Pole Position Marketing Case Study: Traffic Growth for Battery Retailer

August 17, 2017

by Grayson Kemper

Content & Editorial Manager, Clutch

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A small e-commerce site that specializes in online battery sales struggled with rankings for the top two target keywords in its space. Pole Position Marketing removed no-follow links to the site’s product pages, which boosted organic traffic and nearly doubled revenue.


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Retail Site Struggled to Rank for Target Terms for Battery Sales

A small company that sells batteries online struggled to rank for two target keywords: “motorcycle battery” and “motorcycle batteries.”  In addition, the company had site architecture issues and heavy competition in the space from a startup firm that provided the same services.

Pole Position Marketing Performed Link Maintenance to Drive Traffic

Pole Position Marketing removed no-follow links from the battery sale company's product pages, which allowed search engines to index all product pages more easily (as opposed to just the target motorcycle battery terms).

While this move drove down the authority of the top-ranking category pages, rankings and traffic for product pages shot up.

Pole Position Marketing also established and managed PPC campaigns and consulted with the battery retailer on its social media strategy. 

Pole Position Marketing Increased Organic Traffic & Revenue

Search volume for all product pages exceeded search traffic for the original, higher level keywords after Pole Position Marketing removed no-follow links.

Pole Position Marketing Case Study Results

The site saw a 22% increase in pages drawing clicks from search, which contributed to a 92% increase in revenue in three years.

Pole Position Marketing Case Study Results 2

Pole Position Marketing's Long Term Partnership Yields Lower Price

Because the battery sales company partnered with Pole Position Marketing in 1998, Pole Position Marketing has kept the price steady at  $1,600/month for the past 10 years for ongoing services.

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