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List of Mobile App Statistics

January 12, 2018

by Riley Panko

Marketing Communications Manager

In the past year, we've released studies on mobile app development, its costs, user experience, marketing, and more. Our list includes the most relevant data points from our 2017 research to help you plan and build a mobile app.

Mobile App Marketing

  • The largest percentage of app developers (37%) recommend social media for an app marketing strategy, followed by paid advertising (28%). (How to Make an App Guide)
  • QR codes are the least recommended app marketing strategy among app developers. (How to Make an App Guide)
  • The majority of app developers (61%) recommend a “freemium” strategy, in which an app can be downloaded for free but then offers paid upgrades, to monetize an app. (How to Make an App Guide)

Most recommended app marketing strategies

E-Commerce Apps

  • Consumers primarily use e-commerce apps to receive deals and offers (68%), for the flexibility to buy at any time (64%), and to compare products and prices (62%). (Clutch E-Commerce App Survey)
  • Consumers prefer features like discounts on products similar to past purchases (85%), in-app purchasing (84%), and discounts from push notifications (84%) on e-commerce apps. (Clutch E-Commerce App Survey)85% of Ecommerce app users enable push notifications to receive discounts
  • The vast majority of e-commerce app users (84%) would make purchases on their app to receive discounts. (Clutch E-Commerce App Survey)
  • The majority of consumers (63%) currently use their preferred e-commerce apps to receive deals and offers that are only available in the app. (Clutch E-Commerce App Survey)
  • Over half of e-commerce app users (54%) would use augmented reality features on their app. (Clutch E-Commerce App Survey)

User Experience of Mobile App Onboarding

Data point about personal info with app onboarding

Small Businesses and Mobile Apps in 2017

Most valuable mobile app features

Cost of Building a Mobile App in 2017


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