2017 Reviews

Top Platform as a Service (PaaS) Providers - 2017 Reviews

Last updated Nov 6, 2017

Amazon Web Services

Highly scalable, complete cloud platform

"[AWS] is effectively documented, has seamless integrations and has the most widespread tools and services available..."

  • Director of Growth, Intuz
Made for:

cost-effective cloud tools for business operations, high scalability and availability.

Not for:

users seeking open-source, operating without internal management.

Microsoft Azure

IaaS and PaaS computing for development, deployment, and management

"The whole of Microsoft has been re-tooled to cloud first. I can’t say that for any other organization."

  • Founder and CEO, Phidiax
Made for:

enterprise clients familiar with Microsoft products, robust development and deployment.

Not for:

managed cloud, or those unfamiliar with Microsoft products.

IBM Cloud

Multifaceted cloud offerings for business operations

"IBM cloud provides more scalability and reliability with high-end security. It is used for data storage..."

  • Associate, IT
Made for:

business users seeking, bare metal servers, infrastructure, and analytics tools.

Not for:

minimal cloud functions, simple storage and computing needs. 

Oracle Cloud

Integrated public cloud for business applications

"Oracle cloud has increased business agility, lowered costs and reduced complexity..."

  • Manager, IT
Made for:

enterprise-grade cloud computing capabilities, including SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS.

Not for:

single-user or small business user client, simple turnkey cloud solution.

Red Hat

Open cloud technology for enterprise clients

"Red hat was chosen for the cost and flexibility. It's used for security of data..."

  • Associate, IT
Made for:

users preferring open-source networks and Linux systems.

Not for:

turnkey service with a complete set of cloud services and tools.

Google Cloud Platform

Developer products and cloud technologies hosted by Google

"Two words: “power” and “simplicity”, were the ultimate combination that has pushed our company towards Google’s Clou..."

  • Chief Technology Officer, QArea
Made for:

developers seeking a streamlined cloud ecosystem for development and deployment. 

Not for:

user seeking a managed cloud platform, simple cloud-based tasks.

MageCloud eCommerce

Platform enabling magneto development.

"As a result [of MageCloud], our feedback cycle has dramatically improved."

  • Analytics Consultant, IT Consultancy
Made for:

Business owners who want to build or migrate to a Magento store.

Not for:

Users seeking eCommerce platforms other than Magento.