How to Create Landing Pages That Convert

September 06, 2019

Landing pages are an efficient way to increase your conversion rate after you build and design your brand’s website.

According to Unbounce, a landing page is a standalone page separate from your main website that promotes a marketing campaign for a product, newsletter, or any service your business offers.

Shirt company Twillory’s landing page, shown below, includes the design elements most important to success.

twillory shirt landing page

Twillory’s landing page includes images, calls-to-action (CTAs), and catchy headlines to draw readers in.

Your landing page must make an impact on visitors to get the maximum return on investment (ROI). Otherwise, all of your hard work could be in vain.

Landing pages are successful if you know how to create them. To create a successful landing page, you should:

  1. Incorporate a call-to-action (CTA)
  2. Craft a catchy headline
  3. Use persuasive body text
  4. Feature images and videos
  5. Include multiple points of contact
  6. Offer a guarantee
  7. Highlight your credibility

1. Incorporate a Call-to-Action (CTA) button

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are the most important aspect of any successful landing page. At the end of the day, you want your landing page’s visitors to click the CTA button and convert into customers. 

Some components of a successful CTA include:

Colors: The color of your CTA should contrast with the rest of the landing page. It will make the CTA more visible and enticing to your potential customers.

The CTA in the image below is orange and set against a gray background.

orange call to action button on gray background


The button’s white text entices the user to click and learn more about the brand’s offering.

Graphics: Use shapes to make the CTA look more eye-catching.

Position: Select the correct place to position the CTA on your landing page. Make sure the button is visible but doesn’t disrupt the user experience of the landing page.

2. Craft a Catchy Headline

Your headline is the first thing people will notice on your landing page, so you must craft an appealing introduction to your offer.

People will decide to click on the CTA button based on your headline. The headline is a tipping point where sales begin. 

When you are brainstorming a headline, make sure you stick to the following guidelines:  

  • Keep your headline short and concise
  • Use a relevant image to complement your headline
  • Make the headline as visible as possible

Headlines should be informative, engaging, and motivating. For example, the most successful headlines are "how-to" and teach the reader how to solve a challenge they're facing.

five proven conversion-boosting headline formulas overview


Headlines can also offer value to the reader by including a testimonial, cliffhanger, value proposition, or listicle.

3. Use Persuasive Body Text

Your body text must be engaging and persuasive to hold the reader’s attention after the headline.

A reader can easily lose focus after an awesome headline if the body text is trash. 

Body text is an opportunity to identify users’ pain points rather than pleasure points.

Humans will pay attention to products or services which talk about relieving their pain. The theory of loss aversion says that humans feel the pain of losing more intensely than gaining something of the same value. 

This is the space where you have to describe your product in a way that it should appear as an antidote to the reader’s pain.

Talk about how your customers can avoid losing 50 dollars with your product, for example, how they can gain 50 dollars. 

4. Feature Images and Videos

Our brains process images faster than text. This means we are more likely to be engaged by a picture than text. This makes images an important feature of landing pages that drives conversions. 

Sometimes text is complex and can overwhelm visitors. Images such as infographics and graphs can help explain your point to users.

Videos are also an important component of successful landing pages. Popular SEO blogger Neil Patel used a video landing page that converted at 56%, his personal best according to his website.

People prefer videos because videos make it easier for users to consume content quickly. After one click all the information is at their disposal. Invest in video production to please your customers.

Videos also provide a different format for explanations of products and offers. They simplify complex topics. 

SEO companies also recommend adding videos because they make users stay longer on the website.

5. Include Multiple Methods of Contact

A trademark of a successful landing page is multiple contact options. Include a physical address, email, phone number, and contact form on your landing page to show potential customers that you are a legitimate and accessible business.

Adding a physical address also strengthens your company’s legitimacy for users who are unfamiliar with your brand.  

You can also go one step further by including a chatbot where customer service representatives ask if visitors need help.    

6. Offer a Guarantee

The word “guarantee” on a landing page delights your customers. It strengthens their trust of your brand. 

The guarantee does not have to be all about money. You can guarantee that you will not spam your users if they offer you their email address, and that may increase the conversion rate of your landing page.

Avoid explaining the legalities of the guarantee you choose – customers could find it distracting.

7. Highlight Your Credibility 

In recent years people have become skeptical about online shopping. Customers don’t easily trust a brand unless they see confirmation of that brand’s authenticity. Social sharing plays a very important role when it comes to uplifting people’s faith in a particular business.  

One study from HubSpot found that 71% of millennials are more likely to prefer a brand if it is recommended online. Highlight your social media shares and reviews on your landing page provides that social proof. 

Social proof strongly influences purchasing decisions. If you have positive reviews and engagements on social media, find a way to display that in your landing page.

Well-Designed Landing Pages Convert Visitors into Customers

The most successful landing pages entice users and earn their trust. That trust then leads to a conversion and increased revenue for your business.

First, your landing page should include a colorful, eye-catching CTA to entice users to convert. A catchy headline and body text make your case to your readers.

Readers value credibility and social proof, so include company ratings and reviews, links to social media pages, and multiple points of contact to establish legitimacy.

Finally, web design companies can help you create a high-quality landing page that will delight readers and turn them into customers.