information, pharmacy and referral source. We worked with the team at Kareo to build out a new experience for the patients that interact with their EHR platform at first contact. This experience is crucial in getting the doctor the information they need that is
often solved with paper forms and clipboards.
Stark - You Optimized Image

Stark - You Optimized

Stark is a unique physical fitness facility combined with naturopathic medicine and chiropractic services that round out the ability to keep you healthy. We built Stark's digital platform that enables clients to access HIPAA secure data around their own health as well as empower the staff at Stark to correctly capture data about your performance. This platform fuels the ability for Stark to properly measure the success of its
clients and be transparent about the different services they provide so that the high end customer experience can be managed.
Thingworx - Enterprise IoT Platform Image

Thingworx - Enterprise IoT Platform

PTC had just acquired Thingworx, and had the challenge of positioning its brand to align with the suite of products they had already offered, as well as stay true to the ThingWorx ethos that had infectiously made it so popular with the new IoT landscape. Providing a complete merge into the PTC brand while the keeping messaging to the community of existing ThingWorx customers one of support and growth. We were part of the
founding team at Thingworx that build the entire suite of applications that made up the 10x productivity multiplier in enabling the creating of enterprise IoT applications.