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Clutch Supports Generative AI for Good with Hackathon Sponsorship

June 6, 2023

by Sydney Wess

Clutch believes strongly in leveraging technology for social good, and we want to do our part. That’s why we’re proud to be a part of Hack to the Rescue’s Generative AI for Good Hackathon, an event supporting ethical generative AI solutions that make a positive impact on the people and organizations that need them most.

Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to showcase your technical skills or want to be part of something exciting that could change people’s lives — this hackathon is for you. 

How to Participate

Clutch encourages tech companies, developers, and anyone interested in using AI technology for worthy causes, to sign up and attend the event. Here’s more information on how the Generative AI for Good Hackathon works:

  • Dates: June 14–15
  • Location: Online (sign up here)  
  • Cost to register: Free!
  • Prizes: up to $10,000 to be donated to the charity of the winner’s choice

Over the course of the two-day event, teams of up to six people will race against the clock to deliver AI solutions to real-world problems. It's a great opportunity for participants to make meaningful contributions that demonstrate how tech can make the world a better place.

Generative AI tools have been gaining momentum faster than most thought possible. Their vast capabilities make them ideal for developing beneficial solutions for our communities, such as our recently-launched ClutchAI. This new feature uses Clutch’s deep well of review information to give users personalized service provider recommendations and real-time assistance.

In supporting the Generative AI for Good Hackathon, Clutch is sending our Vice President of Development, Sergei Dubograev to get in on the action. There, he will join other developers in solving real-world challenges faced by nonprofits using generative AI. By uniting tech companies and nonprofits, this initiative is primed to showcase ways AI can do good in the world.

Join as an individual or as part of a team. Either way, you’ll be part of advancing the tech for good initiative forward. There’s still time to get involved — sign up now and put your skills to work for a noble cause.

At Clutch, we believe in AI corporate responsibility. We look forward to seeing you at The Generative AI For Good Hackathon and making purposeful change with innovative AI solutions. Join us on this rewarding journey — let’s make real progress together. 

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