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7 Effective Marketing Strategies to Try in 2019

June 26, 2019

by Irina Weber

Brand Manager, SE Ranking

It is important to use digital marketing to grow your business. Learn 7 effective strategies your business should try in 2019.

From social media and email marketing campaigns to brand reputation and content strategy, it’s challenging for small businesses to thrive at marketing and also grow their company.

Marketing is critical for business growth. In fact, 81% of businesses invest in digital marketing. But, given the speed with which marketing strategies change, businesses must have a dynamic marketing framework.

To achieve the best results, businesses should experiment with new approaches and incorporate new trends and techniques.

I tried different marketing strategies in 2018. Some of them failed, but a few were successful. Developing an effective marketing strategy will help your business improve.

In this article, I will share the strategies that helped improve my business’s marketing and that can help your marketing, too.

1. Optimize Videos for Mobile Users

There’s no doubt that the rapid advances and developments in mobile hardware and data plans have resulted in a largely mobile-first world where mobile video content is picking up steam. In fact, by 2022 nearly four-fifths (79%) of the world’s mobile data traffic will come from video.

According to video marketing research, 79% of consumers prefer watching a video about a product to reading text on a website. It is much easier for consumers to watch videos on mobile devices and then share with others. So, rolling out a mobile-first strategy is essential to achieve higher views, impressions, engagement, and clicks.

Use these video best practices:

Videos should be concise, contain clear calls-to-action, and be tailored to viewers’ preferences.

2. Update Old Content

The web often feels oversaturated with content, so standing out from the competition can be difficult. You don’t always need to create new content to do so, however. Old content can continue to drive traffic and provide value for you and your users.

Use web analytics tools such as Finteza to review your website’s blog posts and see how users interact with your content. Create a list of all your content, gather traffic data for each blog post, and define which content will continue to be a top performer.


Now, you can intelligently update new content, change titles and images, and decide what to trash.

Follow these tips to make your old content valuable:

  • Add the right keywords: Focusing on other valuable keywords can result in better rankings. Use the SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion Tool to learn the most popular keywords. You can then identify the keyword phrases for which you can rank highly.

se ranking research

  • Incorporate varied visual content: Dress your content up with fresh and relevant images, video, or audio. Include media for every 350 words to ensure your content is easy to read and digest.
  • Make your old titles SEO-friendly: Outfit your site with compelling and SEO-friendly titles that contain target keywords and are exciting enough to be clicked on. Keep titles under 70 characters so users can view the whole title in search results.


  • Refresh your outdated information: Provide only new or updated information, especially when citing examples, dates, statistics, times, or news. Fresh and updated information is integral to attracting and retaining site traffic.
  • Update your publication date: Periodically add a new publication date to your content. When Google re-crawls your content, your search engine result page ranking will improve.

best seo tools

  • Replace broken links: Find broken links and replace them with other useful resources. Consider using the free plug-in Broken Link Checker for Google Chrome to browse all your links.
  • Focus on promotion: Promote updated content as if it is brand-new content. Share it on social media, include it in your email campaign, and contact influencers about the updated post.

Updating old content is an amazing way to get a spike in traffic from Google without putting in much effort. It can be time-consuming, but it helps you create evergreen content.

3. Offer Live Chat

Live chats provide an opportunity move customers past their objections and increase sales. About 79% of online customers said they like using live chat, as they can get answers to their questions immediately.

In fact, 44% of consumers said that being able to ask questions to a live person while making an online purchase is one of the most useful features a site can offer.

“Answering faster is guaranteed to design better user experience,” said Maria Monroy, director of sales at LawRank. “Talk to customers, and make their lives easier. Make a customer, not a sale. And you’d be amazed at your sales conversions”.

Integrating a live chat option such as HelpCrunch is relatively simple. It is a powerful, human, and immediate online sales channel.

HelpCrunch provides the kind of experience that cultivates repeat customers,

Live chat provides customers an amazing experience that might give you a future and repeat customer.

4. Leverage Community-Based Platforms

Today, non-traditional social media platforms can help you reach your target customers as effectively as Twitter or Instagram. So, push beyond traditional social media, and broaden your range to specific community-based sites.

