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Cloud Computing Education in the UK: Two Professors’ Perspective

We interviewed two cloud computing experts who teach at UK universities to learn about the state of cloud education in the UK.  

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The Cloud in 2017: Trends in Security

Teaching the Next Generation of Cloud Computing “Plumbers”

How Businesses Use Cloud Computing: 2017 Survey

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Cloud Servers and GoDaddy

How does GoDaddy’s popularity highlight the specific needs of small- to medium-sized businesses when it comes to web hosting?

How Enterprises Benefit from Cloud Integration

Hybrid cloud solutions allow enterprises to experience the control benefits of the private cloud in addition to the cost savings of the public cloud.  

What Cloud Storage Providers Offer Small Businesses

Cloud storage offers small businesses new features, better security, and greater access to data.  

Pros and Cons of Public Cloud Solutions for Startups

Startups and small businesses can benefit from leveraging cloud services, particularly the data sharing and cost-reducing aspects of the public cloud.   

List of Cloud Statistics

We collected some of our most informative and useful cloud computing statistics from 2017.  

The State of Cloud Storage Providers’ Security: 2017 Survey

Small businesses should follow industry regulations and implement additional security measures for their cloud storage to protect sensitive consumer data....
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