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So, your business needs a cloud platform. Given how the ‘Big Three’ – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – dominate the market, you’ll likely investigate at least one of them.

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Why Email is the Biggest Cybersecurity Threat

why email is the biggest cybersecurity threat article featured image

Protect your business from email hacks and phishing by practicing good cyber hygiene.

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How Large Businesses Approach Cybersecurity in 2017: Survey

IT Cybersecurity Survey Header Image

Most large US companies have a cybersecurity policy and plan to invest more in technology to improve the policy, according to a survey of 300 IT decision-makers.

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Cloud Computing Education in the UK: Two Professors’ Perspective

UK Cloud Featured ImageWe interviewed two cloud computing experts who teach at UK universities to learn about the state of cloud education in the UK.

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Prepare to Migrate to the Cloud in 5 Easy Steps

Prepare to Migrate to the Cloud in 5 Easy StepsWhen creating a cloud migration program, follow these guidelines for a simple transition.

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The Cloud in 2017: Trends in Security

The Cloud in 2017: Trends in Security, new report from ClutchClutch examines trends in cloud security, including spending and comfort levels, in the second installment of our Annual Cloud Computing Survey.

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Teaching the Next Generation of Cloud Computing “Plumbers”

Article about teaching cloud computing at universities and collegesThrough a discussion with Dr. Timothy Chou, a lecturer at Stanford University, learn about the immense reach of cloud computing and why we need more software "plumbing" education.

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How Businesses Use Cloud Computing: 2017 Survey

Featured ImageClutch's Second Annual Cloud Computing Survey analyzes current and future trends surrounding the technology, drawn from 283 IT professionals' responses.

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How to Avoid Data Decentralization When Moving to SaaS Cloud

How to Avoid Data Decentralization When Moving to SaaS Cloud by Brain Dianis of Curotec

As you move business processes to the cloud, choose a solution that integrates with the other applications and tools you use by following three steps.

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Split Agency Partnerships & Why They Matter

Spit agency partnerships and why they matterA split agency model may be the best alternative for your next IT project. Learn how design agency Chilid and development shop XSolve formed a split agency partnership to help their clients.

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Cloud Education Lags at Universities: Four Professors' Perspectives

Featured Image - Cloud AcademiaCloud computing is a wildly in-demand skill that is still not taught at many institutions of higher education. Clutch spoke with four professors of cloud computing from Cornell University, Georgetown University, Carnegie Mellon University, and the University of North Florida to explore the state of cloud computing education at institutions of higher education.

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Recent Interviews

Interview with Sunflower Lab on DevOps

Sunflower Lab Logo

Clutch spoke with Ronak Patel, CEO of Sunflower Lab, about DevOps, its meaning, and its value to companies. 

Interview with Zymr

Clutch spoke with Haresh Kumbhani, the CEO & Founder of Zymr, about the options and processes for cloud infrastructure implementation – an important consideration for anyone considering operations in the cloud.

Interview with Brent Feldman from Matchbox Design Group

matchbox design groupClutch spoke with Brent Feldman, owner of Matchbox Design Group, to gather his insights into PEOs and payroll software.

Interview with MojoTech on Cloud Solutions

Clutch spoke with Will Farrell, Lead Software Architect at MojoTech, about cloud infrastructure options and various cloud solution options.

Interview with A.Y. Technologies on AWS and Google Cloud Platform

Clutch spoke with Amin Yazdani Salekdeh, Director of Technology at A.Y. Technologies, about the comparison between Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform – two leading cloud services.

Interview with SurveyGizmo's CEO and Co-Founder Christian Vanek

Clutch spoke with Christian Vanek, CEO and Co-Founder of SurveyGizmo, about employee feedback and job fulfillment.

Interview with Menlo Technologies on AWS and Azure

Clutch spoke with David Hickman, the Vice President of Delivery and Engineering at Menlo Technologies, about the comparison between Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure – an important discussion for businesses consider leading Cloud platforms.

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Interview with AndPlus on Leading Cloud Technologies

Clutcspoke with Chris Deprofio, a Senior Engineer of AndPlus, and Tom Golden, Technical Architect , about the top two cloud infrastructure technologies, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Learn more about AndPlus on their Clutch profile or at

Interview with End Point on Leading Cloud Technologies

Clutch spoke with Lele Calò, Systems and Network Specialist at End Point, and Josh Williams, Database Specialist, about the best practices for utilizing cloud technologies – an important consideration for organizations making a shift to Cloud technologies.

Interview with Eric Hernandez from PrimePay

primepayClutch spoke with Eric Hernandez, VP of Client Success at PrimePay, about the features and customer support of payroll solutions.