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Updated February 12, 2024

Call Center Pricing Guide 2024

Call Center Pricing Guide May 2024

For modern businesses, having a reliable call center can make all the difference in customer service satisfaction. Our guide to call center pricing will help you understand the options available for your business so you can make the best decision for your bottom line.

Call center services can be a great asset to any business process that needs to streamline call volume and improve customer service.

Call centers, based worldwide, can provide support for companies in terms of communication, organization, and efficiency.

If your business has a service that customers need immediate assistance for, having a call center might be the best way to streamline inquiries and technical support.

Before choosing to hire a call center, companies need to know the difference between inbound call centers and outbound call centers and also determine their budget.

Inbound Call Centers & Outbound Call Centers
An inbound call center receives customer calls, dealing with calls that involve questions or issues. An outbound call center makes calls to buyers. For example, a sales team can cold call about their products.

The type of call center is dependent on the service a company has – companies can also choose to hire in-house call center support if it is required.

However, setting up a call center can require a lot of resources, leading to the costs quickly adding up. Outsourcing a call center might be the most cost-effective option for businesses.

This call center pricing guide will provide insight into call center costs and other factors associated with call center support.

Call Center Services projects reviewed on Clutch typically cost

< $10,000
< $10,000 $10,000 - $49,999 $50,000 - $199,999 $200,000 >

As shown in the chart above, the average price for hiring a call center ranges from a few thousand dollars to several tens of thousands. Call center costs are dependent on factors such as the scope of work, location, and more.

For any business that’s looking to increase its sales and provide effective customer support, a call center might be the best tactic to help scale the business efficiently.

Types of Call Center Services & Hourly Rates

Call centers provide various services in order to streamline business functions and improve customer support.

This table dives into the pricing models for each call center service and the average call center price for the service when working with a call center service provider.

Average Hourly Cost
A call center can take and relay messages on behalf of their client.
< $25
An outbound call center can focus on generating leads through cold calls, emails, and scheduling appointments for businesses.
< $25
If your company deals with payments, a call center can provide collection services by tracing past-due bill payments.
< $25
An inbound call center can focus on handling appointment requests from current customers that call in.

< $25
Customer service representatives with call centers can identify and cultivate potential leads for their client’s products or services.
< $25
If your company focuses on sales, a call center can help ensure the process that happens after a customer places an order runs smoothly.
< $25
Outbound call center services differ from inbound call center services. Outbound call center agents make the calls to customers.
< $25
Call centers can handle some or all of a company’s sales activities to give internal team members more bandwidth for other processes.

< $25
Call centers can conduct surveys on the phone with customers to see how they feel about the business’ product or type of service.
< $25
Call centers can market products and services through a number of calls to prospective customers.
< $25
Call center reps can review and confirm customer information to ensure accuracy for their clients.
< $25
A virtual receptionist serves the same role as in-house support, answering calls, taking messages, and responding to inquiries.
< $25

Note: Price ranges above are in U.S. dollars

What is the Real Cost of Hiring an Outsourced Call Center?

The average cost of hiring call center services on Clutch is less than $25 an hour.

Hiring an outsourced call center is a more cost-effective solution for companies of all sizes. Having an internal team for call center support is more expensive. Your business would have to find additional space, supplies, salaries, and benefits for a new set of internal teammates. This type of service is also more difficult to scale internally.

Call center operations are dependent on the type of need, customer care, and more factors that a business might need. This, in turn, leads to the services that impact overall outsourced call center pricing.

What Services Do Call Centers Offer?

  • Field incoming calls
  • Complete outgoing calls
  • Correspond to emails
  • Process orders
  • Assist with payment processing
  • Focus on customer satisfaction

Before hiring a call center, it is important for your internal stakeholders to outline your business needs. The cost of working with an experienced call center company depends on numerous factors that impact pricing structures.

What Impacts the Cost of Hiring a Call Center?

Call centers generally charge based on hourly rates - the more hours they work and the more dedicated agents are working, the more the cost will add up.

  • Business needs
  • Language offerings
  • Amount of call center agents
  • Inbound v outbound call center services
  • Setup costs
  • Location

Business Needs

It is important to break down business needs when it comes to hiring a call center. If your team only needs support when it comes to payment processing, that will cost less than a team that helps with telemarketing, appointment setting, and other tasks.

The more call center services you’re asking for, the more time it will take to service, which will lead to an increase in cost.

Language Offerings

When selecting a call center service, you might want to consider hiring bilingual operators that can communicate with your customer base in different locations.

Amount of Call Center Agents

The amount of call center agents you need will also factor into overall outsourcing costs. Your business can have dedicated agents that only work with your company or a shared pool of agents that work with other clients.

Inbound vs. Outbound Call Center Services

The cost of hiring a call center will also be impacted by whether your company invests in inbound or outbound call center services or a mixture of both. Outbound services generally require more support, which in turn, leads to a higher cost.

Setup Costs

Setup costs are also a factor - while a call center company likely already has the equipment, your team might need to invest in system upgrades and training to ensure that the agents fit your quality standards and follow your set company processes.


The location of the call center also has an impact on the cost of hiring one. Services will likely be higher for call contact centers based in metropolitan locations.

2024 Call Center Services Pricing by Location

Browse hourly rates for Call Center Services companies by popular locations.

CountryAverage Cost per Hour
United States of America<$25
United Kingdom<$25
Australia$25 - $49

*Countries ranked by Clutch traffic

Companies in Western & Eastern Europe seem to charge slightly more for call center services than those in North America, Latin America, and locations in Asia like the Philippines.

Here, you see that call center pricing in countries like Canada don’t actually differ much from those in India, for instance. Small businesses should note that, while location can be a factor for cost in many industries, it’s generally less of an indicator for call center services.

Instead, companies looking to hire a call center should review staffing, english-speaking skills, and quality of customer interaction as barometers for cost. For instance, high call volumes and fees for technology like an IVR system will dictate cost much more than where the company is located.

To find the right call center for your business, business leaders can review customer testimonials, quality assurance reports, and online reviews to get an idea of call center pricing. The best way to find the right service provider that fits your call center needs and budget is to directly contact a call center company for a price point.

How Much Do Call Centers Cost?

Schedule a consultation with a call center company to get an idea of the total cost of hiring one as a service provider.

Call center costs for an agency can vary based on the company’s experience, your chosen plan, the scope of work, and location.

Besides hiring a call center company, businesses need to break down other rates in terms of one-off costs.

Common one-off fees that are charged by call centers involve setup and training. These fees will not be included in ongoing payments your business makes to the call center company.

While there are variables to the total cost of a call center company, businesses of all sizes need to see the value in call center support.

Call centers can do more than answer calls. Effective call center operations can enhance customer service, personalization, brand loyalty, technical support, and more.

Hire the Best Call Center Support for Your Business

The amount your company pays for call center services will depend on the help that your business requires.

While call center pricing varies from company to company, the most important aspect of selecting a call center service provider is finding one that understands your business needs.

Clutch can help your business streamline your choices of call centers to help your team deliver the best customer experience for your target audience with the most qualified options.

Interested in hiring a team of call center agents? Filter your options by price, ratings, and more to find the right fit. 

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