Directive Consulting Case Study: Construction Management Software SEO

August 17, 2017

by Grayson Kemper

Content & Editorial Manager, Clutch

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eSub, a construction project management software, struggled to generate ROI with previous SEO and digital marketing partnerships. Directive Consulting optimized successful website pages to grow conversions from organic traffic.


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Software Company Disappointed by Results from Previous SEO

eSub worked with a small, one-man SEO provider, but the partnership did not generate a substantial return on investment (ROI). eSub decided it needed to revamp its entire digital approach.

Directive Consulting Builds Out Profitable Pages, Rebuilds Resource Hub

Directive Consulting optimized eSub's most profitable pages, getting them to rank for target search terms.

Directive Consulting coupled on-page efforts with on-site technical efforts and added off-site optimization services and ad copy services to build a strong link profile and increase conversions.

On-Site Optimization Efforts

  • Optimized most profitable pages by targeting keywords that were further along in the buyer’s journey
  • Addressed technical SEO issues by optimizing title tags and meta descriptions and decreasing page load speed

Off-Site Optimization Efforts 

  • Built backlinks to improve page authority and increase rankings
  • Created content to market by rebuilding eSub's resource hub, promoting content on social media, and launching a link building campaign

Paid Ad Efforts 

  • Third-person ad copy for paid ad campaigns 

Directive Consulting Increases ROI for eSub: Both Traffic & Qualified Leads

Directive Consulting improved eSub’s ROI by increasing their presence in organic searches and strengthening their brand image.

Directive Consulting Case Study Percentage Increases

Ultimately, Directive Conlusting also achieved a 450% increase in top-3 ranking keywords.

Directive Consulting Case Study Keyword Results

eSub Works With Directive Consulting on Retainer

eSub uses Directive Consulting on retainer for $10,000/month digital marketing services, including paid advertising. Directive Consulting also charges an additional fee on a project basis for SEO services.

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