5 Business Tips for January 2020

January 09, 2020

Learn five tips from businesses on Clutch to help kick off 2020 successfully.

One of the best ways to improve strategies is to see what other businesses are doing to succeed.

Here are our top five business tips for January 2020.

1. Create a Brand Strategy

A brand strategy helps businesses create a cohesive identity and stand out from the competition.

Brandetize, a branding company in San Diego, helped Fenix Space, a satellite launch system company with its mission statement, tagline, and value proposition along with style guidelines including the company’s colors, typography, and visual feel. The company also helped Fenix Space with its competitor research, a key in establishing its brand.

Without a brand, your company cannot stand out.

2. Consider Staff Augmentation

Technology is always changing, so many companies depend on augmenting their teams to stay up-to-date on the latest trends.

For example, TechMagic, a web development and cloud consulting firm in Ukraine, helps a market research company’s development team build the backend of a web platform. Although the company already has developers, TechMagic helps resolve challenges the team faces and keep the development organized.

Augmenting your business processes with outside resources can strengthen your strategies and free up your teams’ time for other essential tasks.

3. Don’t Ignore Augmented Reality

In 2020, augmented reality is a trend that will only grow.

NEXT/NOW, an AR/VR developer in Chicago, created a VR experience for a hazmat logistics company to train employees how to transport dangerous goods effectively and safely. The project, a 3D experience, helps employees learn hands-on.

Your business doesn’t have to transport dangerous goods to benefit from augmented reality. Businesses of any industry can use AR/VR, whether it’s for clients or employees, to succeed.

4. Create High-Quality Photos for Social Media

Simply sharing a link or text-only post on social media will not earn likes or increase followers. Images are as important as the content of the post.

L.A. Social Karma, a social media management company in Los Angeles, manages the Facebook and Instagram accounts of a local social club. The marketing agency takes photos and videos of the club and posts content regularly on its social channels. This custom content increased engagement on the club’s social media, which resulted in more visits and — in the long run — more revenue.

Having a social media strategy with strong visuals can be the difference between someone scrolling by your post to seeing your post, engaging with it, visiting your site, and making a purchase.

5. Focus on Digital Solutions

In this day and age, people use the internet to find businesses. If you don’t have a digital footprint, you’re missing out on countless customers.

For example, Skookum, a developer in North Carolina, created a car auction portal for an automotive company. The modern platform reached customers more easily than an in-person auction.

Businesses must conduct business online, whether it’s on their website or through their app and software.