Quora and Reddit are popular platforms for open community discourse. Establishing a presence on either site is helpful to provide people tips and recommendations about software solutions and can drive more organic traffic. Although it is time-consuming to participate and interact with target customers in these groups, the sales payoff is considerable.

If you want to widen your social reach, use more industry-specific platforms or forums. Alternatives to Quora and Reddit with an industry- or interest-specific platform include Voat, Product Hunt, and Hacker News.

These industry-specific sites will serve to both broaden your marketing reach and introduce your brand to newer parts of the web.

5. Create Personalized Content

Customers are inundated with advertisements and other marketing content on the web. To attract their attention, deliver personalized content.

Of businesses that have invested in personalized marketing efforts, 88% have received measurable improvements in business results.

“Non-personalized can cost you big time and money,” said Hossein Berenji, owner of Berenji & Associates. “Your brain will get further than your budget. Your personalized content has the potential to increase the purchase intent if done well.”

If you want to benefit from personalization, follow these guidelines to create dynamic content:

  • Know your audience’s needs and challenges: Consider what your audience needs to know and how they will best digest your marketing content. Pay special attention to potential challenges your audience will face – a lack of audience time and resources can render even the best-intentioned marketing efforts worthless.
  • Use a person’s name to start emails: Personalization is important to dynamic content, and there is no simpler way to establish intimacy and establish relevancy than to use consumers’ first names.


  • Analyze and create customer profiles: In addition to allowing you to track traditional metrics, customer profiles provide a centralized source of customer information and preferences.
  • Set up targeted landing pages: Make sure your customers aren’t sent to irrelevant, unhelpful or unwelcome landing pages. Targeted landing pages will send your customers to the places where they are likely to buy.
  • Create interactive polls and quizzes: Polls and quizzes are an opportunity to keep customers engaged and learn about their interests.

hello fresh

  • Use geolocation to deliver the right message: Geolocation ensures that your customers will receive messages catered to the place they are. Nobody wants to receive marketing materials for products in far-off cities they don’t plan to visit, so don’t let your company make that mistake.
  • Ask customers about their preferences and interests: Learn your customers’ preferences and show them that you are interested in knowing more about them. Demonstrated interest in consumer preference is a vital part of personalization campaigns.

Personalized content is a major boon for companies, and implementing such dynamic content requires a modest investment that is sure to be returned.

6. Collaborate With Other Marketers

Every business that sells a product is performing some level of marketing. To stand out from the crowd, you need more skills, creativity, and strategy.

Marketing requires building relationships with customers, other bloggers, and marketers in your industry. Collaborating with other marketers or tools in your space is a great advertisement for your business and allows you to easily reach a large audience.

Experiment with different co-marketing opportunities, such as webinars, e-books, guest posts, case studies, or product partnerships. Don’t simply write articles for search engines: Know who will read and benefit from your content.

Collaborate with influencers that can help distribute your content, and you will find new marketing opportunities.

7. Maximize Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful way to pique people’s interest and get them talking about your brand. Ninety percent (90%) of customers look for reviews and information before making a buying decision, and 90% of people trust brand recommendations from friends.

Positive reviews, ratings, and recommendations fuel marketing success, and word-of-mouth marketing is tied closely to the quality of your services. Happy customers often feel compelled to talk about their favorite products or services.

If you don’t want to wait for your happy customers, there are simple steps to promote your business via word-of-mouth marketing:

  • Showcase user-generated content
  • Share customer reviews and testimonials on your website
  • Get product ratings on your site
  • Develop a referral program
  • Connect with industry influencers
  • Give incentives

Despite its organic nature, successful word-of-mouth marketing requires a clear marketing plan and an intelligent, targeted approach.

Invest in a Dynamic Marketing Strategy

Businesses must have fresh, exciting, bold, and thoughtfully considered marketing strategies to stand out among their competition.

Today, marketing requires being helpful and genuine. Find a way for your business to be both, and enjoy the rewards.

For help with your marketing strategy, connect with digital marketing agencies.

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