What Do Job Seekers Want in a New Role?

Companies and recruiters know how difficult it is to hire new employees. With unemployment low in 2018, job seekers can afford to be selective about where they work.

We surveyed 507 people who started a new job within the past six months to learn more about what factors influenced their decision to look for a new job and accept a company’s offer.

We found that above all, job seekers are looking for opportunities that advance their financial goals. The most compelling job offers provide a competitive salary, work/life balance, opportunities for advancement, and benefits that support long-term financial stability.

Companies can use this article to inform the salary, benefits, and perks they offer candidates.  

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How Common Are Robocalls?

Robocalls are a widespread scourge, annoying most people daily.

Data shows that Americans received nearly 38.1 billion robocalls from January to October 2018. Many of these calls pester people with unwanted marketing pitches or worse, try to scam them to share personal information or money.

Clutch surveyed 687 people who own phones and have received robocalls to analyze how many and what types of robocalls people receive.

This report offers insight into how dire the robocall situation currently is, and how it got to this point. Use this report to better understand the impact of robocalls on individuals and relationships between businesses and customers.

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Do Wearable Devices Connect People to the Internet of Things?

Wearable devices are the most visible consumer internet of things (IoT) technology. IoT refers to electronic devices that can be connected through internet networks.   

Wearable devices connect people to the “internet of things” through direct contact with your body – on a wrist with smartwatches and fitness trackers or on a face with smart glasses and virtual reality (VR) headsets.

Clutch surveyed over 500 people who own connected devices to learn how they interact with popular consumer IoT technologies. Our first report in a three-part series about this data focused on which IoT devices people own and how they use them. 

We found that nearly all people who own a wearable device, such as a smartwatch or fitness tracker, connect them to their smartphones, but use their wearable for just a few core functions.

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User Experience on Top Websites in 2018

People's opinions about user experience (UX) are often inconsistent with their actions when browsing online.

Clutch surveyed 612 people to learn about their website browsing habits and opinions about the UX of top websites.

We found that when people browse online, they often make a compromise between a good user experience – intuitive interface and appealing design – and the content on the page. They value a website with interesting content more than one with a positive UX.

Businesses can use this report to identify best practices to create an excellent user experience on their websites.

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How Social Media Is Transforming PR and the Consumer-Business Relationship

Social media presents a new dimension of possibilities and challenges for public relations (PR) and businesses around the world. It rebrands the concept of community and redefines the ways consumers and brands communicate.

Clutch surveyed 532 social media users to find out what consumers expect from companies on social media and how these virtual interactions may impact their view of brands.

Businesses can use this report to learn what their customers want from them on social media and how social media can be an effective PR tool.

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How Companies Use Technology to Communicate With Job Seekers During Recruitment

Technology gives us new opportunities to communicate in an always-on world – and as hiring managers and candidates get to know one another through applications, interviews, and negotiations, technology and shifts in communication are changing the way job seekers find work.

Today’s candidates and companies use new channels of communication as well as technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to aid in the recruiting process.

We surveyed 507 people who started a new job within the past six months to discover how technology impacts the way job seekers communicate with companies.

Hiring managers can use this report to keep pace with current communication trends during recruitment and to learn about upcoming technology.  

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How People Use Connected Devices

Connected devices are how people experience the “Internet of Things” (IoT), the broad term that describes the global network of devices and objects that can be connected through internet networks.

Currently, people own and use connected devices but not to their fullest “connected” potential. Instead, people often use connected devices as isolated, singular technologies, though they still benefit from them.

Clutch surveyed 503 people who own a connected device to learn:

  • The connected devices people use the most
  • How people use their connected devices
  • How people plan to invest in connected devices in the future

This report is the first in a series about how people engage with emerging technologies.

Businesses and developers can use this report to understand consumer sentiment about connected devices and IoT technologies.

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Why Small Businesses Need Budgets

Small business owners face a number of challenges everyday with their accounting, but creating a budget can help mitigate them. Budgets provide guidance for short-term obstacles and long-term planning.

Yet, many small businesses aren’t creating budgets, according to our three-part small business accounting survey series. 

We surveyed 302 small business owners and managers to learn:

  • What types of small businesses create budgets
  • Why small businesses need budgets
  • How small businesses can stick to their budgets
  • What small businesses expect their budgets to help them accomplish in the future

We found that businesses of all sizes should create a budget or risk the financial health of their business. 

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Why Small Businesses Lack Accounting Resources in 2018

What resources does your small business allocate to manage finances? Are finances primarily the responsibility of the owner or manager, or do you bring in outside expertise? Do you use software, or are you still crunching numbers on paper?

Small businesses use a variety of resources to fulfill the sometimes-intimidating task of accounting. The accounting resources small businesses choose determine the accuracy of their financial records, especially as these businesses grow.

Clutch surveyed 302 small business owners or managers who are involved in their businesses’ financial decisions to discover whether small businesses invest in accounting resources, who is responsible for managing small business finances, and which software is most popular.

Use this report to help choose which resources you need to master your small business accounting.

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Statistics on the Average Job Search in 2018

We’re currently living in a job seeker’s market, according to recruiters. With unemployment at a 30-year low of 4.1% in 2018, most workers already have a job they’re satisfied with and aren't currently seeking a new job.

In many industries, there are currently more open positions than there are candidates to fill them – presenting a significant challenge for companies that are currently recruiting.

We surveyed 507 people who started a new job within the past six months to learn more about their experience searching for work in an employment market that favors them.  

You can use this report to better understand how your company can successfully compete for new talent.

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