Outsourcing to Poland
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There are an estimated 500 offshore outsourcing centers in Eastern Europe, and Poland is poised for major expansion in the coming years. According to some of the largest IT companies outsourcing services will grow in the areas of large and medium businesses, particularly in the manufacturing and financial sectors. Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, and Sczecin are just some of the key locations that are primed for the outsourcing market, and many more are expected to emerge in the future.

According to KPMG, an audit and consultancy firm, Poland ranks third for shared services centers and business process outsourcing in the world after India and China. Poland's key assets are its trained and educated workforce, economic stability, depreciation of the zloty, and political stability.

Poland specializes in software products focusing on projects for embedded systems, business analytics, human resources, finance/banking and accounting, multilingual contact centers, tele-information network management, or programs that use languages like C and C++. Experts believe that the expansion of outsourcing in trade, heavy industry, and telecommunications will result in further development, particularly among call center services or help desks services.

Poland’s rates are actually higher than many of its offshore competitors. EU membership, its proximity to and relationship with Western Europe as a venue for custom software development have resulted in these higher wages. Poland also has problems in fostering and managing opportunities for its IT specialists, due to the European Union's broadening adjustability.

According to the World Fact Book 2011, the country has created a successful policy of economic liberalization since 1990. Its gross domestic product (GDP) rose to an estimated 6 percent due to private consumption. The creation of the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunication (PIIT) has advocated on behalf of the IT market to companies that are situated in Poland. 

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