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How Email Marketing Can Help Your Business

May 4, 2020

by Sheena Rijwani

Co-Founder, SeeResponse

While the impact of digital marketing channels changes each year, email marketing is still an effective tool for businesses. Discover how the old-school technique can become a lead revenue generator.

Email marketing is not as effective as it was 15 years ago. You can say the same thing for a majority of traditional marketing efforts.

As time goes on, each marketing method becomes slightly less effective because both technology and people’s habits change.

However, saying that email marketing is dead is far from the truth.

If used right, email can become one of the most profitable marketing channels for your business.

Let’s look at five reasons why you should consider putting more of your time and resources into email marketing.

5 Ways that Email Marketing Remains a Beneficial Business Tool

  1. Consumers enjoy receiving emails from businesses
  2. Email marketing improves customer retention
  3. Email is still popular among customers
  4. Email marketing generates high engagement rates
  5. Email marketing provides the highest ROI

1. Consumers Enjoy Receiving Emails From Businesses

While the perception is that people hate receiving promotional emails, that isn’t the case. Not only do they enjoy receiving such emails; they expect to receive them.

As much as 72.2% of consumers enjoy receiving promotional offers through email, with 28% stating that they’d like to get these types of emails multiple times per week.

U.S. consumers' preferred brand commuincation channel


Email triumphs as the preferred brand communication channel over direct mail, push notifications, and SMS.

Additionally, 60% of people state that the main reason they subscribe to a brand’s newsletter is to gain access to offers and promotions.

Consumers aren’t looking to get any old promotional email. They want personalized content that's adapted to their interests and needs.

In fact, 79% of consumers won’t interact with a brand’s promotions if those promotions aren’t tailored to the consumers’ previous interactions with the brand.

Consumers love receiving personalized product recommendations and are more likely to buy from brands that provide such recommendations.

Millennials are even happy to share their personal data if it helps improve their shopping experience.

2. Email Marketing Improves Customer Retention

There are a lot of reasons why consumers might stop doing business with a company. The vast majority do so because they believe the business doesn’t care about them.

One way to show customers that you do care about them is to communicate with them regularly. As we’ve established already, the best way to do this is via email.

Welcome emails, promotional emails, holiday emails, and educational emails are all great ways to stay in touch with your customer base and keep your brand top of mind.

If you put in the effort to send thoughtful, personalized emails to your customers, you can increase customer satisfaction.

As much as 80% of businesses rely on email marketing to retain customers. 81% of businesses find email as the primary driver for acquiring customers as well.

which online activities primarily drive customer acquisition and retention for your organization


Despite the popularity of social media, only about 50% of businesses use it to acquire and retain their customer bases.

Additionally, 56% of marketers claim that email marketing has proved to be the most effective way of reaching their customer retention goals.

3. Email Is Still Popular Among Consumers

Because social networks are so popular nowadays, it’s easy to forget that email has more users than social media.

There are a total of 3.8 billion email users in the world. Social media, on the other hand, is used by 2.62 billion people.

As much as 89.6% of people send at least one email every month, with 280 billion emails being sent every single day.

Consumers are regularly checking their inboxes for important updates.

the email landscape


99% check their email inbox every day, with 50% checking their inbox up to twenty times per day.

Adobe’s research shows that people check their inboxes in all sorts of situations, and during all times of the day. 57% do it before bed, 69% while watching TV, and 79% even do it while on vacation.

People enjoy and are used to email communication, which makes email one of the best ways to reach your audience.

4. Email Marketing Generates High Engagement Rates

While email marketing engagement rates aren’t as high as they once were, they’re still higher than those of other types of marketing.

For comparison, the average engagement rate on social media is 0.58%.

email vs. social media engagement


Email, on the other hand, has an average open rate of 22.86% and a click-through rate (CTR) of 3.71%.

Engagement numbers for emails get even higher when you take advantage of personalization. Personalizing subject lines increases open rates by 26% while personalizing the email body can improve click-through rates by as much as 14%.

Personalization also tends to improve conversion rates, with personalized emails generating 10% more conversions compared to non-personalized emails.

5. Email Marketing Provides The Highest ROI

Email provides the highest return on investment (ROI) out of all marketing channels. On average, it generates $44 for every $1 spent.

email delivers the highest ROI for marketers


That’s a 4400% ROI. You’d be hard-pressed to generate that sort of return with any other form of marketing.

Keep in mind that 4400% is the average ROI for email marketing. If you’re very good at it, you can generate an even better return on investment.

One way to do this is to spend time personalizing your email communication since personalizing emails can increase email marketing revenue by as much as 760%.

Apart from generating the highest return on investment, email marketing is also relatively affordable compared to other forms of marketing.

There’s plenty of services (such as Mailchimp, Convertkit, and AWeber) that provide you with everything you need to get started with email marketing for less than $100.

When you compare that with what you’d need to spend on advertising to generate any significant results, it’s clear that email marketing is the most cost-effective form of marketing available to both B2C and B2B marketers.

Marketers themselves praise email marketing’s effectiveness, with 59% claiming it generates the biggest ROI for their respective organizations.

Email Marketing Is More Prevalent Than Ever

While the popularity of email marketing has somewhat declined over the years, email marketing is far from dead. It is still an effective communication tool that users enjoy.

Consumers prefer communicating with businesses over email and enjoy receiving promotional emails. They especially enjoy personalized email communication.

By allowing you to communicate with your customers on a regular basis, email enables you to keep your brand top of mind and improve customer retention.

Email is also highly popular among consumers and used more than social media. Apart from being more popular than social media, email also generates higher engagement rates. This is especially true when personalization is employed.

Finally, email marketing provides the highest ROI out of all forms of marketing, generating $44 for every dollar spent.

If your business was debating over what digital marketing channels to use during this time, take another look at the old-fashioned email.

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