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4 Cost-Effective Benefits of Using a Healthcare Recruiting Firm

November 23, 2022

by Sydney Wess

A healthcare recruiting firm is an agency specialized in the healthcare industry with the ability to source and hire medical professionals on behalf of client healthcare organizations. 

Most companies hire staffing support hoping to save time and money. And, for many, it seems to be working. By 2024, half of companies intend to expand their use of recruiting firms. 

Still, starting a new relationship with an agency can be a whole different ballgame. On the fence about hiring a leading healthcare staffing agency? Here are 4 of the top cost-saving benefits of connecting with healthcare staffing services:   

  1. Speed up the hiring process
  2. Easier sourcing of high-quality candidates across roles
  3. Knowledge of the healthcare industry
  4. Smoother leadership search with a healthcare executive search firm

Staffing firms’ speed, sourcing, and industry expertise are primarily what make them so successful in hiring top talent for healthcare organizations.

1. Healthcare Recruiting Firms Speed Up Staffing 

Healthcare recruiting firms can seriously cut down on the time it takes to hire new specialized employees. Time-to-hire can be easily reduced with designated resources trained to spot top healthcare professionals.

The average time to hire a new employee in business services is almost a month. In that time, healthcare leaders on a job search might find other opportunities. You don’t want to lose top talent to your competitors.   

How will recruiting firms help you pick up the pace? It comes down to two things: connections and resourcing. 

First thing first: connections. Establishing and maintaining relationships with renowned healthcare institutions and top candidates is a huge part of a healthcare staffing agency’s job. In fact, even in other professional services sectors, it’s the recruitment firm’s job to be well-networked. 

Their inside knowledge of the staffing needs of major healthcare companies means that they can tee up conversations and interviews quickly. Similarly, top healthcare candidates will work with firms to find their next opportunity.

Secondly, staffing agencies will be able to scale resourcing to your need. The healthcare industry requires a lot of attention in areas other than staffing, so it may be difficult to dedicate enough resources to staffing activities in-house. With staffing services, you don’t need to worry. Depending on your need, agencies can scale up or scale down the volume of resources provided to your efforts.

Pro Tip: A leading healthcare recruiting firm can seriously reduce your time-to-hire for critical roles. To ensure a given firm is up for the challenge, check out reviews and testimonials for healthcare recruiting firms

2. Firms Can Easily Reach Top Talent and Qualified Candidates

Healthcare recruiting firms are specialized within the healthcare industry. This puts them exceptionally close to best-in-class healthcare candidates. 

Unlike other staffing services, these service providers focus exclusively on healthcare staffing. This allows them to maneuver the industry's intricacies and connect closely with top talent.  

healthcare recruiter connections graphic

After all, medical professionals are different from others. Often, healthcare professionals are highly-educated and aren’t on the job search for long. Further, there continues to be an alarming talent shortage in healthcare. There’s tons of competition out there for the best of the best.

Simply put, highly specialized healthcare professionals are difficult to hire. Healthcare recruiting firms ease that pain with their extended reach for talent acquisition. 

As stated before, it’s an agency’s job to be well-connected with qualified candidates to fill open positions quickly. It’s also their job to ensure that the candidates they send to clients are top-quality. It doesn’t benefit anyone for unqualified candidates to be sent to your team, taking up precious time in the staffing process. 

So, it’s important to understand your healthcare staffing agency's track record with positions you’re looking to fill. During the interview stages, we recommend asking your potential recruiting firm how they ensure that only top candidates are sent to your team. Learning more about their candidate screening approaches and average time-to-hire will point you to the right agency.  

3. Staffing Agencies Have Knowlege of the Healthcare Industry

On the job hunt, nothing is more disheartening to candidates than recruiters that don’t seem to understand the technicalities of the role they’re filling. 

This is a long-standing pain point for both candidates and hiring managers.

Healthcare recruiters need to understand enough about healthcare jobs to ask the right questions — and provide accurate and informed answers to candidate questions. 

In choosing to hire a specialized healthcare staffing firm rather than a more generalized service provider, you’re taking huge steps in ensuring that recruiters will screen candidates with knowledge and care.   

Healthcare staffing agencies know of and can hire qualified candidates for the following roles (and more):

  • physical therapists
  • life sciences professionals
  • dentists 
  • physicians 
  • physicians assistants 
  • nurses 
  • veterinarians
  • podiatrists
  • optometrists
  • pharmacists 

In their understanding of healthcare operations, specialized human resources services can better address the staffing needs of a healthcare client. Their knowledge of health systems differentiates them from competitors and will make your hiring process more effective and efficient. 

4. Executive Search Firms Can Source and Hiring Top Healthcare Executives

Within the world of healthcare staffing, hiring executive healthcare leaders is entirely different from filling other positions. 

The nature of a leadership search in any industry follows a different process than a typical hire. Because high-level leadership roles are mission-critical, they pose a high-risk/high-reward situation for companies. 

executive search process graphic

Source: Newman Stewart

A healthcare executive search firm understands that leading healthcare figures require a proactive approach that focuses on “tiptoers,” or those passively looking for new opportunities. This requires a high level of research and knowledge of the field.  

Healthcare leadership executives examples:

  • CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
  • CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Chief Legal Officer
  • Chief Development Officer
  • Vice President roles
  • Interim leadership (temporary healthcare leadership hires)

Additionally, specialized healthcare executive recruiters understand how to approach these senior-level candidates with the care necessary to attract their interest. The “interview” process for these candidates will look much different than how a typical recruiting agency would handle this effort.

Executive search needs to be handled with a special level of care — this is why hiring an executive search firm is common practice and particularly appealing in high-competition areas like healthcare.  

Healthcare Organizations Benefit from Leading Healthcare Recruiting Firms

It’s no secret that recruiting within the healthcare space is a notable challenge, especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees commonly suffer from burnout and stressful working conditions, making some roles more challenging to fill than jobs in other sectors. 

Healthcare staffing agencies leverage their strong networks, industry knowledge, extended candidate reach, and specialization to connect passionate healthcare leaders with companies who will value their contributions. 

Looking to hire in healthcare? Connect with a leading healthcare recruiting firm on Clutch. 

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