Bruce Clay Inc. Case Study: Reversed SEO Penalty for Equipment Retailer

August 17, 2017

by Grayson Kemper

Content & Editorial Manager, Clutch

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A commercial equipment retailer did not have a search presence and was losing business because of a Google penalty. Bruce Clay, Inc. reversed the effect of the penalty and increased the retailer's traffic and revenue.


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Google Penalty Hurts Commercial Equipment Retailer 

A Google penalty knocked the commercial equipment retailer out of search results. Bruce Clay Inc. said improved SEO was “an urgent need to save the business.”

Bruce Clay Inc. Reverses Penalty, Performs Link Maintenance

Bruce Clay Inc. reconciled the effects of the penalty by partnering with the commercial equipment firm in 2014 to get rankings back to where they were before the penalty.

The process of removing a Google penalty requires eliminating all “spammy” links or associations that previously hurt the site’s rankings.

Bruce Clay Inc. instituted four main processes to achieve spammy link removal:

  • Researched link profile and audited the website backlink profile to grade the quality of all inbound links to the site
  • Nullified the negative effects of undesirable links through link removal requests, no-follow requests, and link disavowals.
  • Submitted the site for Google reconsideration
  • Improved internal linking by applying a proprietary site architecture methodology called siloing and structuring internal links between pages

Bruce Clay Restored Rankings & Helped Revenue Rebound 

The link improvements, in addition to on-site content optimization, increased rankings of high-value keywords, with some moving to page one after previously being unranked.

The increased rankings drove a 10% increase in organic traffic and a year-over-year (YoY) revenue increase of 72% from organic traffic.

Bruce Clay Penalty Assessment Fee Determined Initial Cost

Bruce Clay Inc. charged the commercial equipment retailer up-front for penalty assessment services; the starting price was approximately $8,000. Since that point, the equipment retailer pays a monthly consulting fee.

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