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How Chatbots Can Increase Digital Marketing Engagement

August 31, 2020

by Stella Lincoln

Marketing Manager, Crowd Writer

Chatbots are an increasingly popular digital marketing tool, but are you using them correctly? Read on to find out how chatbots can effectively increase customer engagement, no matter who or where you are.

Over the last few years, chatbots have changed the way marketers reach out to their customers for engagement marketing. These amazing, programmable communication bots have successfully taken over both B2B and B2C digital marketing strategies, with 1.4 billion people currently using them

According to predictions from Juniper Research, chatbots will be an integral part of every digital marketing strategy by the end of 2020: we’ll see them in more than 80% of communication among businesses and customers. If that’s not enough, experts at Business Insider predicts that by 2020, 80% of enterprises will be using chatbots.

Why Are Chatbots Becoming Increasingly Prevalent?

One of the primary reasons chatbots are so popular is that they can capture the interest of customers and keep them engaged for a long time. They are low-key and intuitive, and more than half of users prefer live chat support to answer their queries. 

Moreover, when communicating through a chatbot, customers don’t have to leave the webpage or install an app. They simply click on an icon already present on the current page to initiate the conversation. Also, since chatbots are a programmable software, they can carry a significant amount of data that you can utilize in your campaigns. 

Why Should You Use Chatbots to Increase Engagement?

The familiarity and ease of chatbots have made them a great customer engagement tool for digital marketers, but it’s not their only benefit. They’re also regarded by consumers as helpful for a number of reasons. 

Potential Benefits of Chatbots 

For one, they offer 24-hour service, and they’re great for things like simple questions and fast responses. You can also use them as yet another tool to express your brand. 

Fostering brand value is a quintessential aspect of any good engagement marketing plan. How do chatbots figure in? They spread content that resonates with the customer and echoes the values of a brand or company. They also help to build a lasting impression by connecting to the user.

Chatbots can help promote a brand with promotional messages, interact with people, and sending targeted benefits, discounts, event invitations, and promotional offers to them. 

Since chatbots in digital marketing can be programmed to provide analysts with customer preference metrics like purchase history and engagement levels, they’re an ideal tool to check and plan for brand mentions to convert a lead into customers.

If we’ve convinced you that your marketing campaign needs a chatbot, read on to learn exactly how they can help you increase your engagement. 

How Chatbots Can Increase Digital Marketing Engagement

  • Improve social media engagement
  • Connect with more customers
  • Offer personalized user experience
  • Enhance website engagement
  • Boost your email marketing campaigns
  • Use brand awareness to make more sales
  • Engage customers even after sales

Improve Social Media Engagements

According to Chatbots Magazine, the most considerable advantage gained from implementing chatbots occurs when you incorporate them with social media automation. These bots help businesses automate their entire social media customer service process. 

With so many potential clients on social media, marketers can gain from utilizing personalized user preferences and collecting essential data. Further, this information can be used to generate more targeted advertising campaigns and tailor approaches to suit businesses with a better pool of interested clients. 

Connect With More Customers

With chatbots, businesses can handle a massive volume of data, including customer purchase history, concerns, and marketing conversations. All of these help marketers connect with more customers at once, at a level that's impossible for a sales team to manage manually. As a result, more sales are closed successfully. 

Another benefit customers gain from automated chatbots? They can access services 24/7 and get responses to common questions outside working hours. 

Top Chatbot Benefits Expected by Consumers 

According to a study by Forbes, more than 60% of US consumers like using chatbots to interact with businesses. That means you can leverage chatbots in your digital marketing to engage more visitors, initiate more conversations, achieve a high degree of personalized communication, and reach your business goals. 

Offer Personalized User Experience

Most consumers love getting a personalized response from a brand. In fact, more than 70% of users prefer to see personalized ads and tailored marketing. 

If you’re not providing your potential leads with the right customization, you may be losing out to your competitors. Luckily, chatbots make personalization easy and accessible. 

Marketers can leverage chatbots by designing a series of quizzes to gather data for customization.

Personalized Chatbot Experience

Many chatbots are now programmed to offer a personalized experience to every user, as seen with CNN’s chatbot. Here, the company sends crafted news feeds to their audiences based upon a menu of options available to them. 

Remember, a little personalization from a brand can go a long way with the customer. 

Enhance Website Engagement

Whether you’re selling premium clothing or offering dissertation writing services, if you’re marketing for an e-commerce business, chatbots are a great tool to improve website engagement. 

You can program your chatbot to recommend products, services, blogs, and tutorials based on the pages your user is browsing on your site. You can also use this technique to benefit upsells or cross-sells of search-related products to which they are looking for. 

Call to action posts can be shared via chatbots as well. Those suggestions can be generic, or you can design your chatbot to ask questions and make recommendations based on preferences, demographics, and needs to make a visitor stay longer on your site. 

Boost Your Email Marketing Campaigns

An effective email marketing campaign is essential for conversions, and incorporating chatbots can foster those campaigns to nurture leads and turn them into sales. 

Chatbots gather relevant data from your clients and help you to plan a corresponding digital marketing strategy. 

Chatbot Sales Funnel

With personalized campaigns, you can improve your open rates and grab the attention of your potential customers by leading them towards your desired web pages.  

Use Brand Awareness to Make More Sales

We’ve already seen how chatbots can be a great tool for brand awareness and recognition. To see what it looks like in practice, let’s take a look at Sephora’s chatbot.

Sephora designed their chatbot to interact with thousands of clients at a time by giving them a personalized experience. It can offer them perfect products for their needs without mistakes, resulting in increased sales.

Sephora Chatbot 

Since customers are interacting with a personalized chatbot that knows their preferences, they’re more likely to make the purchase the chatbot recommends. 

Many companies and their branding teams have already embraced the opportunity to improve their sales by making chatbots an integral part of their strategy.  

Engage Customers Even After Sales

Chatbots don’t just handle client’s queries — they’re also excellent for outbound marketing. They can be programmed to deal with follow up messages proactively. The characteristic is fruitful for not only engaging but winning back inactive customers. 

An ideal objective of engagement in digital marketing strategy is to assure that buyers are satisfied with their purchase and receive desirable routine follow-ups. 

According to a report by Grand View Research, the worldwide chatbot market is expected to reach $1.23 billion by 2025 — an annual growth rate of 24.3%. Considering the data, chatbots can be beneficial in new product launches, as well as with announcing new offers, promotional deals and reminding about abandoned carts. 

Chatbots Might Be The Solution For Your Customer Engagement Problems

Technology has seen the world evolve. These days, people don’t need to leave their homes, or even couches, to purchase a product or service they need. With just a smartphone, they can get almost everything delivered to their doorsteps. 

Chatbots fit perfectly into this on-demand world. They in particular have gained both popularity and success due to their ease of use, convenience, acceptability, and adaptability. They’re an ideal medium for 24/7 customer support without any human intervention. 

We’ve discovered how these brilliant robots can help marketers engage their potential prospects to get unlimited benefits, including social awareness, boosting sales, and spreading brand identity across the board. 

The opportunities are available, and while possibilities are endless, it takes the right plan to achieve your goal of engagement marketing. Luckily, chatbots are the perfect tool to help you get there. 

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