Virtual Assistants and Consumer AI

“Alexa, what is artificial intelligence?”

“Me,” Alexa likely would answer, according to our survey findings on consumer use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Clutch surveyed 503 people about the connected devices they own and use. We found that approximately one-fourth of people who own a connected device own a standalone, automated virtual assistant such as an Amazon Echo or Google Home (27%).

Virtual assistants are powered by AI technology and respond to user requests and voice commands on devices such as smart speakers. 

We found that people mostly use their virtual assistant to access information and issue simple commands such as setting alarms and checking the weather. 

Businesses can use this data to understand how people currently use virtual assistants and adjust their search marketing to adapt to voice search commands. 

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Top 6 Website Features People Value

People are becoming more selective about the time they spend online. With the average adult spending almost 6 hours per day on digital media, people are becoming wary of the internet's impact on their lives.

Today, companies compete for users who want to curb their time online. This means businesses must incorporate website features users want without sacrificing functionality.

Clutch surveyed 612 people to discover which website UX features are important to them and which they can live without.

We found that people prioritize access to content over trendy designs and features. Overall, people prefer design elements and website functions that help them discover relevant content.

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What Do Employees Value Most in Their Job?

Workplace values are essential to recruiting, retaining, and motivating quality employees.

If staff needs are met, companies can expect a happy and engaged workforce. But when a business falls short on workplace values, staff disengage and produce lower-quality work.

According to the polling and research company Gallup, companies with disengaged workers suffer from 16% lower profitability, 18% lower productivity, and 37% lower job growth. Organizations with engaged employees, however, receive 100% more job applications.

Clutch surveyed 540 full-time employees of all ages, at companies ranging from small businesses to large enterprises.

We discovered that employees rank competitive pay and fair treatment as the two most important attributes in a job.

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Statistics on the Average Job Search in 2018

We’re currently living in a job seeker’s market, according to recruiters. With unemployment at a 30-year low of 4.1% in 2018, most workers already have a job they’re satisfied with and aren't currently seeking a new job.

In many industries, there are currently more open positions than there are candidates to fill them – presenting a significant challenge for companies that are currently recruiting.

We surveyed 507 people who started a new job within the past six months to learn more about their experience searching for work in an employment market that favors them.  

You can use this report to better understand how your company can successfully compete for new talent.

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How Businesses Find the Best SEO Companies

Businesses partner with SEO companies–digital marketing agencies, SEO agencies, and SEO consultants–to maximize the benefits of their SEO efforts.

However, the success of an SEO partnership depends on whether a business selects the best SEO company for its specific goals.

Clutch and Ignite Visibility surveyed over 300 marketing decision-makers about how they partner with SEO companies.

Our findings indicate that marketing decision-makers trust their peers’ recommendations when researching SEO companies. Ultimately, though, they tend to choose the SEO company that provides the services suited to their business needs.

Businesses can use this report to inform how they research and select SEO companies to achieve their marketing objectives.

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Should Your Small Business Invest in a Mobile App?

In 2018, more small businesses understand the value of a well-targeted mobile app.

Mobile apps can boost customer loyalty, brand image, and employee efficiency. However, for a mobile app to succeed, a small business must truly understand the app’s goals, its target audience, and the resources needed to build and maintain the app.

We surveyed 351 small business owners and managers to discover the state of small business apps, including why small businesses are building apps and which mobile features are most valuable to small businesses.

Read our analysis to learn if a mobile app is a valuable marketing opportunity for your small business.

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Cloud Servers and GoDaddy

GoDaddy is far more well known among the general population than other domain registration and web hosting companies, and many may say it’s simply due to their controversial advertising campaigns. The company prominently built up its name with NASCAR partnerships and widely-seen Super Bowl commercials.

Data backs up GoDaddy’s supremacy. A recent survey by IT ratings and reviews site Clutch shows that GoDaddy overwhelmingly is the most popular option for web hosting among small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). 26 percent of SMBs use GoDaddy, which is a full 14 percentage points higher than the second most used provider, CloudSigma.

Top SMB web hosting provider

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How Businesses Can Approach Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Relations

People expect businesses to do more than simply express support for a cause and call it corporate social responsibility; they want to see businesses act on social issues. However, corporate social responsibility is not “one size fits all.”

Businesses must consider their customers’ values, their brand's unique purpose, and where they can make the most impact when implementing a corporate social responsibility effort.
Clutch surveyed 420 consumers from across the U.S. who have made a purchase within the last six months to learn how they want businesses from different industries to show their commitment to social responsibility. 

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5 Ways Businesses Can Improve Telephone Customer Service

With the rise of texting and online communication such as chatbots, it may feel like people don’t use their phones to actually make calls anymore. Yet, data shows that people most frequently use their smartphones to make calls.

Communication by phone isn’t going away, and your businesses needs to know how to provide effective and efficient telephone customer service.

Clutch surveyed 501 people who called a business more than three times in the past six months to learn what they expect from telephone customer service.

The data shows that consumers value efficient service and knowledgeable staff when they call a business. They find being kept on hold, rude service, and automated phone menus frustrating. 

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How to Approach Search Marketing Using PPC Advertising and SEO Services

Search engines are where your business makes a first impression on potential customers. 

We surveyed 506 people who clicked on a paid search ad in the past month to learn about their preferences for search engine advertising: the reasons they click on paid search ads, the type of ads they click on, and which search engine they use when they click on ads.

Paid search engine marketing, such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, isn’t the only form of search marketing, though. Your business should also invest in SEO services to improve its organic search rankings. 

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