Excellent mobile apps with AI & Image Recognition

At Diffco, we turn mobile app and web project ideas you dream up into great looking, well-functioning products utilizing years of experience and industry-leading technologies. Whether you are a startup ready to move forward from the whiteboard stage, or an enterprise in the middle of a project that needs expert help, we will become your extended team that moves quickly to deliver the optimal solutions.

Our specialization is creating mobile apps with Artificial Intelligence and Image Recognition. We work with the best startups of Silicon Valley, and our goal is to help to create a successful project in the market. We also help with product strategy to make your product both technically advanced and attractive for users, as well investment advice to successfully attract investors.

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Sunnyvale, CA
  • 830 Stewart Drive, Suite #212
    Sunnyvale, CA 94085
    United States


Key clients: 
FOODOO, FOLA, L.E. Solutions,  NCRIC, Genius One, FinalPrice, PHEW, QuestRoom, Aerostarter, Clovitek, Nokia care, Centerlight, GLFG, ORB Intelligence.
AirportBusiness (NDA) Image

AirportBusiness (NDA)

Corporate website and booking system of one the largest providers of business lounges in airports in Europe.



A mobile application that turns your smartphone or tablet into a convenient child monitoring system, which allows to monitor your children while driving.

ALTWEST Media Image


Media platform that unites news communities all over the world. It provides political and society news and analysis on modern problems from diversified views.

AnimalRegistry.com Image


A unique digital system for identification of animals (cats and dogs) in the US market. It is also a useful community platform and online store of goods for animal care.

Aerostarter Image


A community for general aviation. This service is the innovative breakthrough solution which unites flight schools, clubs and pilots and helps to streamline the collaboration among them.

Banking products marketplace (NDA) Image

Banking products marketplace (NDA)

An online platform with a full range of financial and banking services for corporate banking clients.

Centerlight Image


E-commerce platform for sophisticated lighting solutions, which are developed and installed by taking into account all specifications of the space and any requirements of designer or architectural projects.

Field Investigation Card Image

Field Investigation Card

The app for U.S. police officers to provide them a convenient solution to fill in a Field Investigation Card. FIC app digitalizes the process of FIC filling with several advanced features.

FOLA Image


E-commerce platform for providers of unforgettable discovery flights over Los Angeles. In addition to it, FOLA's flight school is making great pilots providing the professional educational service.

Final Price Image

Final Price

A useful web service for regular travellers, which offers wholesale prices to its participants and a full range of services for air tickets, hotels and car rentals.



A quick and paperless way to conduct field assessments of sobriety for U.S. police officers. iOS application digitalizes the previous F.S.T. paper method, but also with several time-saving and simplifying practices.

FST Image


A quick and paperless way to conduct field assessments of sobriety for U.S. police officers. iOS application digitalizes the previous F.S.T. paper method, but also with several time-saving and simplifying practices.

 GoBikeSF Image


A service which allows you to rent a bike from any place in San Francisco. GoBikeSF bikes are available anywhere you are for delivery and return.

GLFG Image


Encrypted banking system with multiple security features. It allows to make safe transactions and investments online, as well as to manage your assets effectively.

Gastronomic Image


A digital platform and online voting system for the series of gastronomic events and the annual competition for the best young chef.

Genius Image


A full featured ecommerce platform for the manufacturer and supplier of unique GeniusPipes, which are based on the concepts of minimalistic design, modern technologies and high-quality materials.

KeepGrip Image


An ecommerce platform for distributing the Slipnot sports traction system and solutions for sports. A vast choice of customization options, built-in analytics system and integration with external APIs.

LEDMonster Image


A corporate website and e-commerce platform for the manufacturer and distributor of popular LED lightning solutions.

MirTech Image


A corporate website for the leading dealer of agricultural equipment. The full catalog of products and brands is presented online in the service and available for an order.

ORB Image


A corporate website for the firmographic data provider which offers high quality international data to marketing software vendors and enterprise customers.

Parodist Image


A unique mobile app, which allows to create funny creative videos, compiled from your favourite films to turn oneself to be the actor by creating a mask from your face and laying it directly on the actor's face in the video.

Pet owners app (NDA) Image

Pet owners app (NDA)

A mobile application for a Fortune 500 company targeted to dog and cat owners that helps to monitor their health and use the online consultation service.

Pills Image


An app for L.E. solutions developed specially for US police officers for drug type image recognition which allows to get relevant information about it, like symptoms after itake.

Phew! Image


An application was created to unite pet parents and vets to simplify the vet appointment scheduling and pet's health records.



A corporate website for the provider of amazing escape rooms is LA with a booking system, which is integrated with customly developed ERP for escape rooms.

Sistina Image


A truly unique iOS application for photo social networking, which offers user a unique experience with AI-driven photo sorting and powerful sharing possibilities.



Corporate website for experts in VR entertainment in LA with colorful and artistic design.



Mobile applications and firmware for wireless audio streaming device, which uses a Wi-Fi network to deliver the sound to multiple smartphones.

StartSmart Image


A mobile learning and motivational platform for members of the distribution network of large manufacturer and supplier of natural and ecological goods for health and beauty, sports nutrition and wellness products


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Back-end App Development for Digital Development Agency

"There was confidence that we don't need to be triple check their work. We never had to redo anything. Diffco US is very reliable."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
$10,000 to $49,999
Project summary: 

Diffco US provided back-end development services, analytics, security checks, and upgrades for the client’s existing architecture as they created their mobile app.

The Reviewer
11-50 Employees
CEO, Digital Development Firm
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Diffco US delivered high quality work that passed rigorous third party security checks. The agency is praised for their excellent performance. There have been no complaints for Diffco US and the agency is highly recommended to others.

A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


Please describe your organization.

We are a digital development firm specializing in native mobile app design and development for iOS and Android, such as smartphones and tablets.

What is your role at the company?

I am the CEO of the company.


What business challenge were you trying to address with Diffco US?

We needed to develop the back-end for a governmental police mobile app. We were looking for a reliable partner with advanced skills who would do the heavy-duty back-end development for us. Since it's not our area of expertise, we wanted to be 100 percent sure we could delegate all the back-end work to that partner and trust them with very sensitive client's information. Moreover, we were looking for someone with very good account management skills. 


Please describe the scope of their involvement in detail.

They provided back-end development – PHP mostly – and analytics for it as well as security checks and upgrades for existing client's architecture.

How did you come to work with Diffco US?

It was them who selected us first, by which I mean that we had worked with Diffco before providing them with mobile development services. Once we happened to be in need of serious back-end, the choice was obvious since all that time, we were marveling at their back-end skills.

When was the project completed?

It finished in February 2016.


Could you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement?

The project is related to government so, naturally, we cannot disclose any information about the metrics. What can be said though is that the client was happy with the result, and the back-end withstood rigid security checks performed afterward by a third party.

What distinguishes Diffco US from other providers?

Yes. There was confidence that we don't need to be triple check their work. We never had to redo anything. Diffco US is very reliable.

In hindsight, are there areas in which they could improve or things you might do differently?

They probably shouldn't have given us direct access to developers, but I suppose it was due to our special arrangement.

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