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6 Ways to Increase Your Brand’s Customer Engagement

November 7, 2019

by Sohail Rupani

Senior SEO Strategist, PNC Digital

How to increase customer engagement? Allow your users to engage with your brand, ask questions, and act as a mouthpiece for the quality of your products. 

Updated: February 2, 2023

Customers should be at the forefront of every marketing strategy, whether it takes place online or offline. Companies and brands are always on the lookout for the strategies that help the brand resonate with the customers.

Still, there is a very fine line when it comes to devising customer-centric strategies, because a fully-engaged customer represents 23% more revenue than average.

Brands interact with their customers in many ways. They pay heed to the customers’ feedback to improve the services, content, and products that help them enhance their reach.

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What is Brand Engagement?

Brand engagement is all about building an emotional connection with new and existing customers. By interacting more with your customers, you can enhance the customer experience, which, in turn, can increase brand awareness and brand loyalty, improve customer retention, and generate sales. 

Highly-engaged customers are likely to buy more. Furthermore, highly-engaged customers are also likely to speak more about your brand and products in their circle of friends. 

outperforming companies

Various marketing strategies can help your business build relationships with customers and increase sales. When brands opt to focus more on the value creation and the less on the revenue generation, they move in the right direction. This results in end-to-end customer satisfaction as they receive the best deal possible.

From conceptualizing the customer engagement strategies to their implementation, decision-makers keep a number of factors in mind that eventually help shape effective strategy. It all starts by paying maximum attention to customers’ behaviors on your website or web store.

How To Measure Brand Engagement

  • These metrics can help you gauge how your brand is perceived by customers in real time.
  • Social media engagement 
  • Email subscriber and open rates
  • Employee interactions 
  • Click-through rates
  • Increasing cart size and sales 

How to Increase Customer Engagement

Consider these six creative digital marketing strategies your business can use to increase customer engagement:

Emphasize Customer Reviews

You’ve probably noticed that top brands and companies encourage their customers to provide testimonials in the form of product and official social media channels.

Testimonials provide customers always have a place to express their feelings and experiences. This is one of the core aspects of a winning customer engagement strategy. If your services are solid, allowing customers speak up will help your brand’s good reputation spread in an organic, person-to-person manner.

As a way to connect customers with the right service provider, Clutch allows clients to leave reviews based on their experience working with that service provider. 

clutch reviews


The reviews are organized based on verification and other ranking factors, which helps potential customers to make the right call in choosing a service provider.

Some top companies dedicate staff to ensure that customers are engaged – particularly the most loyal ones. They answer all product and service-related queries in a professional manner, which leaves a positive image of the brand in minds of the customers. This way, returning customers always have a go-to person to talk about a certain product, and have a strong relationship with the company in general.

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Survey Customers to Improve Your Brand

Asking customers questions is a winning way to build trust and familiarity between your company and customers.  For example, social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter allow users to post polls and questions.



Brands not only use tools like Quiz Creator Online to seek their customers’ feedback but also pitch new customers and draw interest by asking witty questions about their products.

Many brands also put their top products on the polls and ask their customers to rate their most favorite ones. Such brand interactions can eventually lead to a sale if the pitch is effective.

The companies can also seek the feedback from the recipients of their newsletters and ask them whether they are satisfied with the quality of products and services being offered. You may also ask them about their favorite products, favorite topics, or even the tips that influence their mind.

If you interact with your customers through social media, always make sure that there is someone available to answer the queries in the comments section. Consistent, professional answers to customer questions and concerns build trust and humanize a brand.

Live Video Sessions Are an Effective Digital Marketing Tool

Another effective way to interact with the customers and humanize your brand is by deploying a live video session. Video marketing allows companies to further humanize their brand and reach out to their customers directly. You can use a variety of social media platforms to hold live video sessions with your users and customers.

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Remember the Importance of Mobile Apps

The advent of smartphones has completely reshaped the ways companies market their brands online.

Aside from having a professional website, top companies and brands also have user-friendly mobile applications.

more apps for customer engagement

These apps allow customers to take a bird’s-eye view of all available products, leave their feedback, rate the products, and ask questions. There are many apps which also compare prices for a particular product.

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Follow the Four-I Strategy

Experimentation is an important component of any company’s innovation and growth. And, without innovation your business will never attract a substantial number of new customers.

Use the four-I strategy to plan your company’s innovation. The four-I strategy requires:

  • Involvement: Brands can achieve involvement by making their customers part of their campaign. Your company should announce different perks and rewards programs to give customers a connection to the brand.
  • Influence: In the social media age especially, people look for recommendations from celebrities and influencers they admire and seek to replicate. Influence your potential customers by working with the figures they most admire.
  • Interaction: It takes two to tango! The saying fits perfectly well in this situation. Brands and customers have to interact with each other for any business to grow. Plus, interaction will build trust between customers and your brand.
  • Intimacy: Initiate and maintain close contact and outreach to customers at various different levels and through a number of channels. This way, you’ll know what your customers think and will be able to respond to their needs.

The four I’s will help your brand build demonstrated loyalty among the customers.

Post Strong Digital Marketing Content to Social Media

In the world of search engine optimization and social media, more global brands are turning to their SEO and SMM teams to make sure they not only procure new customers but also build a strong relationship with existing ones.

Almost all the companies now have a website which presents the customers their products and services. Top brands go further by integrating social media on their websites, which results in a drastic increase in user engagement. In order to inspire your customers or users, you should first produce top-quality interactive content.

One great strategy to improve your brand engagement is to create a user-generated content campaign. In this brand engagement strategy, businesses use content posted by their followers. These followers then use hashtags to indicate the post it a part of the campaign. To encourage posting, many businesses offer giveaways to a winner that posts great content.  

Strong content will be shared more often on social media and among friends, and will improve your brand’s reputation.

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Examples of Great Brand Engagement

Building brand engagement can be tricky, but these brands have done a great job appealing to creating a their target audiences in every customer interaction. Here’s how they turned people in to loyal customers. 


Every year, Spotify releases “Spotify Wrapped,” an interactive data sharing experience that shows users what artists they’ve listened to most, how much time they’ve spend on the app, and more. Excited by the insight, many share their information on social media. This gets Spotify’s brand in front of millions of people. This type of word-of-mouth marketing is particularly effective in getting users engaged on the platform     


The Sephora does a great job measuring customer engagement by surveying customers after they’ve bought from them. They often send emails or app notifications to determine how happy customers are with their shopping experience at Sephora. By gathering customer feedback, they’re able to reduce churn, improve the customer experience, and strengthen customer relationships. 


Netflix engages their customers by providing personalized suggestions . They’ve updated their algorithm and used analytics so they can provide better suggestions to their users. This provides a unique value proposition that puts their brand above other streaming services. 

Grow Your Brand’s Customer Engagement

If you’re able to build a strong relationship with customers, your sales numbers are likely to rise. Building a brand online may not be easy, but by engaging customers and posting strong content, you can improve your company.

Follow these helpful tips to increase customer and digital brand engagement. 

Lost on where to begin? Hire a branding agency to start crafting a unique plan for your business. 

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