Cloud Computing Education in the UK: Two Professors’ Perspective

As part of Clutch’s ongoing research on cloud computing education at universities and colleges, we interviewed two cloud computing experts who teach at universities in the UK.

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Cloud Servers and GoDaddy

  • Sep 28, 2016
  • Riley Panko
  • , Survey

GoDaddy is far more well known among the general population than other domain registration and web hosting companies, and many may say it’s simply due to their controversial advertising campaigns. The company prominently built up its name with NASCAR partnerships and widely-seen Super Bowl commercials.

Data backs up GoDaddy’s supremacy. A recent survey by IT ratings and reviews site Clutch shows that GoDaddy overwhelmingly is the most popular option for web hosting among small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). 26 percent of SMBs use GoDaddy, which is a full 14 percentage points higher than the second most used provider, CloudSigma.

Top SMB web hosting provider

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How Enterprises Benefit from Cloud Integration

Hybrid cloud solutions suit the enterprise.

Research published by the Harvard Business Review in 2017 points to how companies of all sizes are responding to the shift to cloud computing:

  • 42% combine services form both public and private cloud platforms
  • 40% operate mostly in the private cloud
  • 13% operate mostly in the public cloud

Using a combination of public and private cloud services, enterprises can use customized cloud solutions to address complex business challenges, such as gathering and processing data, improving service reliability, and controlling service costs.

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Interview with TWG on Choosing the Best Cloud Platform

  • Feb 19, 2018
  • Jackie Faselt

Clutch spoke with Derek Watson, the CTO of TWG, about advising clients when migrating to the cloud, finding the best cloud and analytics platforms, and security on the cloud.

Learn more about TWG on their Clutch profile or at

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What Cloud Storage Providers Offer Small Businesses

  • Feb 7, 2018
  • Riley Panko
  • , Survey

Small businesses increasingly turn to the cloud for their data storage. The cloud typically offers more cost-effective and secure storage than an on-premise solution, especially for businesses with small budgets and few employees.

How do small businesses select the best cloud storage provider for their needs, though?

Clutch surveyed 300 IT decision makers at U.S. small businesses that use cloud storage to determine how they selected their provider and how they regularly use their cloud storage.

For small businesses, our data gives insight into what to look for when shopping for a cloud storage provider.

For cloud storage providers, this report highlights what to showcase about your tool when marketing to small businesses.

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Pros and Cons of Public Cloud Solutions for Startups

Startups and small businesses must look for tools that enable innovation and adaptation, yet are also cost-effective.

Increasingly, smaller companies look to the cloud for IT solutions that will scale with their evolving needs.

By the end of the decade, 80% of small businesses will make full use of cloud services, from storing and analyzing data to building out more secure infrastructures.

The capabilities offered by the cloud and the low cost of cloud-based services make it a highly appealing business solution for startups.

Differentiating between capabilities offered by the public and private cloud can help orient stakeholders in startups who must assess how different cloud solutions can best serve the needs of their product or service, its scope, and the end-users.

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List of Cloud Statistics

  • Dec 15, 2017
  • Riley Panko
  • , Survey

Cloud Security in 2017

  • Ninety percent (90%) of small businesses say their cloud storage is secure, a small increase (+3%) from 2016. (Annual Cloud Storage Survey 2017)
  • The majority of small businesses that store customer credit card and banking information (62%) or medical data (54%) in cloud storage say they do not follow industry regulations, despite some regulations being mandatory. (Annual Cloud Storage Survey 2017)

Small Biz Storing Banking/Credit Card Info Statistic

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Interview IT Svit on Cloud and Big Data

  • Dec 12, 2017
  • Jackie Faselt


Clutch spoke with Volodymyr Fedak, the CEO of IT Svit, about the intersection of cloud, big data, and DevOps.  Volodymyr outlines what factors companies should consider when selecting a cloud storage provider

Learn more about IT Svit on their Clutch profile or at

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The State of Cloud Storage Providers’ Security: 2017 Survey

  • Nov 29, 2017
  • Riley Panko
  • , Survey

Is your cloud storage provider secure?

More small businesses are turning toward the cloud to store their data. Cloud storage providers offer significant benefits for small businesses, including greater data mobility, cost savings, and stronger security – as long as the business uses the service properly.

Small businesses should keep cloud storage security in mind. A cloud storage security breach can be a death sentence for small businesses, especially if the breach involves sensitive customer information.

What is the current state of small business cloud storage security? What can a small business do to protect the data stored with their cloud storage providers?

We surveyed 300 U.S. small businesses with 1-500 employees to better understand cloud storage security and to provide actionable advice for small businesses seeking to protect their data in the cloud.

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Interview with Predica on Cloud Computing & Security

  • Oct 25, 2017
  • Jackie Faselt

Clutch spoke with Tomasz Onyszko, the CTO of Predica, about cloud migration, storage, and security. Tomasz explained the differences between cloud models as well as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS cloud computing

Learn more about Predica on their Clutch profile or at


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