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The software development industry in the United States is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, and it’s widely expected to climb as businesses seize the benefits of having custom software solutions for their growth. Outsourcing provides access to a pool of skilled software developers with specialized technical expertise in different programming languages, frameworks, and domains. This allows businesses to benefit from the knowledge and experience of professionals

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List of the Top United States Custom Software Development Companies

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United States Software Developers FAQs

Demand for talented software developers in the United States is expected to increase. To find top-performing software development firms in the United States, read the reviews above, and to learn more about software development in general, read Clutch's FAQs below.

Clutch has curated a list of the top software development firms in the United States above. These vetted companies have demonstrated an ability to deliver stellar results for their clients.

Software developers in the United States have variable costs depending on the size of the software firm, and the scope of the project. Large, experienced, enterprise software firms can charge $350 to $850 dollars an hour. Mid-sized to smaller firms could charge anywhere from $80 to $375 an hour, with freelancers or new developers falling in a range below that. Learn more about how much it costs to hire a software development company in Clutch's Software Development Pricing Guide.

A software development company is an outsourced service provider that specializes in designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining software solutions. They offer services like research, prototyping, and modification.

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