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Carbon Five is a digital product development consultancy. We partner with clients to create exceptional products and grow effective teams. We've worked with startup, growth and enterprise organizations like Autodesk, Charles Schwab, Genentech, Hulu, Masterclass, SFMOMA, Stitch Fix and more.  

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Key clients: 
Autodesk, Anova, Charles Schwab, Citi Ventures, Capital One, Contemporary Jewish Museum, Disney, Electronic Arts, Evernote, Fandango, Farmers Insurance, Fertility IQ, Gap, Genentech, Good Eggs, Hulu, Masterclass, Mulesoft, Nissan, One Medical, Plastiq, Samsung, SFMoMA, Skype, Stanford Health, Square, Task Rabbit, Team Coco, Thumbtack, The Ad Council and more
The Ad Council - Where Creativity and Causes Converge Image

The Ad Council - Where Creativity and Causes Converge

The Ad Council is known for creating campaigns addressing the most important issues of our Nation. Carbon Five helped reimagine their main site and extend their updated brand to the web.

We started a strategy phase focused on design and communications with the help of our partner, Wordland Design. Together, we developed an emergent design process where content co-evolved with design, creating a compelling narrative

across multiple customer journeys.

The Ad Council’s new site launched in mid-2020 and is enjoying a surge in traffic. 

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CJM - Intersection of Culture, Art and Technology Image

CJM - Intersection of Culture, Art and Technology

The Contemporary Jewish Musem (CJM) had an aging website that wasn't at all optimized for mobile, the information architecture wasn’t as clear as it could be, and the visual language needed a refresh. But perhaps most importantly: the museum wanted a website that reflected the dynamic energy of the museum itself.

Carbon Five developers began with a survey of the latest off-the-shelf content management systems and 

decided on a Rails application with a mix of open source and custom code. As this modular platform was being created, the design team worked with stakeholders to restructure the content. The blended team worked closely together to create a mobile-first design system that embodies a fresh, sophisticated visual language. Finally, the incredible CJM web team populated the new site with the now-reorganized content.

The new site is the result of an artful blend of a fantastic team and a phoenomenal organization. And, while it isn’t necessarily obvious, the content management system is just as elegant under the hood.

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Good Eggs - Seamless Farm to Table Shopping Image

Good Eggs - Seamless Farm to Table Shopping

Good Eggs’ platform was pushing three seconds to render on the front-end and was falling short with customers. The team knew they needed to address site-wide performance issues in order to meet their business objectives.

Our engineers worked with the Good Eggs tech team to perform a host of back-end optimizations. 

We made numerous upgrades to the Good Eggs platform, but the new caching strategies were our biggest

win, bringing latency down to delightful levels. Regarding design, Good Eggs had a lot of different components in the system and it was starting to weigh on development. We helped the team establish and refine better front-end guidelines to keep markup and styles under control.

By the time our engagement ended, Good Eggs’ site was easier to browse, search, and shop — all in time for the holidays. In fact, Good Eggs’ revenue doubled that quarter over the prior year.

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Masterclass - MVP in Four Weeks Image

Masterclass - MVP in Four Weeks

David Rogier has teamed up again with Carbon Five to create his latest vision. The goal? Create a new segment in the online learning space: lessons by superstars for amateurs.

Carbon Five helped design, build and test the first version of the platform (code-named Accomplice).

We rapidly pieced together some initial branding, visual language and began building out the feature set. In addition to building the first

version of core platform features, we also implemented a split testing framework using a low-level integration of Optimizely.

After the initial 4-week release, a second 4-week pivot and polish phase firmed up the product and helped identify the next business components to address. After months of hard work, including tons of new features and a new brand and visual design by the Masterclass team, the platform officially launched with an unbelievable lineup of classes, including James Patterson, Dustin Hoffman and Serena Williams.


Naza Beauty - Expert Stylists, Elevated Design Image

Naza Beauty - Expert Stylists, Elevated Design

Naza Beauty wanted a platform to support the professionalization & elevation of hair services for women of color.

Over the course of 10 weeks, Naza Beauty’s founder, Natanya Montgomery, and a Carbon Five worked on crafting and testing a unique customer-facing booking flow that accurately addresses the complexity within the style selection/preferences for women with afro-textured hair.

The intense focus of the

team resulted in an impressive collection of valuable features; including sign up, scheduling, booking, payments, SMS notifications and more. Naza Beauty has a production ready platform for the launch of their physical salon in San Francisco.

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Stitch Fix - Personal Style Delivered to Your Door Image

Stitch Fix - Personal Style Delivered to Your Door

Stitch Fix needed to be able to update, capture, and store data in a way that supports the evolution of data knowledge and integration across its devices, services, and products.

In side-by-side collaboration, our teams determined where to carve off microservices and developed tests for creative data capture and storage. Next, we worked with Stitch Fix to architect and implement a flexible data system in Ruby on Rails

that supports dynamic data requests, multi-channel deployment, and behavioral science insights.

The new architecture augments Stitch Fix’s powerful analytics platform and further positions the startup as a leader in individualized styling. 

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