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Why Twitter Is Still Important for Your Business

May 8, 2019

by Ashish Roy

Founder, Cibirix

Businesses should invest in Twitter to grow their marketing strategy and audience. Twitter can be used to share updates about your company, share industry news, and engage with your customers. 

In 2019, Twitter has 326 million monthly active users and ranks as one of the leading social platforms based on active users. 

Businesses should invest in a Twitter strategy to reach a larger audience and engage with more people. As of this year, there are a few key statistics every business should know about Twitter: 

  • Twitter users send 500 million tweets per day
  • Tweets with a GIF receive 55% more engagement
  • The best time to tweet is 3 p.m. on weekdays

Using Twitter to promote your business does not mean that you should leave other social platforms. However, using Twitter with other social platforms will add value. 

Twitter can increase your visibility in search engines which isn't the case for other social sites.

Whether you’re a freelancer or small business, you can use Twitter to help you grow sales, meet new clients, or convert potential customers. 

Twitter Can Help You Rank Higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

Twitter announced that tweets will appear in relevant Google search results. This means that your brand’s tweets could show up in top search results. This possibility gives your business a chance to boost its visibility. 

To optimize your Twitter, you first have to make your profile informative by putting a relevant display and cover picture that complements your brand and has a bio.  

If you search famous celebrities on Google, you may find their tweets in Google’s results. For example, if you search “Trump” on Google, you will see his Twitter URL in the top results.

Twitter can help your business create a digital presence online and make people more aware of your products.  

Make Your Twitter Profile Known

Many people who are not aware of your brand or services can learn about you with the help of this Twitter search engine visibility. The more you reach people, the more potential sales you can make. 

Brand awareness is an important factor in business growth. People will buy from brands they know and trust. 

Twitter visibility can be a great tool in search engine optimization (SEO) as traditional SEO practices can take months or even years to see results.

Since Twitter is already an extremely popular social media platform, it can direct traffic to your site if you have a lot of followers and engagement. 

Remember to include clickable links in your tweets to provide readers easy access to your site and resources.

Create Real-Time Customer Service

People often use social media to ask questions related to your product or services. A customers’ first reaction is to find you on social media rather than to visit your website and e-mail you.

People prefer social media because of how it is a direct form of communication and available to anyone.

Twitter, itself, has a customer help center where people can find answers to their questions. 

Twitter Help Center
The majority of people have Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook on their cell phones. They do not need to go to the website, find the relevant page, and then email you regarding their query. 

Further, customers can see once you have read their message. This creates a real-time need for action, which email does not provide.

If you are not active on social media, then you are missing out on potential customer engagement that is vital for building trust among your audience.

Real-time responses will ensure that your customers trust your brand and feel connected with the company. 

Integrate Target Marketing

Being on Twitter will not only allow you to answer your audience’s questions, but it can also assist you in target marketing by offering insight into your client’s likes and dislikes. 

Reading into your consumer interests will set you apart from your competitors, especially if you are a B2B business. 

For example, if you want to connect with a business, follow them on Twitter to gain insight into the business, making it easier for you to start a conversation. 

Being thoughtful and putting in the effort to know your client will be highly appreciated by the company you are targeting.  

For example, if you’re selling toys, then your target audience should be kids or their parents. You do not want to start a marketing campaign that appeals to single people in their 20s because they probably have no interest in buying toys. 

Reaching your target audience is essential for generating quick leads. Twitter provides an easy channel to reach your targeted audience. 

Explore #Hashtags

When people want to search for content on social platforms, they can use hashtags to filter through results. Using hashtags is helpful to reach your target audience. 

Woman holding up a hashtag sign

Your target audience should have the same interests as you. If you use and follow the trending or most-used hashtags related to your product, you will find many people who are already interested in trying your products or services.

Hashtags are a blessing for digital marketers as they are a way to add keywords to your posts without needing to carefully curate an article or a description to include the relevant keywords. 

With hashtags, you can be creative with the description and add hashtags, so that the relevant audience can locate your tweet. 

Know the Power of Retweets

A single retweet from a famous brand or person can help you reach thousands of people quickly. A retweet is similar to a share. 

For example, if you post a tweet and an influencer then retweets your content, all of his or her followers will be able to see your message in their timeline. 

Getting a retweet from companies that provide the same services as you will help you reach your target audience. 

It is easy for you to reach people you wouldn’t normally access by using hashtags and retweets because there is no significant effort required. 

It is good practice to answer people’s questions that relate to the same industry and services you are involved in because it will help curate new followers and boost your brand image.  

Consider Paid Ad Campaigns

If you don't want to grow your business on Twitter by using hashtags and retweets then you can use Twitter paid ad campaigns for business promotion. Twitter will automatically promote your message to a relevant audience that you can filter by location, age, and interests. 

There are different pricing models for paid ad campaigns on Twitter. Do some research to find out the best paid ad campaigns for your marketing strategy. 

Invest in Twitter for Your Business 

Join Twitter to grow your business. 

It is one of the best social platforms for business promotion and comfortable for your audience to find and communicate with you.

Twitter is helpful for people looking to read company updates, industry news, and learn more about your culture. Twitter can increase the chances of your company gaining new clients as people discover more about what your company offers. 

About the Author

Headshot of Ashish RoySince founding Cibirix, Ashish has used his skills to lead his digital marketing agency in creating meaningful, marketing experiences for clients. His result-driven approach is a unique mix of analytical ideas, crisp visual aesthetics, and an aspiration to make simpler front-ends in an endeavor to build up successful digital architecture. 

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