Affirma Consulting

Dependable Technology Services

"They are a good partner for us. We had a very positive experience. The infrastructure they put around the project is impressive."
— IT Manager, Spectralux Avionics

"The project management and the design team were extraordinary. They understood what we were trying to do and they used the strengths of SharePoint to be able to fulfill our needs."
— Information Technology Director, Indian Gaming Group

Employees: 50 - 249
$100 - $149/hr


A multi-screen agency for a multi-screen world.

"They've been very straightforward and very honest. They've definitely earned our trust."
— Director of Digital Media, University Broadcasting

"[The application] was very highly acclaimed on all three platforms."
— Former President of Cooking Division and Digital Media, Publishing Company

Employees: 50 - 249
$150 - $199/hr


UpTop - Where Your Business Belongs

"One of the things that makes UpTop special is that we can go to them with any problem or task we have, and they're always willing to figure out a way to solve it or get it done. They've delivered on every project beyond expectations."
 — Director of Digital Development, Mattress Retailer

"Qualitatively, it was a big home run. We were really a generation behind on our intranet, and the new site was just amazing. UpTop is focused properly on solving the business need even if it's a very seemingly pedestrian solution, but they ensure it works."
— Senior Manager of Communications, CenturyLink (Telecommunications Company)

Employees: 10 - 49
$100 - $149/hr


A different kind of agency

"We felt a lot of the work we did with them was some of the coolest and sexiest pieces of the campaign."
— Former Chief Creative Officer, Microsoft

"We're thrilled with the solutions 8ninths developed and anticipate that they will save employee time, improve customer satisfaction, and increase revenue."
— Executive Director, MRSC (Membership Database)

Employees: 10 - 49
$150 - $199/hr

Smashing Ideas

We create the most engaging digital experiences.

"The part where Smashing Ideas just rocks is creating an idea that they can execute well on. They've performed well across the board."
— Senior Manager, Newspaper Publishing Company

Employees: 50 - 249
$150 - $199/hr

PugetWorks Inc.

Web, Mobile, and Mapping Applications

"They would challenge me from a business side, ask the right questions, and want to know more. They had good ideas. It was more than just a company that codes."
— VP Business Development, Apartment Management Company

“We’ve been very happy with them. The design work especially has been very top-notch.”
— Co-founder, Pet Daycare Website

Employees: 2 - 9
$100 - $149/hr

Montana Banana

Building Mission-Critical Websites and Mobile Apps

“We were always extremely happy with the work they did. We’d give them some really hard timelines, and they never missed any timeline."
— Former VP of Marketing, Premier Military Eyewear Manufacturer

“I think that they’re very focused on meeting the business needs and really setting expectations in front of the project.”
— CTO, Video Production and Digital Advertising Company

Employees: 2 - 9
$100 - $149/hr

Blink UX

Evidence-Driven Design

Blink UX is a Seattle-based UX agency that specializes in UX strategy, research, design, and prototyping. They focus on creating custom websites and mobile apps with a focus on design for the Information Technology, Athletics, and Leisure Industries. Past projects include loyalty program design and development for the Seattle Sounders, user research insights to various product and digital services teams at Nike, and design and development for XBox Kinect.

Employees: 10 - 49
$150 - $199/hr

Dogfish Software

Building Scalable Mobile Solutions

Dogfish Software, located in Pioneer Square, is a user-experience-first app development company. Their team has provided development solutions for both mobile and web. Their team has a strong portfolio of previous work with many location-based apps and apps that support the "outdoorsy" user. 

Employees: 10 - 49
$100 - $149/hr

47 Degrees

Technology & Creativity Bring Digital Idea to Life

47 Degrees is a Seattle-based digital development studio that specializes in creating iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android mobile apps, scalable web services and web-based applications. They have an extensive client portfolio, with key clients: Paramount, Angie's List, and The University of Phoenix.

Employees: 10 - 49
$150 - $199/hr