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Meet ClutchAI: The Future of B2B Buying is Here

June 1, 2023

by Sonny Ganguly

CEO, Clutch

Today, I am excited to announce the launch of ClutchAI, a new AI-powered chatbot designed to streamline your search for business services and connect you with providers you can be confident will deliver for your team. ClutchAI is trained on data from more than 260,000 service providers across the globe and in-depth reviews of their client projects on Clutch. Because of this, we're excited to share a first of its kind AI model that harnesses this collective wisdom of B2B services buyers from over the past ten years since Clutch was founded.

What Led Us to Launch ClutchAI

It’s always been a challenge for the leaders making service provider hiring decisions to know for sure if who they’ve selected is really going to deliver on what they promise. I’ve had more experiences in my career than I care to admit (before Clutch, of course) where it became clear a service provider we brought on was not up to the task we needed them to perform. It’s never a good feeling when you are sitting in a presentation with an agency you’ve hired to realize, “Uh oh. This is going off track.”

Clutch was founded a decade ago to solve exactly that problem: to bring transparency and data-backed guidance in the form of peer reviews of B2B services so you can be confident the providers you hire will drive real outcomes. It’s also why I remain committed to the work we’re doing now; to empower better business decisions and help leaders around the world find the partners they need to scale.

ClutchAI is the latest way we’re helping further that mission.

We’ve leveraged AI in our back-end operations for many years, so developing it into a tool to enhance our front-end user experience was a natural next step.

ClutchAI is fast, personalized, and conversational in meeting your specific business needs.

To quote Wayne Gretzky, “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” I think about our work at Clutch the same way – and we’re always pushing to play where our customers are going to be.  That has been particularly true this year, with the rise of generative AI creating capabilities for customers that once seemed many years in the future, now becoming a reality at breakneck speed. 

With these new AI capabilities, I believe that the future of B2B buying is personalized. We’re working to create that future now. What I mean by personalized is that the goals of my business aren’t exactly the same as the goals of your business, so why should we consider the same providers as equally capable of doing the best job for our respective teams? Now, thanks to ClutchAI, we can provide the millions of business leaders who come to Clutch each month with more personalized provider recommendations and ultimately foster partnerships that deliver stronger business outcomes.

ClutchAI is Here to Help

Clutch users now benefit from personalized service provider recommendations and real-time assistance through their search and evaluation, all made possible by AI and the depth of information reviewers have shared on Clutch about their service provider experiences.

We’ve trained ClutchAI on the behavior of over 1.4 million monthly Clutch users, so you can get real insights from your industry counterparts on the best providers for your specific business. Think of it like your professional network just grew by 1000x.

Key capabilities:

  • Uses interactive Q&A to guide you through your project scope and requirements.
  • Links you to relevant service pages on Clutch to quickly find the right category of providers.
  • Helps you narrow down to a shortlist of qualified providers based on their specialty focus areas, industry expertise, location, budget range, and more.
  • Automatically suggests providers tailored to your business based on reviews of successful projects they’ve completed for businesses like yours.

See how it works:

ClutchAI Drives Value for Buyers and Sellers of Business Services

As a two-sided marketplace, our main goal is to serve the millions of business leaders who use Clutch and connect them with the best service providers for their specific needs. ClutchAI can now help you get to a shortlist of providers who are uniquely capable of delivering for your business goals even faster than before. Ultimately, that will create stronger client relationships with service partners. For business leaders seeking quick recommendations on professional services, it saves time; even if they are unsure of what exactly they need, ClutchAI will guide them through the process, from budget recommendations to services that will help fill critical skills gaps on their internal teams. Providers benefit from increasing their customer base and retaining those customers over a longer time because they are matched with more clients who they're uniquely qualified to serve based on their areas of expertise. It’s a win-win for all parties involved.

ClutchAI is currently in the beta phase, and we will invest in continually improving its capabilities. This is just the beginning of what’s to come! We welcome and encourage your feedback on how we can make ClutchAI even more helpful. If you have feedback, please submit it to our team using this link.

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