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How Videos Can Improve Your Next Email Campaign

August 14, 2020

by Helen Holovach

Copywriter, Snovio Labs

Videos are an important tool when it comes to email marketing campaigns, and if you’re not using them yet, it’s time to start. They’re easy, engaging, and, when integrated with your sales funnel, extremely profitable.

To send a video in an email, or not to send, that is the question. The digital world is constantly developing, and buyer’s needs are becoming more demanding. A simple plain-text email may no longer be effective in converting leads. 

Marketers are always searching for new and more efficient methods of clients’ engagement, and I’m one of them. I decided to get to the bottom of video marketing and see if it can really make a difference — especially when it comes to emails. Here’s what I found.

Using Videos in Your Next Email Campaign

  1. Why your email campaign should have video
  2. How to send videos in emails
  3. When to use videos in emails, according to the sales funnel

Why Your Email Campaign Should Have Video

What do your customers think when they see video in your emails? According to several studies, videos turn out to be highly beneficial and profitable. 

Just using the word “video” increases your open rate by 19%, and putting “video” in your subject line increases that number to 65%. Videos reduce your cost per click by 19%, as well as the number of unsubscribers by 26%. 

Video in Email Statiscs
What do the professionals think of videos in email campaigns? Well, 44% of marketers claim a video in an email increases the time recipients spend reading the email, and 41% are sure videos boost the number of email shares and forwards.

Most importantly, 54% of subscribers prefer emails with videos in them! The numbers are clear: videos are a proven method of professional communication. 

How To Send Videos in Emails 

Now that you know why you should send videos in emails, let’s take a look at how you’ll go about doing it.

Every email provider has its own email attachments limits. This can make it more complicated to attach a video as a file. Luckily for you, there are a few ways you can bypass these limitations. 

1. Embed an HTML5 Video

HTML5 videos are one of the best ways to use videos in your email campaigns. However, even this method has its drawbacks: not all of your client’s email providers will display HTML videos in the email by default. 

If you want to be sure your recipient will receive a video in your email, there are a few “cheats” you can use to bring about a similar effect. 

2. Use Links

The simplest way to use video in an email is to simply insert a link. You can either add it in the email text or anchor it. Of the two, anchoring is more attractive, looks natural, and works well, especially when you send plain text emails. 

When sending a video as a link, your recipients see a video player at the end of the email and can watch it without leaving the email window.

3. Insert Short GIFs

GIFs are a great alternative to videos. They’re relatively light, short, and can help you improve the CTR and attract clients and leads. Use them to present the key characteristics of your product. Try to avoid inserting long GIFs as, unlike videos, there’s no way to pause GIFs. 

You can either create your own GIFs, convert a video or use some stock files to simply entertain and engage the recipients (you can find dozens of them on Giphy). 

4. Try Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are close to GIFs with only one key difference: with GIFs, the whole image is in motion, while with cinemagraphs, the background is static, and only a few elements move. 

A fun twist, they can be just as — if not more — engaging than GIFs. You can create your own or find examples online.

When to Use Videos in Emails, According to the Sales Funnel

You know you should, and you know how, but do you know when the right time to use videos in your emails are? Video is a multi-purpose content, and as such, it can help you achieve a variety of goals. 

To outline the best uses of certain types of videos, let’s go down the sales funnel.

Sales Funnel

The sales funnel mimics the journey your buyers will take before making a purchase, from awareness, to consideration, conversion, and finally, retention.

You can leverage it to make informed, effective decisions about what kind of videos to send in your emails for each stage of the funnel. 

The Awareness Stage 

In the awareness stage, you and your prospect don’t know about each other. Your prospect has identified a pain point or a problem they have, so you’ll want ot establish yourself as an authority in whatever issue they’re having. 

At the awareness stage, you can share:

  • Social media videos that will help you and your potential clients meet each other
  • Short how-to videos that demonstrate the ease of use of your product
  • Testimonial videos that prove your reliability and ability to solve the problems
  • Promotional videos that attract leads to your product 

The Consideration Stage

During this stage, your prospect is searching for the solution to their problem. Be proactive and use videos to be the first solution your lead comes across. Educate your audience about your industry, show how your product works, be helpful and demonstrate that your service will help them tackle the issue. 

The consideration stage videos include:

  • Brand and non-brand-focused videos that inform leads about industry problems and how your service solves them
  • Educational videos to demonstrate how you can help your prospects
  • Advertising videos that support you in the product demonstration and promotion
  • Customer and testimonial videos that prove your reliability

The Conversion Stage 

Now, your lead knows enough about your product, but they still haven’t made a decision. Your aim is to convert them

To convert, send:

  • Webinars to educate leads
  • Demos and demo video invitations that will help prospects realize all the benefits of your service and make the decision to partner with you
  • In-depth explainers and how-tos to convince them of your expertise
  • Case studies that show how your product or service has helped others in the past

The Retention Stage 

Finally, you’ve converted a lead. However, your efforts do not stop here. At the retention stage, your goal is to hold onto the converted clients for as long as possible. In this case, videos are a great tool for re-engagement. 

Videos to retain clients:

  • Onboarding videos in emails will help you engage the new users and clients and build long-term relationships
  • Educational courses and training videos that will support the clients in using your service
  • Customer care, support, and FAQ videos that disclose every single detail about your product
  • In-office films to show your company culture and support the emotional connection with your clients

Send Videos Like Mad

Videos in your email campaigns are an easy, free, and effective way to boost your sales — don’t hesitate to try them out. The improved open rate, higher conversion rate, increased engagement, and the leads’ and clients’ education are only the tip of the iceberg. 

Videos are versatile, and there’s no limit to what they can do for your business. Experiment, try different techniques and don’t be afraid to get creative!

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