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The Impact of Robocalls on Business Phone Communication

Robocalls can negatively impact the success of businesses' phone communication with customers. As robocallers use increasingly sophisticated scams to trick...

How Businesses Should Set Up Their IVR Menu

Businesses should only use phone menus when appropriate, keep them efficient, and always include the option to speak to a human to minimize customer...

5 Ways Businesses Can Improve Telephone Customer Service

The phone remains a critical customer communication channel. Customers value efficiency and find hold times frustrating when they call a business. What can...

How Do People React to Robocalls?

Robocalls lead people to ignore calls from unknown numbers, impacting phone-based communication between peers and businesses. People combat robocalls by...

How Common Are Robocalls?

Robocalls are a prevalent issue and use tricks such as "neighbor spoofing" and timely topics to mislead recipients, according to a survey of 687 people.   

Guide to Choosing a Voice Services Provider

Voice services can save companies valuable time. When considering providers, think about location, size, cost, and specialty.  

What Callers Want from Answering Services: 2017 Survey

When customers call a business, they want to speak to someone who is authentic, empathetic, and knowledgeable, says a new survey.  

Answering Services: Analyzing Customer Retention Issues

Businesses show remarkably little loyalty to their answering service providers. Clutch analyzed findings from its 2016 Answering Services Survey and...
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