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The State of Video Marketing in 2019

October 24, 2019

by Victor Blasco

Founder & CEO, Yum Yum Videos

Video is an increasingly popular trend among businesses. Learn how businesses use video marketing in 2019 and why your business should, too.

There's increasingly more evidence that points to video content as one of the preferred methods for marketing in the digital age.

One such evidence is a recent study conducted by Yum Yum Videos, where the company asked 167 U.S. business owners about their video marketing strategies.

Video is not just a popular trend among marketers: Audiences seem increasingly eager to get video content from brands, and we can’t say we are surprised.

When you upload quality marketing videos to your company’s distribution channels, you get the chance to enthuse new followers and keep your audience engaged — two desirable characteristics for any brand that's trying to convey its message.

But few things can back up those claims better than hard numbers. Take a look at some of the findings from the Yum Yum Videos survey mentioned above that show that video marketing may be the thing that your strategy could be missing.

2019 Video Marketing Statistics

  1. About 21% of businesses are using video marketing for the first time this year.
  2. Two-thirds of businesses (67%) plan to create more than three videos this year.
  3. Most businesses (87%) are satisfied with the ROI of their previous video marketing campaigns.
  4. Two-thirds of businesses (66%) believe video content will have the most impact on their marketing strategy over any other content type.
  5. The top types of videos for businesses are video ads (39%), explainers (29%), and tutorials (19%).
  6. Nearly all business owners (92%) are satisfied with their explainer videos' ROI.

More Businesses Are Turning to Video Marketing in 2019

Those who already welcomed video into their marketing strategy are happy to reap the benefits. And videos are attracting the eyes of new businesses as well.

Namely, 21% more businesses decided to implement a video marketing strategy for the first time this year.

Why? Probably because they are trying to keep up with competitors already using them! A good marketing video can help increase sales, build trust, and boost brand awareness and do so while generating stronger bonds with their audience.

Even small businesses can achieve a high number of views and welcome new followers with a successful video:

The demand for video keeps growing, and most businesses are reacting to it positively.

More Than Half of Businesses Plan to Make More Than Three Videos in 2019

Not only is video marketing here to stay, but it actually keeps expanding in scope, as evidenced by 67% of businesses’ plans to create more than three videos this year.

How Many Videos Are You Planning to Make in 2019?

How are business handling their video distribution? Mostly through social media.

About 59% of respondents chose social as their preferred medium to distribute their video content. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube provide fantastic opportunities to reach a massive number of viewers reasonably quickly.

A one-minute video could be the beginning of a happy and long-term relationship with many of your potential customers.

Most Business Owners Are Satisfied With the ROI of Video Marketing

Video marketing is a great investment for most businesses: 87% of business owners said they were happy with the returns they receive from their video investment.

Were You Satisfied With the ROI of Your Previous Video Marketing Campaigns?

Add to that, businesses regard video (67%) as the most effective marketing tool — over e-books (15%), infographics (7%), blog posts (7%), and podcasts (5%) combined.

Which type of content do you think will have the most impact on your marketing strategy in 2019?

Luckily, getting into video marketing has never been easier! There are plenty of great animation companies out there you can easily reach out to. Or you can just grab your smartphone, and with a bit of planning, write a few ideas for engaging and funny content.

What’s more, once you have your video, you can upload it for free on your company's social media accounts and website.

With this in mind, it makes perfect sense that even a small investment in video strategy can generate incredible returns.

How to Figure Out Which Type of Video to Create

By now, you may be interested in dipping your toes in the video marketing pond. But, as with anything else, beginnings can be hard and daunting.

If you are thinking about doing so, the Yum Yum Videos survey also gave a bit of insight on good places to start.

For one, consider creating explainer videos, as they have a high rate of adoption and satisfaction tied to them: 80% of queried business owners have invested in explainer videos in the past, and of those, 92% were satisfied with their explainers’ ROI.

92% of business owners are satisfied with their explainer videos' ROI

In addition, when asked the preferred types of marketing videos in social, the top three were video ads (39%), explainers (29%), and tutorials (19%).

So, if social is a big part of how you intend to deploy your fledgling video strategy, focusing on those three types might be the best way to go.

Videos Are Essential for a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Undoubtedly, videos are seducing companies because they allow messages to come to life in a way that texts and images can’t. At the same time, consumers prefer them because they get to connect with videos and share them more efficiently than any other type of content.

With so many stats pointing that way, and so many opportunities that make it easier, why not start using video content in your marketing strategy?

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