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7 Ways to Step Up Your LinkedIn Job Search

July 08, 2020

Feel like you’ve hit a dead end with your job search? In this article, I will show you how to correctly leverage your LinkedIn profile to attract the people who can lead you to your dream job.

LinkedIn is vastly favored by applicants to further their career prospects as most companies and recruiters look to it to fulfill their hiring needs. It is important to learn LinkedIn’s nuts and bolts so you can obtain your career objectives.

We at Hiration have helped 3,500 people build their LinkedIn profiles and find their dream jobs.

In this article, we will show you how to get the best of what LinkedIn has to offer and consequently step up your job search.

7 Pro Tips to Step Up Your LinkedIn Job Search: 

  1. Set search alerts
  2. Use your existing network to your advantage
  3. Invest in LinkedIn Premium
  4. Get recommendations
  5. Optimize your profile
  6. Be active and share content
  7. Do your research

1. Set Search Alerts

Rather than risking the chance of missing out on a great opportunity by manually searching for opportunities every few weeks, set a job search alert that will notify you any time your preferred companies have an opening.

You can set these alerts on the LinkedIn app as well as on your desktop. For the desktop version, search for your targeted profile and set an alert by giving LinkedIn valuable inputs such as keywords, preferred companies, and other relevant insights.

Now you will be notified anytime a job is posted on LinkedIn according to your preferences.

The image below shows how setting a search alert can help notify you about the most relevant job openings:

LinkedIn Jobs you may be interested in

Now, you can easily check out the jobs you find interesting and apply to them on LinkedIn itself.

So, if you haven’t already created a job search alert, do it now.

2. Use Your Existing Network to Your Advantage

LinkedIn is a networking social media platform. What good would it be if you did not take advantage of the very thing that it was created for? The people you know can make a world of difference to advance your job search.

Finding a connection at a company you want to work in can often lead you toward a job opportunity if you leverage your connection in the right manner.

An amazing way to do this is through the LinkedIn alumni tool. Through this feature, you can start approaching and connecting to individuals who graduated from your alma mater.

You can use this tool to find out where your connections work and are based so you can then target the relevant individuals. 

It is also easier to connect and communicate with your fellow alumni to start building an effective network through them if you haven’t already.

However, do not limit yourself to just your former classmates. Pursue other connections you formed in your industry the best you can, this includes ex-colleagues, managers, etc.

In short, you can easily start finding jobs through your existing network as long as you know how to approach the subject.

3. Invest in LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium is guaranteed to step up your job search. You can even start using its InMail feature to advance your career.

As is often the case, the people you want to work for will probably not be a part of your immediate connections. However, InMail allows you to send messages to people you are not connected to.

One of our suggestions is to check out the people who have been viewing your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Who Viewed your profile graph

As you can see, LinkedIn offers trends that you can analyze to target the right people. 

Find people associated with recruiters who can shortlist you for a targeted job profile. Or, find the companies you want to work for and start sending them messages through InMail.

So, what are you waiting for? Get LinkedIn Premium today to start making the best use of everything LinkedIn has to offer.

4. Get Recommendations

Recommendations on your LinkedIn profile have the same effect as references on your resume, only they are much more convenient for both you and potential recruiters.

LinkedIn doesn’t allow bogus recommendations so your recruiter will rest assured that a displayed recommendation is a verified one. Ask ex-colleagues or the higher-ups at your previous jobs to write recommendations for you. You can offer to write a recommendation for them as well to get the ball going.

Recommendations can be extremely helpful to give the recruiter an insight into your past job performances and help make them a decision about your candidacy. Ask colleagues and managers for recommendations today.

5. Optimize Your Profile

Find out your profile strength and aim for an “All-Star’” profile to attract more recruiters.

LinkedIn Profile Strength Intermediate

As you can see, LinkedIn offers personalized suggestions through their profile completion meter to help you spruce up your profile. Follow them to increase the chances of attracting a potential recruiter visiting your profile.

Furthermore, display a professional photo, mention your current position, add at least 5 skills, and include the city you are based in to optimize your profile.

An optimized profile with a good score on the profile completion meter will help you attract the right people and thus help you land your dream job.

6. Be Active and Share Content

Remember, before anything, LinkedIn is a social media platform and should be treated as such. 

Like every social media platform, sharing good content and being active is the foundation of being relevant.

So, engage your audience with industry-specific posts of good quality. Share the content you find interesting as well as like and comment whenever you can. 

However, do not get into the habit of oversharing. Remain professional and value quality over quantity.

Being active on LinkedIn can get you on the radar of the right people in your industry so get creative and start building an amazing LinkedIn page.

7. Do Your Research

Your job search does not conclude at being shortlisted. Interviewing is one of the most important aspects of getting a job and you cannot afford to dismiss it. 

Other than being good at what you do, you also need to show your passion for working at the company you are applying to.

This will only be reflected in your interview if you have done your research about the company. 

The first step, of course, is to start following the company on LinkedIn to bring yourself up-to-speed on their latest business-related news and updates.

You can go a step further by checking out the employees who work for the company, especially the ones in leadership positions. Going through their LinkedIn profiles will do you good.

You can pinpoint common grounds to ease your way into a conversation if you are faced with one. Also, it helps you get a feel of the office culture and decide if you want to work with these people.

Once you get shortlisted for your dream job, do not hamper your chances of scoring the job by not preparing for the interview. 

Research the company and go confidently into the interview to walk away with your dream job in your pocket. 

How LinkedIn Can Be the Best Platform to Find Your Next Job

As a social media platform, LinkedIn helps you connect with people in your industry. You can learn how to leverage this platform by following the tips laid out in this article.

At Hiration, we have facilitated the job search of 30,000 people and helped over 3,500 of them optimize their LinkedIn profiles, efforts that have helped them land their dream jobs.

Now, we have used our expertise to help you streamline your job search via LinkedIn. Don’t tackle all 7 tips at once, start with 2 or 3, and then make your way to all of them. You’ll land your dream job in no time.