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7 Product Advertising Examples

July 11, 2023

by Anna Peck

Senior SEO Specialist at Clutch.co

Effective advertising is crucial in enticing consumers to choose your product or service. Nonetheless, choosing the right advertising approach that aligns with your objectives and considers the existing consumer awareness about your offering is vital. Learn popular examples of product advertising. 

Regardless of whether you're a small business, a renowned brand, or a popular figure, spreading the word about your offerings is essential. Merely relying on a reputable name or a visually appealing social media presence is insufficient. 

This article looks into seven highly successful examples of product advertising, analyzing their strategies and outcomes.

What is Product Advertising?

Product advertising encompasses various forms of communication intended to persuade customers to purchase a particular merchandise. Its primary objective is to enhance brand recognition and highlight differentiating factors compared to competitors. 

By generating demand, product advertising seeks to raise consumer awareness about the existence of a specific product and stimulate their interest in it. Moreover, it endeavors to prompt swift purchase decisions through product visibility. 

For instance, a jewelry company might employ paid advertisements to showcase individual items, enticing customers to click the ad and place an order.

What Are the Benefits of Product Advertising?

Here are some of the benefits of using product advertising:

  1. Sets you apart from competitors
  2. Creates demand
  3. Increases sales
  4. Targets specific customers
  5. Reinforces brand image
  6. Reduces misconceptions

Sets You Apart from Customers

Product advertising emphasizes the distinct characteristics of your product, enabling consumers to comprehend the benefits of selecting your offering over alternative options.

Creates Demand

Product advertising influences customer purchase choices by persuading them that your product surpasses others in quality and value.

Increases Sales

Product advertising encourages consumers to make quick purchase decisions based on seeing your product and the need it satisfies.

Targets Specific Customers

Successful product advertising entails conducting thorough research on your target market to discern how the unique benefits of your product align with their specific needs.

Reinforces Brand Image 

Although product advertising is not primarily centered on brand promotion, the advertisements can enhance or reinforce a consumer's perception of the brand based on the showcased products.

Reduces Misconceptions

By providing accurate information about a product and its benefits, product advertising can help to reduce incorrect perceptions and increase brand loyalty.

Types of Product Advertisements

There are three main types of product advertisements. The product's stage within the product life cycle determines which type of product advertising to use. A product may be in the introduction, growth, maturity or decline stage of the product life cycle. 

The three main types of product advertising are:

  1. Comparative advertising
  2. Competitive advertising
  3. Pioneering advertising

Comparative Advertising

Comparative advertising involves comparing your product with one or more competing brands, highlighting its advantages. This approach is particularly suitable for products in the growth or maturity stages of the product life cycle. Such advertisements often emphasize specific attributes or features, directly or indirectly, to sway consumers to select your product over others. Comparative advertising facilitates logical purchase decisions by aiding consumers in comprehending their options and determining their preferences.

Competitive Advertising

Competitive advertising stimulates demand for a particular brand, making it a favorable strategy for products in the growth or maturity stages of the product life cycle. These advertisements highlight the distinctive benefits and attributes that set the product apart from similar offerings by other brands. The objective of competitive advertising is to persuade audiences that the company's products surpass those of competitors in the marketplace, fostering a perception of superiority.

Pioneering Advertising

Pioneering advertising stimulates the initial demand for a new product, primarily employed for products in the introduction phase of the product life cycle. These advertisements comprehensively explain the product's benefits, aiming to enhance public awareness and understanding of the new offering. Pioneering advertising aims to generate widespread recognition and interest in the newly introduced product.

