Why Small Businesses Lack Accounting Resources in 2018

What resources does your small business allocate to manage finances? Are finances primarily the responsibility of the owner or manager, or do you bring in outside expertise? Do you use software, or are you still crunching numbers on paper?

Small businesses use a variety of resources to fulfill the sometimes-intimidating task of accounting. The accounting resources small businesses choose determine the accuracy of their financial records, especially as these businesses grow.

Clutch surveyed 302 small business owners or managers who are involved in their businesses’ financial decisions to discover whether small businesses invest in accounting resources, who is responsible for managing small business finances, and which software is most popular.

Use this report to help choose which resources you need to master your small business accounting.

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Statistics on the Average Job Search in 2018

We’re currently living in a job seeker’s market, according to recruiters. With unemployment at a 30-year low of 4.1% in 2018, most workers already have a job they’re satisfied with and aren't currently seeking a new job.

In many industries, there are currently more open positions than there are candidates to fill them – presenting a significant challenge for companies that are currently recruiting.

We surveyed 507 people who started a new job within the past six months to learn more about their experience searching for work in an employment market that favors them.  

You can use this report to better understand how your company can successfully compete for new talent.

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How Businesses Find the Best SEO Companies

Businesses partner with SEO companies–digital marketing agencies, SEO agencies, and SEO consultants–to maximize the benefits of their SEO efforts.

However, the success of an SEO partnership depends on whether a business selects the best SEO company for its specific goals.

Clutch and Ignite Visibility surveyed over 300 marketing decision-makers about how they partner with SEO companies.

Our findings indicate that marketing decision-makers trust their peers’ recommendations when researching SEO companies. Ultimately, though, they tend to choose the SEO company that provides the services suited to their business needs.

Businesses can use this report to inform how they research and select SEO companies to achieve their marketing objectives.

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Should Your Small Business Invest in a Mobile App?

In 2018, more small businesses understand the value of a well-targeted mobile app.

Mobile apps can boost customer loyalty, brand image, and employee efficiency. However, for a mobile app to succeed, a small business must truly understand the app’s goals, its target audience, and the resources needed to build and maintain the app.

We surveyed 351 small business owners and managers to discover the state of small business apps, including why small businesses are building apps and which mobile features are most valuable to small businesses.

Read our analysis to learn if a mobile app is a valuable marketing opportunity for your small business.

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List of Cloud Statistics

Cloud Security in 2017

  • Ninety percent (90%) of small businesses say their cloud storage is secure, a small increase (+3%) from 2016. (Annual Cloud Storage Survey 2017)
  • The majority of small businesses that store customer credit card and banking information (62%) or medical data (54%) in cloud storage say they do not follow industry regulations, despite some regulations being mandatory. (Annual Cloud Storage Survey 2017)

Small Biz Storing Banking/Credit Card Info Statistic

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The State of Cloud Storage Providers’ Security: 2017 Survey

Is your cloud storage provider secure?

More small businesses are turning toward the cloud to store their data. Cloud storage providers offer significant benefits for small businesses, including greater data mobility, cost savings, and stronger security – as long as the business uses the service properly.

Small businesses should keep cloud storage security in mind. A cloud storage security breach can be a death sentence for small businesses, especially if the breach involves sensitive customer information.

What is the current state of small business cloud storage security? What can a small business do to protect the data stored with their cloud storage providers?

We surveyed 300 U.S. small businesses with 1-500 employees to better understand cloud storage security and to provide actionable advice for small businesses seeking to protect their data in the cloud.

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Why You Need to Invest More Resources in Email Marketing in 2017

Are businesses prioritizing email in their marketing plans? With a 3800% return on investment (ROI), email has significant potential as a revenue generating machine. However, how much time and budget is enough?

Our survey on email marketing trends in 2016 shows a common email marketing perception among enterprises: your company invests enough resources in email marketing.

But is this really true? Email marketing experts surveyed for this series say no.

We argue that looking toward 2017, marketing teams need to dedicate more human and financial resources to email.

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Cloud Servers and GoDaddy

GoDaddy is far more well known among the general population than other domain registration and web hosting companies, and many may say it’s simply due to their controversial advertising campaigns. The company prominently built up its name with NASCAR partnerships and widely-seen Super Bowl commercials.

Data backs up GoDaddy’s supremacy. A recent survey by IT ratings and reviews site Clutch shows that GoDaddy overwhelmingly is the most popular option for web hosting among small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). 26 percent of SMBs use GoDaddy, which is a full 14 percentage points higher than the second most used provider, CloudSigma.

Top SMB web hosting provider

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How to Develop User Intent Through Content Marketing

Businesses use content marketing to develop user intent, or the chances that customers further research a company and purchase its products or services.

We surveyed 384 consumers of online business content to discover the connection between content marketing and customer purchasing.  

Most consumers value content marketing, which encourages them to purchase from a company.

Content marketing directly impacts 3 key factors that define customers’ buying journey:

  • Value
  • Intent
  • Action

People who value content marketing are more likely to further research and ultimately purchase a company’s products.

Businesses can use this report to learn 3 approaches to producing content that consumers will value and develop their interest in purchasing from your company. 

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What Causes Workplace Ghosting?

In June 2018, a LinkedIn article about ghosting went viral. People are ghosting their potential employers, the article claims, and it’s derailing the recruiting process at companies everywhere.

Workplace ghosting occurs when a candidate abruptly disengages from the interview process without explanation. Sometimes, candidates even ghost after accepting a job offer; they simply never show up for their first day, despite a company’s attempts to contact them.

Meanwhile, job seekers report that companies frequently ghost them, ceasing to follow up or schedule next steps.

No matter who initiates it, ghosting signals a failure of communication.

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