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Top Platform as a Service (PaaS) Providers - 2017 Reviews

Last updated Apr 11, 2018

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  • Amazon Web Services

    Highly scalable, complete cloud platform

    "[AWS] is effectively documented, has seamless integrations and has the most widespread tools and services available..."

    • Director of Growth, Intuz
    Made for:

    cost-effective cloud tools for business operations, high scalability and availability.

    Not for:

    users seeking open-source, operating without internal management.

  • Microsoft Azure

    IaaS and PaaS computing for development, deployment, and management

    "The whole of Microsoft has been re-tooled to cloud first. I can’t say that for any other organization."

    • Founder and CEO, Phidiax
    Made for:

    enterprise clients familiar with Microsoft products, robust development and deployment.

    Not for:

    managed cloud, or those unfamiliar with Microsoft products.

  • IBM Cloud

    Multifaceted cloud offerings for business operations

    "IBM cloud provides more scalability and reliability with high-end security. It is used for data storage..."

    • Associate, IT
    Made for:

    business users seeking, bare metal servers, infrastructure, and analytics tools.

    Not for:

    minimal cloud functions, simple storage and computing needs. 

  • Red Hat

    Open cloud technology for enterprise clients

    "Red hat was chosen for the cost and flexibility. It's used for security of data..."

    • Associate, IT
    Made for:

    users preferring open-source networks and Linux systems.

    Not for:

    turnkey service with a complete set of cloud services and tools.

  • Google Cloud Platform

    Developer products and cloud technologies hosted by Google

    "Two words: “power” and “simplicity”, were the ultimate combination that has pushed our company towards Google’s Clou..."

    • Chief Technology Officer, QArea
    Made for:

    developers seeking a streamlined cloud ecosystem for development and deployment. 

    Not for:

    user seeking a managed cloud platform, simple cloud-based tasks.

  • Oracle Cloud

    Integrated public cloud for business applications

    "Oracle cloud has increased business agility, lowered costs and reduced complexity..."

    • Manager, IT
    Made for:

    enterprise-grade cloud computing capabilities, including SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS.

    Not for:

    single-user or small business user client, simple turnkey cloud solution.

  • MageCloud eCommerce

    Platform enabling magneto development.

    "As a result [of MageCloud], our feedback cycle has dramatically improved."

    • Analytics Consultant, IT Consultancy
    Made for:

    Business owners who want to build or migrate to a Magento store.

    Not for:

    Users seeking eCommerce platforms other than Magento.

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