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Main Source 365 Tech together with MSS IT Solutions is a full-service IT-BPO company specializing in providing innovative solutions with IT services & cyber-security. By providing businesses innovative solutions with our fully customizable call center services allowing you to delegate with peace-of-mind so you can focus on growing your business.

In today’s marketplace having a competitive edge is synonymous with staying abreast on the latest technologies that can help automate and grow your business while securing your digital assets and staying compliant.. Our friendly IT workforce operates with the highest level of professional integrity with decades of combined experience providing business with reliable on-call support managed services & IT security solutions for all your business technology.

We have the business development experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way such as inbound support or outbound telemarketing with MSS IT Solutions, clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency, and exceptional results.

​You can count on us to not only meet, but exceed all your business expectations. To learn more contact us directly for a free consultation with one of our business development executives.

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Sidney Woodworker & Lumber


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IT Services for Retail Lumber and Construction Service

“They’ve been good about providing anything I needed from them.”

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The Project
Less than $10,000
2016 – Ongoing
Project summary: 

Main Source 365 Tech provides comprehensive IT services for the computer system of a retail lumber yard and construction service. They handle regular file maintenance as well as anti-virus and hacking work.

The Reviewer
2-10 Employees
Sidney, Montana
Robert Rauschendorfer
President & Owner, Sidney Woodworker & Lumber
The Review
Feedback summary: 

The services provided by Main Source 365 Tech are completely satisfactory, satisfying all of their client’s business needs quickly and effectively. They are both proactive and reactive, increasing efficiency through regular cleaning as well as reducing down time to a minimum when any issues arise.

A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


Introduce your business and what you do there.

We’re a retail lumber yard and construction service, and I’m the president of the corporation.


What challenge were you trying to address with Main Source 365 Tech?

I needed someone to do IT services for me, basically ranging from anti-virus work to regular cleaning of data and things like that.


What was the scope of their involvement?

They started out by installing anti-virus software on my computers, and beyond that, I basically pay them a monthly fee to take care of any problems I have. They work remotely and are able to take care of anything from regular organization, to wiping hard drives when we got hacked and more urgent stuff like that.

What is the team composition?

They provide 24-hour, 365 service, so I interact with whoever answers their phone and they get right on any problem that I might have. There are normally three that I talk to at any given point.

How did you come to work with Main Source 365 Tech?

They actually reached out to me initially. They told me what kind of services they provided, and I was looking for IT at the time, so I gave them a shot and liked their work.

How much have you invested with them?

I would say we’ve spent between $3,000–$4,000.

What is the status of this engagement?

I started working with them in 2016 and continue to utilize their services.


What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

They’ve been good about providing anything I needed from them. The cleaning they do increases our process efficiency, and whenever I have problems, they get them handled right away.

How did Main Source 365 Tech perform from a project management standpoint?

They are good with project management, partially since they are both proactive and reactive. There are no time delays, so whenever I have a need, they have somebody there who can work on it, regardless of the time difference between here and the Philippines. And I’ve never had any language difficulties either.

What did you find most impressive about them?

Their ability to drop everything and fix my issues is really impressive. They know I’m in retail, so my computer system is critical to our business, and it demonstrates a lot of dedication that they are so proactive.

Are there any areas they could improve?

Nothing comes to mind. They are efficient and satisfy all my business needs.

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  • 4.0 Scheduling
  • 4.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
  • 4.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
  • 5.0 NPS
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