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Thrive Internet Marketing Case Study: Off-Site SEO for Local Law Firm

August 17, 2017

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A law firm, operating in a highly competitive local space, had site issues from previous SEO partnerships and only ranked for long-tail keywords with low search volume. Thrive Internet Marketing optimized and created site content, supported by link building efforts, to move the firm into top 5 rankings for hundreds of target terms.

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Law Firm’s Limited Organic Visibility Hurt Local Search Rankings

The law firm’s on-site content and website code needed to be optimized. Its site mainly targeted long tail keywords with low search volume, so organic ranking and visibility for target keyword terms was low.

In addition, the law firm's PPC campaigns needed an overhaul: new landing pages, geo-targeted campaigns, and ad groups.

The lack of search presence in a competitive market ultimately left the law firm behind the competition in their local legal space.

Thrive Internet Marketing Provided Content Services to Improve Visibility

Thrive Internet Marketing engaged in both on-site and off-site optimization efforts to improve local organic visibility for the law firm, mostly focusing on content services.

On-Site Optimization Efforts

  • Audited website and researched target keywords
  • Optimized existing content and created new targeted content for the blog and landing pages

Off-Site Optimization Efforts

  • Content marketing
  • Link-building to drive relevant traffic from related websites
  • Social media marketing to increase brand recognition through social channels
  • Online reputation management to monitor business reputation and improve it over time

Thrive Internet Marketing Improves Law Firm's Rankings, Referral Traffic

Thrive Internet Marketing more than quadrupled a number of top five keywords for the law firm (from 71 ranking keywords in 2014 to 328 in 2017). As a result, monthly website traffic improved by an average of 102% over the same time period.

In addition, referral traffic from Social Media YOY (2017-2017) increased 943%.

Average click-through rates (CTR) increased over 1,000% per click, and the law firm moved up more than two placements in ad positions through revamped PPC campaigns. 

High-Level Local SEO Services $4,000/Month

The original agreement between Thrive Internet Marketing and the law firm was $4000/month in exchange for an established number of monthly hours.

The agreement between Thrive Internet Marketing and the law firm is performance-based, but the work is done on a month-to-month basis.

Thrive has weekly meetings with the firm and comprehensive monthly reporting and strategy updates are provided as a deliverable.