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4 Reasons Why Explainer Videos Fit in Digital Marketing

April 3, 2020

by Andre Oentoro

Founder, Breadnbeyond

Explainer videos are one of the most popular videos in digital marketing. Learn about the benefits of explainer videos and why they have a bright future.

As an animated explainer video company that has been around since 2009, Breadnbeyond sees massive potential for explainer videos in digital marketing for the next 5 to 10 years.

A faster internet connection and the rapid growth of social media have made videos a ubiquitous part of our daily lives.

This video trend has quickly shifted the digital marketing landscape. It’s undoubtedly changing the way customers engage with products.

In fact, 68% of people most prefer a short video to learn about a new product or service.

68% of people prefer to learn about a new product or service through video

Two-thirds of customers prefer learning about a product through video than any other text-based user manuals. It shows that videos provide easy-to-digest information, so customers need less effort to understand a new product they just bought.

Potential customers don’t have a lot of spare time. That’s why you need to offer them the right type of video to introduce your brand captivatingly in a matter of seconds.

Explainer videos are the perfect choice because they can simplify your business ideas in a fun, eye-catching way: They can explain a business idea in just seconds.

Although there’s nothing new about explainer videos in digital marketing, this trend has become a need as a powerful marketing tool fueled by the ever-changing growth of social media.

Will explainer videos still be relevant as a powerful marketing strategy, or will it slowly lose its appeal?

Although the future is obscure, we did some research so you can understand explainer videos’ future. Unsurprisingly, these reasons indicate that explainer videos are most likely to have a promising future in digital marketing.

Why Explainer Videos Have a Bright Future in Digital Marketing

  1. Explainer videos are becoming more popular
  2. Explainer videos are one of the most effective types of video
  3. Video consumption is increasing
  4. The bandwagon effect will influence businesses to create explainer videos

1. Explainer Videos Are Becoming More Popular

It's not a question anymore of whether you should use explainer videos. Now, it's about how you optimize the investment because explainer videos are predicted to have great potential in digital marketing.

According to Google Trends, explainer videos’ popularity has only risen the past 5 years.

explainer video on Google Trends

As you can see, there’s no significant drop that indicates the explainer videos’ popularity is going down, at least not anytime soon. Yet the reliable growth over the past five years shows us that the explainer video trend is steady.

2. Explainer Videos Are One of the Most Effective Types of Video

Explainer videos are one of the common types of videos that businesses use for their video marketing strategy.

According to statistics from MWP Digital Media, explainer videos are also one of the 3 most effective types of video content:

  1. Customer testimonials (52%)
  2. Demonstration videos (51%)
  3. Explainer/tutorial videos (51%)
  4. Thought leader interviews (36%)
  5. Project reviews/case studies (26%)

most effective types of video content

Explainer videos are important because most of us remember up to 70% better with visual and audio ideas. Explainer video provides both visual and audio. It helps potential customers remember and recall the information from the video.

In addition, at least 95% of potential customers watch explainer videos to learn about a product or service.

Not to mention that more than 88% of businesses have an explainer video on their homepage. This fact then leads to a promising future for explainer videos.

3. Video Consumption Is Increasing

Video usage and consumption through mobile devices continually rises by 100% every year.

The only thing to make explainer videos’ relevance go away is if potential customers stop watching videos — and that won’t happen anytime soon.

With the constant rise of video consumption, explainer videos are still relevant to match their needs and interests with its simplified explanation of the product customers want to buy.

4. The Bandwagon Effect Will Influence Businesses to Create Explainer Videos

Google loves explainer videos. It rolls out one for each of its new products, projects, or features.

Within only 90 seconds, this explainer video draws a clear picture to simplify a complex concept about Google’s sunroof project.

Other giant companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more also use explainer videos to explain their products.

Other businesses have jumped on the explainer video bandwagon — both startups and enterprises.

This bandwagon effect will lead to a constant increase in explainer video production.

The Future of Explainer Videos

The digital world is always in a state of transition, so it’s quite difficult to judge the future of explainer videos. But from the reasons above, we know for the next few years that explainers still have vast potential in digital marketing.

After running an animated explainer video company for more than a decade, I experienced no significant decline in the popularity of explainer videos.

There will be some advances in how explainer videos deliver ideas to viewers by leveraging new technologies. That’s why explainer videos keep subtly evolving to stay relevant to each viewer. But the goal is the same: to explain.

With the potential reasons above, it’s never too late to market your business using an explainer video — if you haven’t already!

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