7 Best Product Advertising Examples

Here are the top seven product advertising examples:

  1. Nike - Just Do It
  2. Adidas - Behind the Scenes Advertisement
  3. Pringles - Super Bowl Ad
  4. Alexa
  5. Heinz Ketchup - 'No one develops Ketchup like Heinz' campaign
  6. Patagonia
  7. Airbnb - Live There Campaign

Nike - Just Do It

Nike's Just Do It campaigns were initially introduced in the 1980s, and within a decade, they contributed to a remarkable sales increase of over $8 billion. This undeniable success attests to their effectiveness. Despite their simplicity, these advertisements successfully resonated with viewers on an emotional level, leaving a lasting impact.

nike just do it

Nike aimed to convey a straightforward message: Whether it's about exercising or going to work, their message was clear—Just Do It. By addressing common customer challenges, Nike successfully fulfilled one of the core objectives of any brand. 

Their advertisements provided individuals with a powerful source of motivation and inspiration. As a result, Nike has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of sports items in the market today.

Adidas - Behind the Scenes Advertisement

In the competitive landscape of the shoe manufacturing industry, it becomes crucial to devise creative advertisements to distinguish oneself. Adidas, recognizing this, has consistently demonstrated its expertise in this area. In one notable instance, Adidas showcased the involvement of robots in their manufacturing process, providing an entertaining and intriguing glimpse into the behind-the-scenes operations. 

This innovative approach captivated audiences and shed light on the intricate details of their manufacturing processes.

Pringles Super Bowl Ad

In 2023, Pringles encouraged buyers to "get stuck in" with their Super Bowl Ad.

With an ad that shows people from different walks of life getting Pringle containers stuck in their hands, the company can market their product offerings of different flavors. The quick ad can market the universality of the snack food while reinforcing their quirky brand image. 


Using color and movement is a great tactic for companies looking to attract buyers. For example, Amazon Alexa released a fun and engaging ad to promote their latest Echo Dot product. 

The ad shows the Alexa product in various locations, completing different tasks, and engaging with outside forces that might negatively impact other voice control systems. With vibrant sound and imagery, Amazon is able to communicate the power of their latest Alexa product. 

Heinz Ketchup Campaign

The "No one develops Ketchup like Heinz" campaign stands out as one of the most innovative illustrations of promoting Heinz's tomato-rich ketchup.

heinz ketchup

The Heinz Company is world-famous for its ketchup and advertisement. Recently, Heinz launched an advertisement campaign for its ketchup that ingeniously featured an image of the bottom and stem of a tomato. This image was strategically placed on the bottom of the ketchup bottle, forming a visually striking tomato against a vibrant red background. 

Accompanying the image was the compelling text, "No one grows ketchup like Heinz." This clever approach effectively communicates to customers that Heinz uses pure, natural, and ripe tomatoes. It is a remarkable example of innovative advertising, seamlessly combining creativity and persuasion. Heinz successfully captivated customers by stimulating a desire to purchase while showcasing their creative acumen.


Buy less, demand more. In their 2020 ad, Patagonia encourages their target audience to think about the impact that their buying patterns have on the world. 

With dynamic imagery and eye-catching statistics, the company is able to communicate how their clothing products go against the grain. The ad encourages consumers to think critically about the power that they have. 

Airbnb - Live There Campaign

Airbnb's advertisements are truly remarkable as they skillfully tug at the heartstrings through visually captivating ads that evoke a sense of joy and happiness.


This advertising campaign serves as a pivotal element within a highly effective advertising strategy. It goes beyond enabling clients to envision their visits to dream destinations; it also ignites their imagination about the possibility of residing in those remarkable places. By incorporating elements from the booking site, such as a Polaroid-like frame, the campaign effectively communicates the value proposition of Airbnb.

Meet Your Business Goals By Using Product Advertising

Advertising plays a pivotal role in driving business growth by magnifying the impact of your small business marketing endeavors. It enables you to connect with the appropriate audience through tailored and persuasive messaging, effectively converting potential customers into loyal patrons. Additionally, advertising facilitates the process of retargeting your audience, whether your objective is to enhance brand recognition or stimulate repeat business from existing customers.

Hire an advertising agency on Clutch to help with your goals. 

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