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What Does it Cost to Build a Website?

March 23, 2022

by Anna Peck

Senior SEO Specialist at

A website is crucial for businesses of all sizes in today's digital world. But what does it cost to build a website? This article breaks down different factors, industry expert insights, and more to get your team started on your web development journey. 

Online research is the first step for many consumers looking to make a purchase on a product or service. A well-organized website makes businesses of all sizes stand out in the market, helping them gain credibility and make a lasting impression.

Eliana Levine, co-founder of FindPeopleEasy, an online search portal, believes that a website is more key now than ever.

“The whole population is online and more so after the COVID era, people prefer online more than offline. And that’s where your business should be,” Levine said. 

If your company doesn’t have a website, the time is now to get started. Before your website is live and ready for buyer attention, your team needs to factor in cost. 

What does it cost to build a website? There isn’t one singular answer, but this guide will help you and your team get started in your web development journey. 

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Importance of a Business Website

The benefits of having a functional website are endless.

  • Build brand awareness and industry expertise
  • Allow new customers to find your business
  • Gain insights into your audience – new and old
  • Showcase your work and services
  • Grow your team
  • Provide valuable customer service

All of these benefits of having a website translate to business goals. Now that we know the importance of a business website – it is time to determine which type to build for your company. 

Types of Websites

Your business website can serve different purposes. 


An informational website acts as a resource for potential and active customers. These sites should include detailed information regarding your services and business. 


A portfolio website is how your business can show off your creative work. These websites are suitable for creatives that need to showcase their top projects to potential new clients. 


An online store is a right avenue for your business if you plan to sell products to your customers 24/7. With an online store, your team will need to set up payment portals and other business operations like shipping and order fulfillment. 

Landing Page

A landing page is a simple webpage that is geared towards a targeted action like signing up for a trial, registering for an event, leaving contact information for future events, and more. These websites allow you to collect details from site visitors that can lead to future prospects for your business. 

Common Questions to Ask a Web Developer

  1. How long does it take?
  2. What does it cost to build a website?
  3. How much does a website builder cost?

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How Long Does it Take?

Another element for businesses to factor in for their website build is the timeline – which is not overnight. 

Max Benz, founder and CEO of BankingGeek, a credit and banking resource, believes that there are a number of steps in a web development project, but highlights three crucial ones.

Web Development Package:

  • Phase 1: Requirements – an agency takes the time to understand the client’s wants and needs while mapping out timeframe and budget.
  • Phase 2: Planning & Design – an agency spends this phase mapping out functionality, creating templates and wireframes, and designing other elements
  • Phase 3: Development – an agency of developers writes the code, configures the servers, and any other work to get the site up and running.

As for the timeline, Benz believes it depends on the project. 

“A lot of factors go into this, such as the complexity and size of the website, the number of pages, and the level of customization or development required,” Benz said. “A simple website with a few pages and limited functionality will take less time than a more complex website with lots of bells and whistles.”

In general, Benz says that if he had to put a timeline of a website build – a full one should take between 2-4 weeks.

What Does it Cost to Build a Website?

Web development pricing varies as much as a timeline. 

According to WebFX, business website prices can range from $2,000–$75,000 without website maintenance fees. Those fees add an additional $400–$60,000

Depending on the size of your website, you can pay either more or less for these estimates.

Courtney Vickery, owner of Declet Designs, designs websites for weight-inclusive businesses. 

Her full website design package starts at $2,999, and factors in the following: 

Website Cost Calculator 

  • Calls for kick-off, homepage design approval, and “going live”
  • Design services for a five page website
  • Setup for Google Analytics and install recommended plugins
  • Email marketing integration
  • Basic SEO

Amanda Doherty, founder of Amanda Doherty Press, LLC, a female-owned marketing boutique, breaks her pricing down by size. 

Website Cost Calculator

  • If a client wants a 10-page website with fresh, SEO copy, it is $11,500.
  • If a client wants a short portfolio website (up to five pages) with no e-commerce capabilities, the average cost is $5,000.

Doherty knows that prices can be daunting for businesses, but encourages clients to see the true value of a fully optimized website. 

“While the initial cost of a website has a certain sticker-shock factor, it is the single greatest investment a client can make in the future success of [their] business,” Doherty said. 

It is clear that a website is key for all businesses in this digital age.

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Website Builder Pricing

If your company decides to strike things out on their own, there are several web builders that can get the job done. 

This table breaks down three website builders, their offerings, and of course, price.


Website Builder Features Price Range


  • Template library
  • E-Commerce functions
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Customizable
$14-$39 per month ($168-$468 yearly)
  • Open-source technology
  • Free and paid themes
  • Plugins
  • Easy-to-use
$4-$45 per month ($48-$540 yearly)
  • Clean accommodations
  • Responsive design
  • Analytics tools for monitoring
  • Fits for portfolio and e-commerce sites
$12-$40 custom per month ($144-$480 yearly)


Explore different options to see which pricing works best for your internal team. 

Find the Total Web Development Package 

The cost to build a website depends on numerous factors like timeline, type of website, and more, but it is clear that a website is a worthwhile investment for your business. 

Your company needs to consider your business objectives and goals before tackling a web development project to ensure you’re spending your website budget effectively. 

Explore our directory of service providers to find the right web development company for your website’s goals and company’s budget.

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