How to Leverage Videos for Your Business

July 11, 2019

Businesses should invest in video to increase brand interaction and customer engagement. The overview of video fundamentals in this article will help get you started and offer an awareness of best practice. 

Remember when online video was a rare and much-sought-after new feature? Before the advent of broadband and YouTube’s seismic explosion on the market, anyone who wanted to watch content had to wait hours on end for their dial-up connection to deliver a two-minute snippet, praying that no one in the next room would pick up the phone and cancel out the whole painful and time-consuming process. 

Compared to its early stages, internet technology has come an astonishingly long way in 2019. Video is now the most popular form of online content, and statistics show that this trend will only continue to grow:

Videos can truly be a game changer for your business. Strategic deployment across landing pages boosts brand awareness, engagement, and conversions.

The overview of video fundamentals in this article will help get you started and offer an awareness of the best practice.

Short, Punchy Videos Perform the Best

Audiences engage the most with interesting content that gets straight to the point. Just as readers are unlikely to sift through a mountain of text, viewers prefer their videos in easily digestible bite-sized chunks.

From explainer videos that showcase your product or service to more personal clips introducing your brand, keep your videos succinct to capture the viewer’s interest. You can always segment later on. Save lengthier cuts to serve your consistent customers.

Content is Crucial

During production, it can be tempting to go all out. Keep in mind that no one expects Hollywood levels of direction, though. Spectacular content will always stand out from the crowd, but staying mindful of your budget will maximize ROI. 

Substance is infinitely more important than style, especially for social media videos. Users rarely expect huge productions. Even a video shot on your smartphone can make an impact. 

Putting together a scalable video marketing campaign, may not be feasible if you invest too much time and money into each video you produce. Focus instead on providing real value with high caliber audio and visuals. 

Choose the Right Type of Video Format

There are many different styles of video. Choosing the right one is essential. To build your reputation, interview industry experts.

A demo is probably the best bet if your main focus is promoting a tangible tool or service. 

If you want to exhibit the inner workings of your business, a live behind-the-scenes video or ‘Meet the Team’ feature can capture that human element of your company.

Tailor Videos to Your Chosen Platform

There are many social media platforms at your disposal. For each platform, choose specific types of video that are most suitable for your needs. Always consider your end goal. 

Simple choices like using portrait or landscape format can factor into the overall tone depending on where your video content will go.  

Instagram prides itself on visual, aspirational content. In contrast, Facebook’s audience tends to prefer videos that spark conversation.

Tailor your strategy to your desired results. Conducting research in advance will increase your chance of success.

Equipped with these useful starting tips, you can rest assured knowing that cutting-edge assistance is just a click away. With so many video tools to lean on, you will always have plenty of technological support.

The list below features some of the best video content creation tools on the market:


Any newcomers to the world of video content could benefit from leveraging

As you can see in this screen capture, this easy-to-use platform breaks down the process into easily manageable blocks. types of videos

This image shows an example of the types of videos you can use this tool to create.

Upload your own footage or images if you have them prepared. No need to worry if you don’t, though; a stock library is teeming with over 200 million videos and 300,000 audio clips you can use.

For either method, gives you the option to manipulate content as you see fit. Specific features enable resizing, adding your brand’s text or watermark, or including the ever-popular stickers and gifs. 

The straightforward and familiar drag and drop system makes the UX pleasingly accessible, even to users with no previous experience. 

2. Animoto

Animoto makes it clear that no experience is necessary to make the most of the tool, evidenced by its simple user interface and common sense approach. 

This structured end-to-end solution will guide you every step of the way to producing the results you desire.

At the start, the platform will prompt you to select a template storyboard. If you feel confident enough, you can also start with a completely blank canvas. 

Animoto Video Templates

As shown above, sorting and filtering options help you find popular options or focus on functional goals like attracting an audience telling your company’s story. The examples in this screenshot include trending news, a webinar, and an event recap.

Drag and drop your own custom media or utilize a pre-existing library of over a million Getty stock photos and images. When you have the basics in place, you can really get creative, adding your brand’s personal stamp along with your choice of music, text, and effects.

To give you an idea of what to expect, you can take a look at some of the case studies featured on the website. 

3. Biteable

With industry leaders such as Microsoft, Shopify and IBM among its high-profile clients, Biteable is a proven tool that strives to make quality and efficiency top priorities.

This screenshot shows the features this tool offers. 

Biteable Video Tools

As shown above, you can use Biteable to create videos with specific types of functionalities, such as promotional videos or an online course. 

One of the best benefits Biteable offers is that your video is guaranteed to be of studio quality.

Tap into a Shutterstock library of over 85,000 clips and add graphics of your own. Users can choose from a wide range of scenes and fuse them together at leisure to create a template that reflects their style.

As a final step, add in audio to finalize a top-quality, bespoke, and shareable video that’s ready to introduce to the world!

Harness the Power of Video Content for Your Own Company

Based on the findings we’ve laid out, video content is the best way to take your business and brand to the next level. Used properly, videos will increase the flow of traffic to your social media platforms and website simultaneously. 

Integrating video is a promising way to boost engagement, no matter what your specific requirements and budget might be. Use the tools we’ve discussed in this article as a starting point, plan a strategy of your own to reap the rewards video content has to offer. Hire an experienced video production company to effectively integrate video into your business plan.