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Infographic: Is your data secure? #WorldBackupDay

March 28, 2017

by Riley Panko

Marketing Communications Manager

How safe is your data? Do you have a second copy stored elsewhere? What would happen if your hard drive failed – today?

These are the questions World Backup Day, recognized annually on March 31st, hopes to spur people everywhere to think about.

On this #WorldBackupDay, check out our informative infographic, as well as resources from Clutch that can help you learn more about data backup.


Clutch's Resources on Cloud Backup

Read our verified reviews of the 14 best online backup services.

Did you know 63% of small businesses began using cloud backup in just the past two years?

Further data on cloud backup, highlighting opinions and usage - data security is the primary benefit of using online backup, according to 31% of small businesses.

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