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How to Create a Budget for Staff Augmentation Services [With Template]

December 6, 2023

by Anna Peck

Senior SEO Specialist at Clutch.co

Staff augmentation is a strategic solution for businesses looking to meet the ever-changing demands of their market while supplementing their current, full-time employees. Hiring the right, cost-effective solution can be tough. Use our budget template for staff augmentation services to streamline the hiring process.

Organizations in today's dynamic business landscape often need additional talent and expertise to meet their evolving demands. This is where staff augmentation services come into play, offering a flexible solution to bridge the skills gap and boost productivity. However, before embarking on the journey of hiring augmented staff, it is crucial to establish a well-defined budget to ensure optimal resource allocation.

Whether you are a small startup or a larger business, making cost-effective business decisions is key. Having a comprehensive budgeting strategy will help you make informed decisions while maximizing the value of your investments and meeting your business goals.

Use this article to help your in-house team craft a budget for staff augmentation services and get a head start on the hiring process.

Table of Contents

  1. What goes into a staff augmentation budget?
  2. How to create a budget for staff augmentation services
  3. Staff augmentation budget template
  4. Factors for staff augmentation costs

What Goes Into a Staff Augmentation Budget?

When creating a budget for staff augmentation services, there are several key elements to consider.

There is no standard budget for staff augmentation services because businesses can use them for many business practices that promote efficiency and scalability. Each budget should try and factor in the following considerations:

  • Personnel costs: For the additional team members you plan to onboard, your team needs to consider factors such as salaries and, depending on the engagement, providing benefits and insurance coverage for augmented staff members.
  • Recruitment & onboarding expenses: If you’re working with a staff augmentation firm or recruitment agency, there might be fees associated with hiring the right fit for your project. These expenses can include job postings, background checks, and more. Your team should also budget for any expenses related to onboarding, like training materials, workshops, and equipment.
  • Management & supervision: Allocate for resources that directly impact the management and overseeing of your augmented staff members. This includes their time spent on training, giving performance evaluations, and other fees that might be included with ongoing supervision.
  • Indirect costs: Any costs that are associated with staff augmentation, such as technology infrastructure, office space, supplies, and utilities. This will be very dependent on the bandwidth of additional personnel and the timeframe of the project.
  • Contingency funds: It's wise to set aside a contingency budget to account for unexpected expenses or changes in staffing needs. This ensures that you have flexibility in managing any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the augmentation period.

How to Create a Budget for Staff Augmentation Services

  1. Determine goals
  2. Assess your needs
  3. Calculate costs per hire
  4. Factor in additional costs
  5. Find the right staff augmentation partner

Determine Your Goals for Outsourcing

When choosing the right service provider for your staff augmentation services, your goals must be laid out, especially when building a budget.

Your team must discuss the specific outcomes, timeline, skills needed, and other factors to help you find the right service provider with those capabilities.

Your project type will directly impact the layout of your budget. For example, if you’re looking for a development team of software engineers to work on a short-term project that requires a specific tech stack or workflow. All of that should be broken down within the budget when it comes to the number of IT professionals to supplement your team and other resources.

Once your goals are in place, your team will be able to scale your budget as needed.

Assess Your Business Needs

Assessing your business needs when crafting a staff augmentation budget is vital for resource alignment, cost optimization, scalability, risk mitigation, and strategic alignment.

It enables you to make informed decisions, optimize costs, adapt to changing demands, mitigate risks, and achieve your desired outcomes.

For example, your company can focus on finding software development experts in the talent pool to add to your existing team if that’s what the project requires.

By thoroughly understanding your business needs, you can create a budget that maximizes the value and impact of staff augmentation on your organization's growth and success.

Calculate Costs Per Hire

Calculating costs per hire is a crucial step for accurately budgeting for staff augmentation services. It allows businesses to maximize their investment while ensuring effective financial management.

With this considered in your budget, your team will be able to determine the average amount of money spent on each hire, including recruitment fees, hourly rates for salaries, onboarding costs, and more. You can also use this data to analyze which areas of cost can be reduced or streamlined.

Factor in Additional Costs

Factoring in additional costs when creating a budget for staff augmentation services is essential for accurate cost estimation and comparison.

Considering additional costs allows for a fair comparison between different staffing options. It enables you to compare the cost-effectiveness of staff augmentation services with other alternatives like in-house development or outsourcing. This analysis helps you make informed decisions about the most suitable and cost-efficient approach for your organization.

Factoring in additional costs helps you allocate resources effectively. It ensures that you have sufficient funds for recruitment, training, and any other necessary expenses related to staff augmentation.

Find the Right Staff Augmentation Partner

By selecting the right service provider for staff augmentation services, you can ensure that you will be working with a group that’s capable of delivering high-quality work while helping your business save money.

The right staff augmentation partner offers flexibility and scalability to adapt to your changing business needs. They can quickly provide additional resources when demands increase or scale down when projects near completion. This flexibility allows you to align the budget with the actual resource requirements, avoiding unnecessary expenses.

A reliable staff augmentation partner helps you create a more accurate and effective budget by providing skilled professionals tailored to your project's needs. Take the time to evaluate potential partners based on their experience, reputation, and ability to align with your project goals and budgetary constraints.

Staff Augmentation Budget Template

Use our free template to help your in-house team budget for staff augmentation support. Each business has its own requirements when it comes to hiring additional team members and support.

Plan your budget for staff augmentation services according to your business priorities.
staff aug budget

Download our budgeting template for staff augmentation services

Factors for Staff Augmentation Costs

Consider the following factors when creating a budget for staff augmentation services:

  • Skillset
  • Number of staff members & resources
  • Length of engagement
  • Project requirements
  • Location
  • Collaboration style

All of these factors are dependent on the specific requirements of your organization and the nature of the planned arrangement.

Use our pricing guide to explore the in’s and out’s of hiring a staff augmentation company.

Maximizing Returns with an Effective Staff Augmentation Budget

For companies looking for cost-saving solutions, the staff augmentation model can help businesses with specific needs.

By considering factors such as the number of resources needed, project duration, onboarding and training, management and oversight, and indirect costs, companies can ensure that their budget accurately reflects the true cost of staff augmentation.

Ongoing monitoring and adjustment are essential to adapt to changing needs and optimize the return on investment. With a comprehensive budget in place, businesses can confidently navigate the world of staff augmentation, maximize the value of their investments, and achieve their desired outcomes.

Our template is here to assist your company with getting the best out of staff augmentation services.

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